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9 Comments 30 March 2009

This is going to be quick because I’m tired and I’m a little cranky…really tired, more than a little cranky. Here goes:

– Babies: awesome, totally, completely, incredibly, awesome and perfect in every single way!!
– Britton: started to take her feeds really well, thought she was coming home today, first heart rate drop in 15 days on Saturday has her on lockdown until the end of the week… We miss her terribly because it is next to impossible to get back to the NICU these days. We’ve been there twice in the last week…not cool… :(
– Jack: Big Boy continues to dominate the bottle and spend his hours in chill mode…loves the TV, even when facing away from it, he does back bends to try to see it…just wait ’til college football starts, my boy, just wait!!
– Lila: Competing with Bright Eyes Britton for the brightest eyes and social butterfly title…too incredibly cute!
– Ryan: Total trouble maker! Likes to be held…a lot…also doesn’t like to wait her turn to get the bottle…already living up to the baby of the family role she earned by being born last. Gets cuter by the moment, however!!
– Brooklyn: might be taking over as the ultimate girlie-girl…her cry is so sweet I actually want her to cry so I can hear it again and again…she sleeps, fusses, falls back to sleep, fusses, falls back to sleep…flipping adoreable!
– Volunteers: totally ROCK! All have been incredible – thoughtful, respectful, good with the babies…huge relief, answer to prayers…AMAZING!!!
– Night Time Volunteers: Really hard to come by…Tricia, The Velvet Hammer, is a ROCK STAR!
– Feeding Schedule: Difficult…feeding takes two hours, babies eat every three…do the math…zzzzzzzzzzzz…
– Casey Ann: AMAZING!!! Nuf said…oh, wait…BEAUTIFUL!!!!!
– Grandma Stevie and Nana: Rock solid…thank you, thank you, thank you!!
– Sleep: next to none, contemplating night nurse, but muy, muy expensive…something must be done, however. That bullet is going to hurt when we finally convince ourselves to take the bite…
– School: Timing – bad, Baylor – fantastic, current class (finance) – very interesting, light at the end of this semester’s tunnel – pretty bright…
– Noteworthy About Today’s Blog: no pictures…this time it’s the lack of pictures that speak a thousand words. Casey was born with a camera in her hand…hard to take pictures when your camera hands are full of baby…
– Future: Never better…

God Bless,

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9 Comments so far

  1. s--max says:

    Reading your blog: SO enjoyable. :)

  2. ellegirl says:

    Great blog update! Even sans pictures! Can’t wait for baby Britton to come home!!!!

  3. Mum2twopreciousgifts says:

    Thanks for takiing time to post. We’ve been wondering how things are. With prayers from our little family to yours.

    Good night from Australia.

  4. Tori :) says:

    Loved this update!
    Ethan I swear if I was closer I would come help at nite. I know that’s a hard shift to fill. If I’m ever in the area I promise I’ll be there to help.

  5. The Gerwer Babies says:

    You guys are doing great! Ethan, great post!
    Night nurse, best thing we ever did. And you have one more than us!! I would have sold my right arm for it. We only needed it til they were about 4.5 months a couple days a week but work EVERY penny!!!!!
    Keep it up! your doing great!!!!

  6. Terri says:

    Great update! However I can’t wait to see pictures!

  7. mrspxyz says:

    Thank you for sharing your babies. They are all beautiful.
    Maybe your insurance or the state will provide a night nurse free of charge. The Gosselin family had nurses that were paid for. Even though you have one less baby then they did, it is worth a try.

  8. Klin says:

    Love reading about the babies.

    I so love that you have a special relationship with your boy, Jack.

    He’s gonna need the fishing time with all the estrogen that in your home.

    Wish we could help at night. I know full well how important sleep is with little ones.

  9. DrekGrire says:

    Great blogpost, did not thought reading it would be so cool when I klicked at the link!

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