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The New Look of The JonesLife

Good Times

The New Look of The JonesLife

Comments Off on The New Look of The JonesLife 23 November 2009

Hello!  And welcome to the new look of The JonesLife!  What began as a simple desire to make the blog page look a bit more slick has morphed into this – a whole new website complete with the new look we were after as well as new features and a more refined purpose.  It’s funny to see how a solitary idea can snowball into something so much…well, not so solitary after all!

I’ll give you a quick tour to get you acquainted with everything…

  • Above the JonesLife banner, you will see the links to the different pages on the site.  There is a distinct purpose to this site which you will discover on the “Shine On” page.  As with the original site, Eliot has her own page, “Little Miss E~”, with an update on her world!  We’ll update that page with pics, videos, and as many of her wacky quotes as we can keep track of!  We will provide frequent updates on the ever-growing, ever-changing Fab Five through the blog posts and on most every other page on the site.
  • Below the JonesLife banner are the different blog categories.  We went back through all of the blog posts and categorized them for easier following.  Each new post will be categorized as well.
  • All of the categories are pretty self-explanatory except for “Gotta Have It!”  This is one of the more exciting parts of the new site for us and will be evolving quite a bit over the next few months.  Read more about what that’s all about by following this link:  http://joneslife.net/wordpress2/2009/11/gotta-have-it/.
  • To the right of the categories, there is an orange button that says, “RSS”.  If you’d like to make following this blog a bit easier, click that button and follow the instructions to get an email every time we’ve updated the site…cool, huh?!
  • The “Featured Posts” box will highlight a small group of the more popular posts that have been done along with any other special features we’d like to highlight at the moment.  Just click on the picture to visit that post!
  • Below “Featured Posts” are the most current blog posts with the latest one appearing in the biggest box.
  • To the right, we have some of the features of the old blog – Twitter Feed, Blog Comments – and a new feature – Flickr photo feed.  The Flickr photo feed will be constantly changing as we move along through this life, camera in hand, ready to capture the moment!  The side bar will continue to change on a fairly regular basis as we come across cool new features and other stuff that we’d like to share with y’all…fun stuff, to be sure!

Of course, this site will revolve around the happenings of the Quint Crazies and their impact on this family as it always has so check back often for baby updates, pictures, videos, and general wackiness from Brooklyn, Britton, Jack, Lila, and Ryan.  But the coolest thing about this new format is the opportunities for community growth that we have strived for from the start and also the fact that this is only the beginning of what we hope to accomplish by sharing our family life with as many folks as we can!  That snowball that started to roll a few months ago has really picked up steam and shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon!

God Bless!

The Fab Five

Welcome Home, Britton Grace…We’ve Been Waiting For You

7 Comments 18 April 2009

She’s home!! Enough said…? No, of course not!

Britton Grace came home today, weighing in at 6 pounds, 1 ounce…probably more than 3 pounds less than Jack and 1.5 pounds less than the next smallest, Lila Addison. She is a dainty little thing and she’s going to be high maintenance for awhile, but oh my gosh is she cute!!! The acid reflux thing is definitely going to be tough to manage so please keep the prayers coming for her (and us!). She is on a three hour feeding schedule (the others are now on four hours), Casey and I are the only people allowed to feed her, she has to be held upright for at least 45 minutes after she eats, and if she doesn’t eat enough, Casey and I will have to put a tube down her nose to get her the rest of her bottle…not easy. Goodbye to the little sleep we were getting… ;-)

I’ve got to say that despite the challenge that lies ahead, we are so relieved and happy to have Britton home with us. Today was her three month NICU anniversary – far longer than we ever expected – and it was getting really difficult to get up there to see her. It’s also so gratifying to finally have our whole family under one roof…can you tell by the smiles on our faces?? We had a lot of fun taking these pictures…good times today and many good times to come!!

I’m going to bed now…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….

God Bless,

The Fab Five

Baby Bright Eyes is Coming Home!!

