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*I had this blog post written up and almost ready to post before Eliot had her little accident this week.  Look for a new post soon to tell all about what happened to our baby girl last Monday night!*

As I reported to you last month on the blog post titled, “No Pressure,” the kids were excited for a nursery rhyme lesson that they were doing at school.  They each chose a nursery rhyme and were supposed to dress up as the character in the nursery rhyme and present the tale to their classmates and parents.  One of our little blessings in particular had some distinct plans for her costume and nothing less would do.  Well, as you can see from the pictures, she got her wish…and I think we’re all the better for things going her way!  Fortunately, Ryan was the only one who had such a strong opinion as to how her costume would be so we just made the easy decision to buy her the costume online.  She was thrilled when the costume arrived and what a cutie she was wearing it!

Casey did an awesome job with the other costumes and had the kids looking super cute…as usual!

Brooklyn was Baa Baa Black Sheep, Britton and Lila were both Jill from Jack and Jill, Jack was Peter Pumpkin Eater, and of course Miss Ryan was the star of the show – Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star!  They loved the project and loved dressing up…no surprise!

And speaking of dressing up, here are some Halloween pics for you….




2014-10-31 08.59.18

In other news, we’ve been a busy bunch in the last month!  The we spent the first weekend of November at our annual getaway with our church community group in a little piece of Heaven known as Laity Lodge Family Camp in Leakey, Texas.  I kid you not, this place is nothing short of magical!  There are rivers and hills and all kinds of man-made activities to get involved with, campfires and s’mores galore, and the best part – a small army of college-age counselors there ready to play your kids to their hearts content and serve your every need!  Wait, I forgot about the other best part – no cell phone service, no emails, no electronics and not an ounce of stress!  Oh wait, there’s another best part – it’s a Christian camp and the weekend offers tons of opportunities for connecting with the Lord…love it!!




This month we also wrapped up three successful soccer seasons, carried on with the kinder and 5th grade school schedule, meeting the demands 5+1 at a time, and traveled to Denton for Thanksgiving.  And over Thanksgiving we added a nice little accomplishment to our resumes – we now have 5 bike riders, no training wheels!!!!  We determined the week before Thanksgiving that the kids needed a big, flat area to practice riding on and mom and dad needed extra helping hands to tackle the task of teaching the kids to ride.  My parents house has the driveway we needed and my parents both providing the helping hands and so did Summer, Angel, Grandma, Grandpa, and Uncle Kyle – score!  It only took an hour or so of practice before we had all of the training wheels removed and the kids were handling things on their own…the kids couldn’t have been more proud and neither couldthe small village that helped them to learn!  Now, if we could just get them as excited about flushing the toilet when they are done as they are about riding bikes…………. :)


And in very recent news, Eliot just competed this weekend in her first Jiu-Jitsu tournament and wow, it was an experience!  Let me just say that my little girl is a fighter and has the heart of a champion!  In her first match, she was pretty evenly matched with her opponent, but it looked to our totally unbiased eyes that she had won the match outright.  The referee, who I’m pretty sure was Eliot’s opponent’s dad (j/k), didn’t see it our way and had the two girls tied at the end.  At that point they went into a kind of sudden-death overtime where the first to score a takedown wins the match.  Neither of the girls scored, but Eliot somehow ended up with a bloody nose and had to forfeit the match.  She was a little shaken up by the experience, but chose to go ahead with her next match.  She might have made a different decision had she known she was going up against a grey/black belt who had been training for 4-5 years (Eliot has been training for about 9 months)!  He was really good and though she was competitive for a little while, he got her in a submission hold and won the match.  It was pretty crazy seeing your baby girl in fight mode like she was in these matches, but she did so awesome and made us very proud with her effort, focus, and determination…can’t wait for the next tournament!!!!  You can watch her first match on YouTube by following this link: Eliot’s 1st Jiu-Jitsu Competition…enjoy!

So that wraps another month in the life of the Jones Family…it’s been a wild one, as usual!  We are sooooo looking forward to the Christmas holiday and all of the joy the season brings our family!  Amid all of the hustle and bustle of the holidays, we hope you find a way to connect with Christ and share in the joy this holiday can bring!

God bless!



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  1. Carol Spielberger says:

    I so enjoyed reading of the latest exploits of the Jones family. I am so proud of all 6 of the youngest ones – Elliot for her determination and the quints for their accomplishment in learning to ride their bikes! Good for all of them.
    Merry Christmas to all of you! Our church service last night consisted solely of singing carols and reading from the Bible – very inspiring. I still miss Riverbend and all the wonderful people there. If you see Todd Mears and his lovely wife, please send them my best.

    I miss you all and remember fondly the years I spent sharing the quints with you. Thank you for that privilege.

    God Bless You All!!


  2. I live in sunny Cyprus and love following your news … I’m a photographer and would love nothing more than to photograph your beautiful family xxx

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