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“Quintuplet Surprise” or “Too Many Babies?”

164 Comments 10 March 2010

Hey everybody!  I hope you all liked the show last Thursday night!  The response has been pretty fantastic from friends and supporters and the folks at Discovery Health are pretty hopped up on it as well…good stuff!  I just got the ratings today and our little show is the highest rated show on DH over the last month with somewhere between 600,00-800,000 viewers.  As you might imagine, we are blown away by these results!

The big test comes next week when TLC airs the show for the first time.  They have two dates set:  Tuesday, the 16th at 9:00 pm Central and Wednesday, the 17th at 12:00 am (midnight) Central.  If we have a solid rating on those two airings, our chances of moving to a series look really, really good.  So if you missed it the first time or would like to keep up with the Joneses in High-Def, tune in Tuesday night!

One little twist that we are unsure of at the moment is the name of the show.  TLC has it listed right now as “Quintuplet Surprise,” but we were told today that this might be a mistake and the name may stay as “Too Many Babies?”  I’ll update as soon as I know for sure, but look for both on your TV guides.

The TV show wasn’t the only excitement in our life this last week, however.  Britton and Brooklyn both decided it was time to give this walking thing a real go…they are so close!!  Check out the video below – I caught both of them in the act in one video clip!  We also had a crazy busy weekend – Nana, Bapa, and Aunt Summer (one of my two adopted sisters) came for a visit, one of our volunteers brought her new baby girl, Lila Grace, by for a visit, we met with the Pisner’s, parents of the ninth set of quints ever born in the US (1983), and somehow I managed to write a paper for my negotiations class…whew!!

Sorry to be so short, but it’s time to spend some veg time on the couch with my lady…good night, everyone!

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  1. Elle says:

    The Jones family is so sweet and those babies are the cutest little things ever (I love it when the 5 little ones sit in their little seats for their milk in the morning – so precious!) They love each other and adore their 6 children. You know, (Janice and Katie) some people work hard for a living and earn good money. People make choices. Don’t get mad because someone else’s choices benefitted them financially. They aren’t complaining at all. In fact, it seems that no matter what, they will be content as long as they are together. They are just concerned – who wouldn’t be? They’re worried about falling behind in bills if the $$$ doesn’t come in – so they are trying to downsize. Also – Ethan went back to school as soon as he found out that they were expecting 5. How many people have the incentive to do that? I think God is blessing their faith and hard work. Don’t hate on this lovely family because you made different choices.

  2. traudel says:

    com back on tlc love the schow luv traudek caswell

  3. Kaian Tam says:

    Was home watching your show all afternoon on DHC, you guys are one beautiful family!!

    Merry Christmas!!

  4. Tricia says:

    Loved the show, was glued to the tv all day on on Christmas Eve I believe and just want you to know that you have a beautiful family and I want to see more because you trully inspire people!!

  5. Steph Morgan says:

    Hey there, can’t wait to see your show airing in the UK in January!

    I’m just wondering, does baby Jack have epilepsy (hence the helmut), as my son has epilepsy, too.

    I hope that’s ok to ask…

    Hope you all had a lovely Christmas-

    Steph in Swansea (Wales)

  6. Lindsay says:

    Just wanted to let you know I love your show. We have 4 children under 4 and can appreciate the craziness and happiness that goes into raising lots of little children. You are doing a great job at building a strong beautiful family. I wish you the best of luck and hope to see your show on the TLC network. Happy New Year!

  7. maureen held says:

    I just caught your show and I LOVE it!!! You all are soooo patient with your young ones. You are truly an inspiriation!!! I hope to see a season 2 and more. Thank you for making my day!!!

  8. tina says:

    I truly enjoyed your show. U have beautiful babies and a lovely daughter. I am hoping your show is still showing this year, im waiting patiently.. You and Ethan are great parents and i love the way you two interact with each other.. great show

  9. Karen poucher says:

    I would just like to say I draw such inspiration from you casey and ethan you have so much lovegoing on for each other its great to see. I have 5 under 5 4 of which are alive and very much well thank god i have had a ruff few months with my father being unwell and then passing away last month just before christmas, he was a quiet and beautiful man a true gentleman and im gonna miss him so much in many milestones in my life, when I watch your family I get great comfort and feel like I belong as I feel you share so much with every one. I am lucky to have 4 beautiful very likely kids from 5 recent pregencies and hope god blesses me with many happy days with my children now and any more to come my way xo

  10. Tracy Morrison says:

    Hi there

    I have been watching your show from Scotland as it has just been released in the UK and I absolutely love it! My husband and I have 16 month old twin boys, Rory and Callan and we are always fascinated with anything relating to the effects of multiple births and every day life. You are such a loving family and it is really refreshing to see you just getting on with things especially in the current economic climate. I really hope you do get your second season as I think it will be a big hit!

    Best wishes to you all.

    Tracy, David, Rory & Callan x

  11. Evelyn says:

    Hi Tracy I have been watching it too but it seems to have disappeared off my planner here in the UK. Can you let me know the timings for this – the last episode I got was when the headband was removed. Thanks Ev

  12. anna says:

    hi i LOVE u and your children im 11 so im very interested in babies u do so well with them and are so my role modle i cant wait for seson 2 i wish u good luck and happy shows

  13. tracy plitt says:

    I love your show. Im wondering and waiting to see you come back. Do you know if that will happen yet? Gosh I hope so. Your family is an inspiration and just so fun to watch!

  14. MarisaMartinez says:

    I love your show and hope to see more. My three boys Axel 4, Sebastian 3, and Angus 1 all love watching along with me. Thanks for letting us have a glimpse into your life.

    Thanks the Martinez Family!
    Rockport Texas

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