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Here We Go – ‘TMB?’ Makes its Return!

Good Times

Here We Go – ‘TMB?’ Makes its Return!

12 Comments 06 July 2010

And it is finally official…part of it at least – “Too Many Babies?” returns July 14th with a brand new one hour special!!    The show airs as part of Baby Week on Discovery Health on Wednesday, July 14th at 9pm Eastern/8pm Central (double check your local listings to be sure of the time).  There is a link to the show schedule and a separate link to the Baby Week website and video in the right hand column of this page under “News Wire.”  This time around, the show is being called “Too Many Babies?  The First 16 Months” and you may also see it as “Too Many Babies?  How They Do It.”

We just got a sneak peek viewing of the show and I can confidently say that if you loved the first show, you are going to love this one as well!!  This episode has a totally different feel from the first one.  It is comprised almost entirely of footage that was shot the first year along with some newer video and interviews.  Consider it a behind the scenes show that goes more in-depth into how we were able to manage to make it through the first year+ without losing our sanity!! :)

As far as the other shows that are coming up on TLC, here is what I know (which isn’t a whole heck of a lot!).  The show that is about to air on Discovery Health has also been picked up on TLC and will air on that channel closer to the time that the newly filmed episodes will begin airing.  We began filming for the new episodes a few months ago and will wrap on those in the next few weeks.  I believe that TLC is working on another name for the series, but nothing is official on that for now.  These new episodes will begin airing later this summer and as far as we know they will only be on TLC.  We have only seen little bits and pieces of the new footage, but I can assure you that the shows are going to be super fun!!  We have been having an awesome time with the filming and all of the events that we have had going on in our lives lately…we can’t wait to update everybody on all of the happenings lately!!  Of course, we will make an announcement here on the blog as soon as we know more about the TLC air dates!

Here are some new photos of what has been going on around here in the last few months on our days away from the cameras…..

This one was taken today!  Lila Bear is wearing some pajamas that were handed down from Big Sister Eliot…

One of the more exciting events for us this summer was being on stage at Riverbend as part of Dr. Dave’s series, Men of Honor!  This time just Jack and I made an appearance, but we had a couple of beauties in the audience cheering us on…..

For our first chapter of “The Adventures of Being Eliot,” we see our little hero knee boarding for the first time…she loved it and did great!!

Chapter 2:  horse back riding – thank you, Ann Marie and the granddaughters!

Chapter 3:  camera girl and big-time TV producer!  She was totally in charge on this day – she told the guy under the umbrella that all he had been doing all day was sitting around…hilarious!

And now for some fun in the sun with The Fab Five….

So, do you think Jack likes the pool? :)

And finally, the sweetest little thing you ever did see…Brooklyn Faith…..

That’s all I have for now!  I hope y’all are enjoying your summer as much as the Jones Family is enjoying ours!!  Y’all take care…..


TLC:  “Quintuplet Surprise” Airs Tonight at 9:00!!


TLC: “Quintuplet Surprise” Airs Tonight at 9:00!!

41 Comments 16 March 2010

If you are reading this on Monday, the 15th, I apologize…it’s late and I’m tired and I won’t have time to post this in the morning.  So I’m jumping the gun just a bit and hitting the post button about an hour early.  Good night, sleep tight!

The promos for the show officially answered the question:  goodbye “Too Many Babies?”, hello “Quintuplet Surprise”!!  The show airs tonight on TLC:  The Learning Channel at 10:00 Eastern/9:00 Central!  If you missed it the first time or do not get Discovery Health in your area, tonight is your night!  TLC is really promoting the show quite a bit, running two different commercials and flashing text reminders across the bottom of the screen during other shows.  They even placed us right after “19 Kids and Counting” which is one of their biggest shows right now!  It is really incredible to us to see how well the show has been received…thank you so much, everybody!!  Enjoy the show!

“Quintuplet Surprise” or “Too Many Babies?”

Good Times

“Quintuplet Surprise” or “Too Many Babies?”

164 Comments 10 March 2010

Hey everybody!  I hope you all liked the show last Thursday night!  The response has been pretty fantastic from friends and supporters and the folks at Discovery Health are pretty hopped up on it as well…good stuff!  I just got the ratings today and our little show is the highest rated show on DH over the last month with somewhere between 600,00-800,000 viewers.  As you might imagine, we are blown away by these results!

The big test comes next week when TLC airs the show for the first time.  They have two dates set:  Tuesday, the 16th at 9:00 pm Central and Wednesday, the 17th at 12:00 am (midnight) Central.  If we have a solid rating on those two airings, our chances of moving to a series look really, really good.  So if you missed it the first time or would like to keep up with the Joneses in High-Def, tune in Tuesday night!

One little twist that we are unsure of at the moment is the name of the show.  TLC has it listed right now as “Quintuplet Surprise,” but we were told today that this might be a mistake and the name may stay as “Too Many Babies?”  I’ll update as soon as I know for sure, but look for both on your TV guides.

