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Four Down, One to Go…Welcome Home, Ryan Elizabeth!!!!

7 Comments 25 March 2009

We have quads today, and probably no more than that for the next few days at least. The baby of the family, the last born, Baby E, Ryan Elizabeth, came home today…yeah!!!! Her final NICU weight was six pounds, two ounces; not bad considering she is supposed to have been born two days from now. That leaves only our little social butterfly, Baby Bright Eyes Britton, still to make the journey home. She is doing well, but hasn’t yet mastered the bottle…we just hope she makes it home in time to celebrate her first Christmas with the family… ;-)

Oh yes, one more thing…Eliot has decided on nicknames for three of the four. We’ve not got Lila Bear, Prince Jack, and Ryan the Lion. I guess she’s still working on Britton’s and Brooklyn’s names, but she’s off to a great start!
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  1. ellegirl says:

    Yay!!! Those nicknames are so cute!!! It sounds like she’s enjoying her new sisters and brother already! C’mon Britton! Last but not least!!


  2. Tori :) says:

    Adorable nicknames!!

    I continue to give updates on my blog too. I love bragging for y’all when another one comes home.


  3. Shelley says:

    So glad you have 4 home!! I know it must feel amazing. Hopefully Miss Priss will get her act together soon!


  4. erin says:

    This is so awesome!!! I check your blog everyday and can’t wait to get an up-date. Your family is absolutely beautiful ~

  5. Angelsong says:

    how completely precious these little ones are, and how God is blessing your family (and me, since I get to read about them!) I am praying for your entire family.

  6. Suzanne and Davey Maughan says:

    Look how much BIGGER Prince Jack is! =) Sorry, you don’t know me but I work at a pedaitric office in Arizona where the Wilkinson quints had their first visits and found your blog from theirs and have followed it since your wife was about 25 wks along with those cuties. Im glad they are all doing well and God blesss your family of 8!

  7. Cristy says:

    You all went from one baby to four babies so quick. You might need the little bit of time Britton is taking in the NICU for you to adjust.

    Tell Eliot she has done a fine job naming her siblings. (It’s an important job!)

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