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6 Comments 22 September 2014

Mother's Day 2014

Mother’s Day 2014

It’s been awhile since I updated this blog on a regular basis and much has happened in our lives since that time.  So I’m thinking the first order of business should be to give you a little refresher course in what it means to live life with 5+1.  As you can imagine, life is at is always has been – filled with headaches and heartaches as Casey and I do our best to keep our sanity in the midst of the madness of raising six young’ns to NOT be psychopathic imbeciles bent on the destruction of society.  Somedays we wonder if there is any hope for them or us!  The saving grace of this is the fact that due only to the grace of the Lord above, we ended up with 6 fiery, funny, fun-loving, pretty sweet, somewhat polite, fairly well-behaved little angels-in-training….at least so far.

The next soccer superstar of the family??

The next soccer superstar of the family??

In the personality department, not much has changed.  Eliot is still the leader of this eclectic band and has taken on much more of a motherly role with the 5.  There are lots of big hugs and kisses goodnight, one-on-one playtime sessions, teaching moments and words of wisdom, and group activities that are headed up by the “sistriarch” of the family and we love it!  She has also assigned herself the title and responsibilities of the Special Assistant to the Director of Discipline and asserts herself quite frequently when she sees any of the 5 getting out of line (which can lead to some interesting challenges, but it’s really great to see some of the fruits of our labors with her in her younger years starting to shine through).  And the kids, of course, still think Eliot hung the moon and the stars which is a-ok with us!

I had 5 dates to the Daddy/Daughter Dance!

I had 5 dates to the Daddy/Daughter Dance!

As for the Fab Five – read back through the blogs I did on their individual personalities back in the summer of 2012 and you’ll know our kids as they are today.  Brooklyn – sweet as can be, bunny-loving princess who seems to stroll through life in her own little world, stopping to smell every flower along the way.  Britton – firecracker with the passion of a newly-frocked priest at a Southern Baptist tent revival!  The girl has anger issues – she knows it, the other kids know it, we’re praying and working hard on her everyday, but she has shown great improvement.  And good Lord, she has the funniest, happiest disposition when she’s not stomping that foot of hers and declaring the end of humanity with her cries!!

Britton's napping it!

Britton’s napping position…love it!

*Side note – funny thing about Britt – she has started taking naps again, something she started to do entirely on her own.  Sometime around mid-afternoon she’ll simply disappear, only to be found later in her bed, on her belly, butt up in the air with her blanket gripped in her tiny hands down between her legs, sawing logs and drooling on her pillow (it’s hilarious!) and we’ve found that she does much better with her attitude on days that she gets a full nap.*


This May Eliot was baptized and has chosen to live her life for Christ!

Jack-Jack – still happy with a sensitive side…sometimes and without warning, an extremely sensitive side!  He’s been playing soccer for a year now and seems to really enjoy it though he’s not quite caught on to the fact that you’re supposed to actually try and take the ball from the other kids and not just dance around the scrum (my formerly aggressive soccer-playing self has had a lot of practice on my patience…a whole lot!).  Generally Jack is busy just being awesome at doing his thing and not letting the girls get to him too much with the constant issue of them being well, girls… :)  Lila – gregarious, curious, mischievous, and often hilarious.  Yep, nothing has changed with her!  And Ryan – what more can I say – the girl is a superstar at everything she does.  She’s still our little lion ready to take on any challenge thrown her way!

The girls had their first dance recital in cute!

The girls had their first dance recital in May…so cute!

As I said before, life is as it always has been – challenging (but in a mostly fun and rewarding way), hectic, ever-evolving, demanding, imperfect, and yeah, fun, rewarding, and full of laughter.  And believe it or not, Casey and I still love each other, work pretty dang well together, don’t argue too much, and constantly look for little moments to get away from the crazies and enjoy some peace while we reconnect.   Sometimes we actually succeed and find those little moments and it’s usually pretty awesome when we do.  It’s pretty cool to know that after 21 years of being together (married for 15) that when we do get away, we still have fun together, still have surprises for each other at times, and still get excited about living life together and facing the challenges of life…together.

Keep tuning in to the blog from time to time ‘cuz I promise more is coming.  I’ve got plenty to talk about these days – transitions and new beginnings seem to be our lives’ theme and I’ll be doing my best to keep you all up to date.  Until then…….God bless!


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  1. Angela Hartley says:

    we would LOVE to see you back on tv!!!

  2. Krystal says:

    So glad to see your back. Love your family! You and Casey are a wonderful couple and a great example to everyone in the world. Hope to see your wonderful family back one tv in the future, i’m sure you could take honey boo boos spot and nobody would be upset!

  3. Dionne says:

    Very nice post. I miss seeing you guys on tv, but I follow you on Instagram and Twitter and saw your birthday special. Looking fwd to more posts…#BLESSINGS #STAYENCOURAGED #CONTINUETOWALKWITHGOD #PRAYINGFORYOU

  4. Shirley says:

    Absolutely adored the show. So wish we could see updates! Love your darling children!

  5. Penny says:

    Glad you are keeping us updated. Watched the special on recently but wish it was on regularly again. I also check out your Facebook page. Your family is so fun to watch. Glad everyone is doing well.

  6. Amanda stump says:

    was great post love hearing about the family. Really would be nice to see you on tv again

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