Little Miss E~

Since  you are reading this blog, by now you probably know at least a little bit about our oldest daughter, Eliot McKenna.  And by now you probably know that Eliot, aka Little Miss Sunshine, aka quint big sis, aka the little spark plug has a little bit of sass and a whole lotta spirit inside of her…and that would be putting it lightly!  She has been a fireball from the day she was born and these last 7+ years have done little to temper the flame that burns inside of her!  Eliot loves to have fun, she loves to be the center of attention, she loves to be a total nut, and she sometimes loves to put on a little drama to get even more of that attention she adores so much!


Eliot is very generous with the flowers :)









The “Internationally Known Soccer Superstar” has decided that soccer is not in her future and has hung up her cleats to pursue her new loves – gymnastics and hip-hop dance! In fact, her career aspirations have changed from artist/veterinarian to professional singer/gymnast…love it!  She loves hanging with her BFF’s, reading, riding her bike, watching movies, eating ice cream sundaes, and just about anything else that keeps us from having relaxing weekends laying around… ;-)



Eliot has also proven to be quite a natural as a quint big sis!  There were some bumps along the road, especially at first when the new inhabitants of her home did nothing more than eat, pee, poop, and sleep, but now she is totally hooked.  But these days she is 100% hooked!  She loves to wrestle with the kids, take them into her room individually for special spa treatments, cuddle with them to watch cartoons, and help them with the daily challenges of being a teetering toddler on the brink of taking over the world!






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