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Elasti-Girl Gets a Makeover

4 Comments 04 December 2009

Pre-Quint Casey

Pre-Quint Casey

The picture you are viewing above is a picture of Ethan in a whole lot of trouble…no kidding!  This is a photo Casey took for her trainer after completing a six week, butt-busting, 5 am, six-day-a-week program to get into the best shape of her life…and she is going to KILL me when she finds out I posted it!  Sweet Casey is oh so modest…me, not so much!  I just had to show y’all how she looked one month before she got pregnant with the Fab Five…trouble or not!

And below is a photo taken a day or two before the Fab Five came into this world…whoa, look at that belly!!

The Belly!!

Alright, so I guess even Elasti-Girl has her limits…five babies was just too much for those belly muscles to handle!  If you do not know who Elasti-Girl is, follow this link before reading further:

As many of you now know, Casey underwent a mommy makeover on Monday and is well on her way to recovery!  She got nipped, tucked, zipped, and stitched by one of the finest surgeons in Houston, Dr. Jacob Varon, at the best hospital we have ever been involved with, South First Street Hospital in Bellaire (Houston), and in a few short months will be itching to go shopping for new bikinis…and I’ll be begging to tag along!

Tummy tuck…check!  Breast lift…check!  Many, many people have been so kind to point out that Casey is/was so skinny and tiny and did not need any of the above…the support was very sweet!  But Casey did have some pretty significant damage, mostly to her abdomen, that never would have been corrected through diet or exercise. There were three hernias that had to be repaired and her muscles had to be completely realigned because of the strain they endured during the pregnancy.  Dr. Varon explained to me that in some places there were gaps between her muscles that were greater than 5 inches apart…that is more than the length of an iPhone!

Now that she is home, Casey is facing about 4-6 weeks of pretty serious recovery and another 6-8 months where things just won’t be quite right.  She is not allowed to lift the babies for the first part of recovery, but after only five days, she is already regaining a lot of her mobility.  The pain is pretty intense at times, but she is able to manage it pretty well with her meds.  Hopefully those will not be necessary for too much longer!  I must say a huge THANK YOU to all of the volunteers for picking up extra shifts, cooking meals, and generally being totally awesome in helping us get through this recovery period!!!

Let's Do This!

Let's Do This!

And finally, a huge, Huge, HUGE THANK YOU to Dr. Varon (that is him with Casey above) and his staff as well as the wonderful folks at South First Street Hospital for donating, that’s right – DONATING – the entire cost of the operation and the post-op care!!!  They heard our story, they wanted to help, they had the resources, they offered them up…UNBELIEVABLE!!!  Not only are they incredibly generous, but also incredibly caring, professional, and skilled at the work that they do!  THANK YOU!!!!!

P.S.  I’d promise some “after” pics, but after posting the picture above, I may lose all computer privileges (along with a few fingers) for a good, long while…

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  1. Shelley Barron says:

    Casey looked amazing before quints!! Can’t wait to see the after pics! I know I have said before, but I am so jealous!!! But I am a big chicken don’t know if I could go through all that pain! Way to go Casey!!

  2. Casey you are so right. Some damage from pregnancy cannot be undone through diet and exercise alone. I am so happy for you that you were able to get your surgery. You deserve it after all you have been through!

  3. ssrs13025 says:

    How was surgery I am scheduled this month was recovery a problem ; please email me if you have a chance at

  4. Klin says:

    can y’all give my number to that doc? I’d go through the pain right about now.

    Waiting to see how amazing she looks and hoping she doesn’t do too much damage to you for posting her hawtie photo.

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