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64 Comments 11 December 2009

IMG_3689Alright, so here it is…the big one, the announcement – that thing I referred to as GINORMOUS about three weeks ago.  The long-awaited, much-anticipated, breathtaking…ok, wait a minute…I’m taking this a bit too far.  Actually, it’s not that big of a deal to about 99.9% of the world, but it certainly is to our little pack of crazies here in the Jones house!

Judging by the many, many comments we have received from lots of different people over the last year-plus, you may have already guessed what the big announcement is – we are going to be on TV…again. But this time, it’s not the nightly news that will narrate our story.  Rather, it is a local production company behind the cameras and this time we will be taking this tour nationwide! Unfortunately, I cannot be too forthcoming with the details yet, but I’ll tell you all I can (I can’t even say what network is carrying it!).

The production guys (I can’t mention their name, either)  found out about us from the Statesman article that hit the papers about a week before the babies were born.  They tracked us down through the website, met with me in the hospital cafeteria to explain their background and vision for the show, interviewed us in Casey’s post-partem room, and accompanied us to the NICU the first time Casey held one of the babies.  They have followed us on date nights and they went with us to the park; they were at the babies’ dedication to the church, they joined us at the Thanksgiving table, and they were in the operating room last week as Casey had her surgery.  And they have been with us at all points in between.

So they put together a little clip which was sent out to several networks in June and while many expressed interest, only one committed.  And after nearly six months of negotiations between the producers and the network, the deal has finally been inked!  There will be one show, at least, I guess technically it is called a pilot.  It will be one hour, though they are currently discussing turning it into a two hour show (which would be really, really awesome) and it will air some time in the spring (yes, I know a more precise date, but I cannot say what that date is)!  If the show does well (hint, hint – tell everyone you ever thought of knowing to watch it!!), we will do a second or third show and if those do well, there is a possibility that the network will commit to a series.  Again, that would be really, really awesome!


We have made it no secret that we believe it is our responsibility as Christians to share our story with as many people as care to listen.  We told you about our attempts to get “A Baby Story” to do a show on the birth.  And we have made our lives as public as possible in pursuit of our goal of “letting our light shine” for all to see the power of Christ in the world today.  So while this announcement we are making today may not come as much of a surprise, I imagine that it is being met with some level of disappointment and disagreement by some folks out there who are not pleased by our decision to do a TV show.  How can you exploit these babies?  Is the money and recognition really worth it?  How can you betray their privacy?  Aren’t you taking this a bit far?  Etcetera, etcetera…we have actually heard much of this already.  So allow me to address this briefly…

This is a decision that we made prayerfully and after much discussion with our family and other Christian friends and mentors.  If we had ever received a hint that this was not the direction we should go, we would have stopped everything immediately.  We never received that hint.  It is our intent to continue along with this process in this exact same way and we ask for your prayers along these same lines.  As each new opportunity and challenge presents itself, we will need the clarity that only our faith can provide as to how to proceed and we believe the prayers of our friends and family will be critical to receiving that clarity.

Obviously, if we felt as though this were some sort of exploitation of our babies, we would not be doing this.  The babies and Eliot are not asked to do anything other than what other kids and babies do – the only difference being that there is a camera capturing their activities.  Believe me, we do not withhold bottles from them to create ratings-grabbing drama!  And the money?  Well, it has not come and likely will not come unless it goes to a series which is not highly likely.  The income we will earn from the pilot is insignificant to say the least.  In other words, the money, if it comes it will help, but it has never been part of our discussions with the producers and is not at all why we are doing this.

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It boils down to this – we believe that this is a blessing that we have been given.  And as most blessings tend to be accompanied by much responsibility, this one is no different…we happen to know a thing or two about that whole blessing/responsibility combo!  We are taking it one step at a time and doing everything we can along the way to allow God’s hand to do the heavy lifting through this experience!  Let me put it to you in another way…

I found out back in August that the JonesLife site had received 45,000 unique visitors since its launch less than one year prior. 45,000 people from all over the world chose to log onto our little website and check in on the tales of our family’s population boom…45,000 people!!  What they got when they logged in was not just a few cute pictures and some funny stories about baby poop.  No, we believe they got plenty of pictures and poop stories, but that they also got much more than that – a story of faith and of love and of a family holding onto both as they encounter the greatest challenge they have ever faced.  And I believe this is why our site has grown as it has.  We started the website and went public with our story to allow God’s light to shine through this experience in the hopes that his work in our lives would impact others in a positive way.  We never imagined that 10,000 let alone 45,000 people would be touched by this…and that is what we get for underestimating the Big Man!

The company producing the show for our family averages 1.2 million viewers on the shows they produce.  I’m sorry to keep repeating myself, but here I go again…1.2 MILLION people!!  It is mind-boggling to think that by the time the Fab Five reaches their second birthday it is wholly possible that their story will have impacted over 1,000,000 lives.  And what those 1,000,000+ people will get when they tune in is that same story of faith and of love that has defined our lives and promises to define yours as well if you allow it to do so.

When you look at it in this light, we did not see how we could say anything other than this…It’s Showtime!!

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  1. JC says:

    I don’t know this family personally so I’m not really biased either way. It is obvious that they are two loving people who want what is best for their family. As such, why atttack them for their decisions? What amazes and saddens me the most is how when given an open forum, people will take the opportunity to spread so much negativity and ill will. Why not offer support and if truely necessary constructive criticism without cloaking it in ugly vibes under the guise of a “professional opinion”. Th world would be a lot brighter if everyone would “let their light shine” instead of extinguishing others.

