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4 Comments 09 December 2009


I was working in the office this afternoon (I work from home) when we had one of those moments.  We have kind of a busy house as you might imagine and from time to time, as it seems to in everyone’s life, things started to happen all at once.  These moments do not happen very often, but they are not too uncommon either, and we’ve grown accustomed to such bouts of busy-ness in our little world.  Here is what happened in the span of about fifteen minutes…

Eliot and I went upstairs to play with the babies for a few minutes as two of the volunteers were getting ready to leave. Before the two volunteers left another arrived followed a couple of minutes after that by a second volunteer, both ready to play with babies for the 3:00 shift.  Right after that, a third volunteer arrived unexpectedly to drop off a casserole she had made for the night (dinner…thank you!)…and of course she came up to say hi to the babies…who wouldn’t?!  So now, we’re up to five volunteers, five babies, one Eliot, and one supposed-to-be-working dad.  As the dinner-bringer exits, I hear a knock at the door, but do not see anyone out there so I forget about it as my phone starts ringing…I didn’t make it in time to answer.  As the phone stops ringing, the doorbell begins its chime, but again, no one is there.  So I head downstairs to see why we seem to be the victim of some pranksters only to discover that a friend has stopped by to see the babies…unexpectedly…that happens a lot…

What are we up to now?  Oh yeah, still at five adults, five babies, one Eliot, and one supposed-to-be-working dad because one volunteer left and the friend came in.  Alright, so we’re settling in, two volunteers are heading out, two are getting their hands on babies, the friend is doing the same, Eliot is playing, I’m refereeing, and yes, the phone and the doorbell both start to ring…again.  This time I make it to the phone and guess what, it is a contractor I work with who is in the neighborhood (literally) saying he needs to stop by…awesome timing.  And the door?  That is one of Eliot’s neighborhood friends coming over to play for awhile. So I go downstairs to meet the contractor then quickly head back up to pick up where I left off, which I think was holding Jack and occupying Britton.  The friend stayed for about ten minutes and had to head out (I think he had had all he could handle!) so I walk to the door with him.  And as things begin to settle back down, the count which will remain for the next 30 minutes or so is two volunteers, five babies, one Eliot, one friend of Eliot’s, and one still-supposed-to-be-working dad!

And, oh yeah, the whole time this is happening Casey is in the bedroom laying down in recovery from the shower she had just taken…recovery from the mommy makeover is a bit ssslooooooowwwww…

And now, this supposed-to-be-working dad is writing a blog because I’m having a hard time concentrating on the work that I was supposed to be doing…imagine that!

Thank you to all of the volunteers and friends who help to keep this house hopping!!  Good times in the JonesLife…I just had to share!

Eliot is the Photographer!

Eliot is the Photographer!

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  1. Joanna says:

    I pray that you stop this right now. Please stop. Your life is your own private business and no one else’s. No one who is of a sound mind and body wants to watch children, who aren’t there’s, grow up. You’re letting in all kinds of perverts who prey on small children to watch your family for their own satisfaction. Please, please stop this while you can.
    Look at what happened to the Gosselin’s. Do you really believe it couldn’t happen to you?

  2. KS Dallas says:


    I have been following your blow for a while. I have never met you and I am NOT a pervert. I am a single mom of a 14 year old. I love babies but know that I am not having anymore. I read a lot of multiples blogs. It reminds me of the days when my daughter was little. And I hope I can pass on a little of my knowledge in the process. Many times I have responded to potty training posts with ideas that worked well for me.

    It does take a village to raise a child. We all help each other!

    I know there area a lot of people out there that read other people’s blogs and for many reasons but not because they are perverts!

  3. Mommyto3 says:

    My 7 yr old and I are following your blog. I enjoy watching what it is like with 5 babies at one time as I just had a third child 3 months ago and it’s tough with just one. You guys are great!

  4. stevie says:

    Joanna, you can’t be serious! “Who in their right mind wants to watch children grow up who are not their own?” Obviously a whole lot of people! You mention the Gosselins. Do you know how many years they have been on? I guess there must have been a few people watching that show. There sure have been alot of hits on the Jones blog. I guess all those people including you “are not in their right mind.” Go bark up another tree. You obviously don’t know what you are talking about.

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