6 Comments 14 April 2009

Yeah…Britton is coming home on Saturday!!!! We are so excited to finally have the fab five together under our roof!! Hopefully this is one of the last pictures of our little spa girl getting the royal treatment in the NICU… :)
She is still working through the reflux and having some trouble feeds, but she has shown some improvement since her Prevacid dosage was doubled. Hopefully by the time Saturday rolls around she will have ended her battles with the bottle. However, if she has not done so, she is still coming home with us after we get trained on how to insert a feeding tube in case we are not able to feed her a full amount on a consistent basis. Feeding tube or not, we are really excited to have our baby girl home with her sisters and brother!! Please continue to pray that she will respond to the medication and outgrow this little issue sooner than later!!

God Bless,

The Fab Five

Four Down, One to Go…Welcome Home, Ryan Elizabeth!!!!

7 Comments 25 March 2009

We have quads today, and probably no more than that for the next few days at least. The baby of the family, the last born, Baby E, Ryan Elizabeth, came home today…yeah!!!! Her final NICU weight was six pounds, two ounces; not bad considering she is supposed to have been born two days from now. That leaves only our little social butterfly, Baby Bright Eyes Britton, still to make the journey home. She is doing well, but hasn’t yet mastered the bottle…we just hope she makes it home in time to celebrate her first Christmas with the family… ;-)

Oh yes, one more thing…Eliot has decided on nicknames for three of the four. We’ve not got Lila Bear, Prince Jack, and Ryan the Lion. I guess she’s still working on Britton’s and Brooklyn’s names, but she’s off to a great start!
God Bless,

The Fab Five

Three Down, Two to Go…Welcome Home, Brooklyn Faith!!!!

6 Comments 23 March 2009

Today, we have triplets. Probably on Wednesday, we’ll have quadruplets. Who knows when we’ll actually have quintuplets since Britton doesn’t seem to want to come home anytime soon!! Brooklyn came home today, weighing in at six pounds, five ounces, and quickly settled into her new home. I think she was happy to see Jack and Lila, don’t you? :)
God Bless,

The Fab Five

Twins Today, Triplets Tomorrow…Welcome Home, Lila Addison!!!!

3 Comments 22 March 2009

Sorry for not updating sooner…we are in major transition in the Jones household, as you might imagine, which means the blog had to take a back seat, unfortunately. Well, as you know, Jack was the big winner and came home on Tuesday, leaving his sisters behind to battle it out for second, third, fourth, and eventually fifth place in our little race. It’s been a fun, busy, exciting, stressful, tiring, and sometimes dizzying week as we welcomed our little man to the house and finalized preparations for the final four to find their way home. Jack is doing very, very well as he continues the pattern he established in the NICU – eat, sleep, sleep some more, eat, and sometimes poop. He is on a three hour feeding schedule, round-the-clock, as his sisters are which means we have kissed our nights of restful sleep goodbye for now.
Though he will always be the little king of the castle, Jack’s solo flight has come to an end as today we welcomed home Lila Addison…we now have twins under our roof!! Little Lady Lila, weighing in today at 5 pounds, 10 ounces (nearly two pounds smaller than Jack!) arrived around 3:00 this afternoon and has been sleeping ever since. She has been enjoying some cuddle time with Jack in the Boppy on the couch next to me for the last hour or so…I guess they missed each other!

Tomorrow, our little brood will grow from twins to triplets as Brooklyn is expected to come home with us around noon! And in an interesting twist of scheduling, Casey and I will be on our own tomorrow night with the three…pray for us, brothers and sisters!! Thankfully, help arrives on Tuesday when my mom makes it to town just in time to welcome home Ryan on Wednesday! That just leaves Baby Bright Eyes Britton to finally conquer the bottle and make her way home…hopefully before the others start crawling… ;-)

I have to ask for you all to continue to pray for our family as the transition begins and we start putting the planning into action. Casey and I are excited, yes without a doubt, but we are also pretty stressed these days. The babies are absolutely beautiful and perfect in every single way…but all you parents out there know just how crazy things can be with a little one in the house! We are absolutely focused on making everthing about this experience a positive and uplifting one for our family and we need your help in making that happen! Please pray for peace of mind for Casey and I, understanding and patience for Eliot, health and growth for the babies, and a little sleep for all of us!!

Thank you all again for your support and prayers and for helping to fill the Fab Five’s lives with so much love!!!
God Bless,

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