  2. sk says:

    CPMOMM–No one can predict the future. I’m just telling you and your associates that you do not know this family and you are also saying unfounded things that are so unnecessary–examples–please reread everything I said. Why can’t you just say to the family that you wish them the best of luck and to be careful out there!

  3. Remi says:

    I am very disappointed to hear this. This was not a decision made for God or based upon your Christian values so stop trying to convince yourself-we know better. You don’t need to allow the world into your living room with your children to share the word of God. This was a decision based upon one thing- yours and yours alone-your EGO. Not Casey’s and not the children’s YOURS.

  4. ELIZABETH says:

    To CONCERNED: You are calling Ethan a liar? Apparently you read his blog on Casey’s surgery, so why are you saying that filming donated the surgery? If they had, SO WHAT?

    Also, so it’s a “rerun”. What’s wrong with that? You think it’s wrong to air more than one show on multiples? Is it also wrong to have more than one game show? and why do we need Dateline when we already have 60 Minutes?

    Who needs you to watch the show. I doubt if anyone is going to tie you up and glue your eyelids open to make you watch it, so why complain?

    To all of you NEGATIVE, HATEFUL commentators who disguise yourselves as “CONCERNED”: Do you have quintuplets that you have raised without help from anyone? If not, please don’t criticize this wonderful family.

    Fortunately there are many KIND, GENEROUS family members, friends, Riverbend Church community and Austin community members who are assisting this precious family. Casey and Ethan could not do this with out their support.

    To the commentator who doesn’t understand why this family just doesn’t just sit quietly by as so many other people have who have overcome obstacles and just graciously accept the blessing God has given them: I am not going to rehash the reasons given, but I will comment. Most people in this world have overcome obstacles or have a story to tell. That doesn’t mean that everyone is suited to have a show. There are a multitude of reasons why–the main one being–they haven’t been asked. Probably the next one would be–they are shy and would definitely not be interested. That would be ME. I have a panic attack if someone even at wedding wants me to talk! Some people are very private and want to be left alone. That would be ME. Casey and Ethan do not fit into those catagories. They both are not shy and are not timid when it comes to being leaders. Casey danced on stage and in competitions since she was a child and has taught school and held leadership jobs. Ethan was all-district football, was president of his fraternity and has held management jobs. They are good role models and have been an inspiration to many people and will continue to be.

  5. mnbeckhm says:

    Remi: The Jones’ do not have to convince ANYBODY. They are not trying to “convince” you or themselves of their values. They know what they are, and all they want is to share their faith and journey with others. And do you honestly think you know better? I have a good feeling you don’t know Ethan and Casey, so you do not “know better.” I also highly doubt you have quintuplets and a 5 year old. So again, you do not know better. If you are “disappointed” and are not happy, then do yourself a favor and stay away from the website. People keep saying that this is going to ruin the children…..yet everyone who says all the negative things are the ones trying to ruin it. The operative word being trying. Because let me tell you, all the negative comments have not brought Ethan and Casey down. Those of us who have the blessing of knowing them personally know the truth. I will continue to stand by Ethan and Casey’s decision….a decision they prayed about, talked about, and ultimately made TOGETHER based upon many factors that, combined, led to a positive decision. I am excited for the show, so that all of you who are judging them will finally be able to see what wonderful parents they really are.

  6. ELIZABETH says:

    mnbeckhm–BEAUTIFULLY SAID.

  7. Rachel Clark says:

    Yea!! This is so exciting! Congratulations. David and I will be praying for you guys! We can’t wait to see the show and will tell everyone we know to watch. You guys are such a sweet family! Best wishes!!

  8. Darce says:

    I hope the show is successful. Good luck to you and your family! I’m sorry you are getting so many negative comments. You seem like a sweet family.

  9. Kimberly K says:

    You do realize that Eliot is going to be the star of the show! That girl sure can make me laugh. Can’t wait! Everyone is PA is very excited and support you 100%.

  10. sandi Hinson says:

    Casey and Ethan how exciting for your beautiful family!! I remember meeting the two of you at SWT when my husband Chris was a pledge there. Look how much things change in just a few short years!! Your children are adorable and I for one would love to watch what every day life is for parents of 6. It’s nice to see how other families cope with having more than one child. Good for you! Good luck and God Bless!!

  11. Carol Spielberger says:

    I have been helping out with the quints since May and can attest to their warmth, love and true Christian spirit. Those 5 babies are so adorable and adaptable. From the stimulation of so many varied personalities, they are all bright, inquisitive, happy and healthy babies. I wish Ethan and Casey lots of luck with the forthcoming TV show and think that it is wonderful that they want to share their story with others. We can all profit from that shared experience and you will love meeting the family.

  12. Melissa Irving says:

    For those who have judged you and your family for the decisions you have made: It’s not for us to judge, and I look forward to watching the series.

  13. Jessica Cagle says:

    May you receive all the blessings any family this size can have! Your babies are vibrant, happy and beautiful. I am a fan of your show and know the stress that comes with raising my 8 month old son can be trying at times, so congrats on raising your 5 babies!

  14. Jen Stigter says:

    Love your show
    I am a single Mom of twin 19monthOld boys and a 14 yr old daughter
    I just wanted to make a safety mention….the iron railings on your upper level where the babies hang out….a child i know died this way. If the child can fit through, feet first sideways, their head will get stuck, as the rest of the body slodes through, and they get basically strangle. I know you are witht them at all times, but it only takes a minute. You can probably line the railings with a plastic mesh for now?
    Just a friendly warning

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