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5 Comments 24 March 2009

This is absolutely hilarious so I had to share. One of our good friends, Tricia Harrison, aka The Velvet Hammer – JonesLife coordinator, Casey’s bedrest hairdresser, brownie baker, lasagna maker, and frequent volunteer – took the first night shift last night. As she reports, she had a pretty wild night with the triplets – Jack, Lila, and Brooklyn – and is ready to come back for more good times. Here is how the night went in her words…

“Good Morning Ethan and Casey!!!!! I thought I would share my experiences with the triplets last night before I catch some zzzzzzzzzz’s for the day.”

“While you both were catching up on some much needed shut eye, I had an eventful night. Thank you for letting me invade your house last night, and take care of the triplets all by myself. Oh, by no means was it simple, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.”

“It all began soon after you went to bed. I was finishing up feeding Brooklyn, and I heard some strange spitting noises coming from Lila’s bed. So Brooklyn and I got up to see what was the matter. Poor sweet little Lila had spit up and was beginning to let me have it!!!!! I put Brooklyn in her bed to attend to Lila. I noticed that she would do much better if she was propped up on the bobby pillow. She wouldn’t spit up at all if she was there, and she liked it much better anyway.”

“Finally everyone was all snuggled down for at least an hour before feeding started all over again, so I decided to lay down myself. WRONG!!!!!!!! Cute little instigator Brooklyn, which I have nicknamed Squirmy Wormy, decided to stretch and wiggle her way out of her blanket while moaning and groaning…and farting. Then she would get pissed and cry because she wiggled her way out of her blanket and was cold. She would then cry and start the others crying, one by one.”

“All I could do was chuckle – it was like a trickle down effect. Brooklyn would moan and groan and then Lila and then Jack. I am totally sure they were trying to tell each other to be quiet because they were tired and wanted to go to sleep. Oh yeah, boy do you have some little tooters on your hands. Lots of unpleasant sounds can come from them…he he :) Who new they could make up a song with little toots.”

“Feeding was an experience in itself as well. Lila was first so she would cry and start Jack going because he new he only had to wait just 30 more minutes and it was his turn. But low and behold, Brooklyn was like, “hello, I am starting to get hungry, feed me too!” :-) One time I had to sit on the fireplace to feed Lila and keep putting Brooklyn’s pacifier in her mouth so she would stop crying, and walk over and do the same to Jack, all while I was still feeding Lila. Whatever works, right!!!!!! Lila didn’t mess around. She was serious about eating, but gets lazy really fast. Jack doesn’t waste anytime. That boy can down a bottle in 15 minutes flat!!!!!!! Brooklyn on the other hand would just rather use the bottle for a pacifier instead of eating. She does like to suck on something and hold your hand during feeding time.”

“All in all I had a fabulous time, and wanted to just share what you missed out on last night. Thanks a million for allowing me to be a part of it all!!!!!!”

Hugs and good night!!!! :-)

All that and we’ve got two more babies coming…oh my gosh!!!!!!! The full time volunteer schedule kicks into high gear this Sunday as we expect to have at least four of the five home with us. It’s going to be WILD!!!

Tricia – you rock, girl! Thank you so much for all that you do…we love you, you are a superstar, your treasure pile in Heaven is overflowing!!!!!

God Bless,

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  1. Leigh Ann says:

    That’s hilarious. Make sure you tell your night time volunteers about the “NICU noises” – all the grunts and goat sounds they make when they come home that are completely harmless. I don’t know how many times I got into bed, then got back out, got back in, then got back out because I didn’t know what those were! As soon as we turned our light out, it was like symphony of whinnies, neighs, and toots!

    Congrats on having 3/5 home! you guys are very blessed.

  2. Mum2twopreciousgifts says:

    Prayers and thoughts from our little family to yours. Thank goodness our children were born one at a time as considering in their younger years they alone managed to keep us up for what felt like most of the night!!

    Good health, happiness and Blessings from Australia.

    M x

  3. Becca or Cori depending :) says:

    The best swaddle blankets on the market by far are the miracle blankets! Both of my babies stayed in them until 6+ months! (watch the video)
    There are a few places in Austin that now carry them!
    Picket Fences by Seaton used to carry them. I don’t know if they still do??? They are AWESOME!! Might help the wiggle worms :)

  4. Tori :) says:

    I can’t even imagine juggling 3 wiggle worms, let alone 5!! Your volunteers are awesome!

  5. Barbara Schantz says:

    That is such a funny story. My 4 sure keep me busy! I enjoy keeping up with your story when they leave me a spare moment. ;)

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