The TV show wasn’t the only excitement in our life this last week, however.  Britton and Brooklyn both decided it was time to give this walking thing a real go…they are so close!!  Check out the video below – I caught both of them in the act in one video clip!  We also had a crazy busy weekend – Nana, Bapa, and Aunt Summer (one of my two adopted sisters) came for a visit, one of our volunteers brought her new baby girl, Lila Grace, by for a visit, we met with the Pisner’s, parents of the ninth set of quints ever born in the US (1983), and somehow I managed to write a paper for my negotiations class…whew!!

Sorry to be so short, but it’s time to spend some veg time on the couch with my lady…good night, everyone!

“Too Many Babies?” Airs Tonight!!

Good Times

“Too Many Babies?” Airs Tonight!!

49 Comments 04 March 2010

Set your clocks, Tivo’s, and DVR’s for “Too Many Babies?” which airs tonight at 7:00 central on Discovery Health!  I believe it airs at 8:00 on both the East and West coasts!  We have also been added to TLC’s lineup for March 16th at 9:00 Central and March 17th at 12:00 (midnight) Central!!  So exciting!!  Check the listings here:  TLC!

One quick caveat to the show:  the first few minutes dives deep into our fertility issues and you might end up having a biology lesson with your kids if they see it!

For more details on the show, check out Discovery Health’s website here:  Baby Week 2010!

I hope everyone enjoys the show!!

“Too Many Babies?” Webisodes!!

Good Times

“Too Many Babies?” Webisodes!!

6 Comments 01 March 2010

Yay!! The networks have just loaded two “webisodes” to their sites!  Both TLC and Discovery Health have loaded them up.  Webisodes are short little videos that the production company put together to tell little bits and pieces of our story that did not make it into the final cut of the show.  I think they made a total of six or seven of them…the two online now are “Helmet Fitting” and “Baby Proofing.”  They’re really fun and cute videos so check them out here:  Too Many Babies? Webisodes.

And if you have not been to the Discovery Health website, check it out here:  Discovery Health.  We are on the front of the website and if you click on that link it takes you to the new Baby Week site.  This is all so exciting!!

2009 in 00:42:00


2009 in 00:42:00

6 Comments 19 February 2010

Strange title, huh?  No worries, I’m not getting cryptic on you and speaking in code; there is an explanation…please read on, my friends!  On Wednesday night we got a sneak peek of the show that is being produced to document the first year of life for the Jones family, AFF (After Fab Five).  And what a year it was, right?  From the birth of five babies in less than five minutes all the way to the first birthday party – 12 months which at times seemed like 12 eternities – it was all there as if we were living it again…only this time set to music.  Most of the important parts were there, at least.  The chaos that ruled our lives was as evident on screen as it has been on our hearts during this topsy-turvy whirlwind of a year.  And watching the drama unfold on-screen, watching these five little lives profoundly transform all of the bigger lives around them, and knowing that this was your reality was…..

Difficult…at times.  Fun at other times.  Absolutely jaw-dropping in others.  I’m not making this up – though we lived this and felt this and knew exactly the ins and outs of these lives we were watching, there were times that my jaw literally dropped in disbelief and the memory rolodex in my brain whirred into action as it fervently flipped from record to record, verifying what I already knew to be true.

There are those who knew in advance that we were going to see the show for the first time and they were eager to get our impression of what we saw.  Because there were no raves and likewise no rants, unfortunately, I think we let them down.  Do not get the wrong impression – there is nothing wrong with what we saw and we have no issues with the show.  But we honestly had and are still having a tough time describing how we feel about what we saw during the 00:42:00 in which we were glued to the TV.  Minutes, that is.  That’s what the title means – our 2009 was condensed down to 00:42:00 for the sake of a reality TV show…technically a documentary.  Can you imagine telling the story – the whole story, for better or for worse, holding back few intimate details – of any of your years past, hitting all of the highs and the lows and some of the in-betweens?  Now pick your best year and tell that story.  And after that, pick your worst year, your most stressful one and your most joyful and tell those.  Now can you imagine combining all of that, the best and the worst, the high and the low, and doing it in 00:42:00?  And one more thing – can you imagine taking all of that and giving it to relative strangers and asking them to tell the story instead?  Only this time set it to music…

I really think we will end up loving the show.  After we watch it a few more times and we get to see the final version (we were watching a cut that was maybe 90% complete), I think it will cease to be a bit overwhelming and I believe it will become a bit comforting, if not very much so, especially as the abstract tempest of our times slows to a summer breeze with occasional showers.

These relative strangers who are telling the story of our 2009 (who have become good friends, by the way) accepted a difficult task when they signed on to tell the story of this 2009.  At least in our eyes it was a challenge.  00:42:00 – That’s all they were given to tell you the story of a family population explosion and of all of the ups, downs, ins, and outs that came along with it.  Make no mistake about it – they clearly presented the reality of our life; there is little time for fluff and cutesy baby stuff.  And drama?  Absolutely…more than enough (cute little rhyme I just wove in there, huh? ;-)).

To the casual observer who knows little about us, I think you’ll like the show.  To those who know us best, I think you will too, but your initial reaction is likely to be as mixed as ours.  It was a great year, it was a tough year and as such, ‘Too Many Babies?’ reflects that reality very, very well.

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