Gotta Have It!

Gotta Have It!

2 Comments 22 November 2009

I’ve been working with a new company to enhance the interaction between me and the readers as well as between readers and other readers through the JonesLife website.  In essence, we are looking to foster a community on this site and this is where we begin.

Scroll through the collection below to see our favorite blogs, charities and products. If the item is a something you like, you can click the picture to see more info!

Click the “grab” button to instantly add any items you like to your own personal collection. You can also rate, add your comments, and recommend more cool stuff that you think will benefit the entire JonesLife community!

Let me know what you think by posting a comment to this blog or sending me an email. As more readers begin to interact on the tool, the more relevant the items and recommendations will become.


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2 Comments so far

  1. Suki says:

    I love watching your show- you have a beautiful, beautiful family! I love how you and Casey talk to all the babies like they are separate people, with their own likes and dislikes. You both seem really in tune with the babie’s personalities. And you, Ethan, are an awesome writer! I really enjoy your descriptions of daily life – you have such a way with words! I hope you are planning to channel some of these blogs into a book!
    I think you and Casey are both awesome parents- God has REALLY blessed you all!

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