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As  you can see from the pics above – it has begun.  We knew this day would come, but the good Lord only knows why we chose to do it now.  Yeah, that’s right – it was a choice we made, not something we were forced into.  Sure, our arms were twisted a little, but we could have easily put this off.  It just felt like now was the time.  And besides, we only know how to do things one way – all or nothing!  So yes, with the beginning of kindergarten also came the beginning of something else – extracurricular activities…to the power of 5+1!

You all probably already know about the +1, Eliot McKenna, the lead dog in this pack of wild animals has been keeping us busy with her activities for the past 5 or 6 years.  She started out as the internationally known soccer superstar then moved on to cheerleading when the soccer fire burned low.  Cheerleading squads in Texas are crazy y’all, and thankfully Eliot figured that out pretty quickly as well and packed up the pom-poms and busted out her dancing shoes.  She also gave gymnastics a go at the same time.  She was an awesome little dancer, but again the pace was too slow for her liking so that got the boot while gymnastics continued.  Alas, the gymnastics gave way to Gracie Barra Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and that is where she is currently.  And dance is back in the mix, but this time it’s hip-hop.  Tired yet??  She’s been doing jiu-jitsu (which according to Wikipedia is a martial art, combat sport, and a self defense system that focuses on grappling and especially ground fighting…yes, I had to look it up!) for about 6 months now and so far has not shown any signs of throwing in the towel.  I love that she is learning this skill, especially the self defense part, and I really hope she sticks with it (even though I miss watching her on the soccer field)!

So when it came time for the kids to decide their activity of choice, we gave them a few options – soccer, gymnastics, or dance.  Jack chose dance right away.  No, no he didn’t.  I would 100% support him if he did (after a few good cries), but I’m completely making that up.  We actually started Jack in soccer a year ago because there were several boys on his street that were putting a team together.  And actually we had the girls in dance in the spring, but we didn’t really give them a choice on that one and oh yeah, we didn’t have kindergarten to deal with at the same time so the craziness factor was about a 2 on a scale of 1 to brain lobotomy.  Now that school has started and we gave them choices and we have three separate activities among the 5 plus Eliot’s 2 we’re edging pretty close to that hole drilled in the head thing…

Ok, so for real this time.  Jack stayed with soccer and we’ve got two new little internationally known soccer superstars to add to the roster – Lila and Ryan.  Love it!  Jack’s team was already established so putting the girls on his team was not an option which means we’ve got two soccer practices every week and two games.  The soccer gods were smiling on us though because the two teams practice at the same time, same day, and right next to each other on the same field…score one for the parental unit!  And for a bonus, the soccer field is next to a playground so while Jack, Lila, and Ryan are getting their soccer on, the two B’s are happily swinging, monkey barring, and sliding the hour away.  Both teams are doing great and the kids are having a lot of fun though it’s not without the usual drama that comes with kids and sports…I really wish the cameras were here to catch all of this!

Brooklyn chose gymnastics and she loves it!  It’s more of a tumbling class to get them used to flipping and twisting and twirling.  She really loves it…it’s Brooklyn, she loves just about everything and she gets to wear a pink leotard so yeah, she really, really loves it!  Britton, fittingly, has chosen to take after her hero, Eliot McKenna, and is doing jui-jitsu.  That’s right, Little Mighty is learning how to turn her hands and feet into lethal weapons…it’s super cute for now, but something tells me we may regret this someday….

So it’s official – we run a taxi service out of our house every weekday from 4:00-7:00, Saturday mornings from 9:00-1:00, and sometimes on Sundays.  It’s nuts and definitely adds another layer of crazy to our lives, but it’s our kind of nuts – active, creative, enriching, family fun kind of nuts…bring it on!

God Bless…


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  1. marcia bohn says:

    You both are parental superstars!! Keep up the good work! I’ve got one in hockey and one in dance! I don’t know how you do it!!

  2. Val Appleby says:

    Loved reading this post!! Despite the fact that its is super busy for you guys, believe me, it is the best years of your lives. Before you can turn around, you’ll be missing these times! Love your choices of activities and I’m sure they are all active in church activites as well – very important.
    My two were active in scouts, gymnastics, dance, karate (black belt at 10 yrs. old he was) soccer, football, baseball and church. Wonderful times!! Love all the pics you guys post of all the children!!

  3. Jennifer Dophied says:

    You and Casey are the picture of truly selfless parents! I so enjoy your blog and pictures. Best wishes from Bonham, Texas y’all!

  4. Sue says:

    Ah, yes! The busy life of a parent! We had 4 but because my husband traveled, it was really more like “I” had 4! Then, to add to our craziness, we had two (3 yrs apart) and then waited 5 years before having the next 2 – 18 mo apart! Things the older two liked, you can count on it, the younger two didn’t! We were VERY involved in church so there were church activities and school activities! Church was 45 min from the house so I really felt like I lived in our van! God will bless you in ways you won’t expect and you’ll turn around one day and be able to see all the blessings! Keep close to each other and I’d like to stress that you have a date night every week to have time to touch base – it’s important!

  5. Andrea Hopkins says:

    Wow I think I need a nap…all those activities all those cute special moments, how lucky you guys are to be such supportive parents to such wonderful kids. Keep up the awesome job and Thank you for continuing to let us be a part of your lives.

  6. Hannah says:

    So awesome! Also, just read the post about Britton’s feisty personality. Have you ever thought about getting her tested for ADD OR ADHD? Her impulsivity and anger are big traits in people that have ADD (I do and was very similar to her when I was a child and it was hard on my parents). Such a great inspirational family!

  7. Carol Spielberger says:

    Ethan, I just love the way you portray your family – I am right there with all of you.
    I am also so glad that you have all the kids involved in outside activities. It is so important to cultivate friendships outside of the family unit and to become part of a team. I can just picture all of them in their various activities.
    Good luck with the driving, Casey. I remember one weekend when all 3 of my sons were involved in a soccer tournament. Each was housing a boy from a distant state, so we had 6 boys playing on 6 different fields at various times. Our solution was to load our cooler with drinks and sandwiches and drive from field to field. Chaos but fun!!!
    Good luck with all the activities – keep up the good work.

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