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4 Comments 16 March 2009

Add this to the list of new experiences – actually two new entries for the list – buying a vehicle site-unseen and having a vehicle delivered to your home…nice!! Kind of crazy buying anything without putting your eyes on it, but our choices were extremely limited. In other words, unless we wanted a cargo van, a Ford Expedition EL was the only option for our family. And having it delivered? That happened because the dealer was kind enough to sympathize with how busy our lives are now and offered to bring it out to us to save us some time! It may take a giant shoe horn and several volunteers to make it happen, but believe it or not, our entire family, car seats and all, will fit into the new ride. So, when we happen to wake up at six am on a Sunday morning, we’ll actually get to go to church as a family…yeah!!!
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  1. Tori :) says:

    I totally can empathize. We have 7 kids- there’s not a lot of 9 seaters out there. Once we found our 9 seater Yukon we knew that was it. We didn’t have a choice other than a cargo van and that wasn’t happenin’. I’m much too cool. haha ;)
    Love the ride and I’m excited for y’all!!!

  2. Mommy of 3 says:

    That was soooo funny!! I hope someone picks up your blog and publishes it. If I knew who to send it to, then I would. Please tell me you are a writer in “real life”. What a gifted writer you are!! Can’t wait to see who makes it home first…I look forward to checking your blog daily…thanks so much for sharing!! Oh, and thanks for “friending me” on FB, though you don’t even know me. Can’t wait to find out who gets the prize :)

  3. ellegirl says:

    Nice ride! Better invest in some ear plugs now for when every seat is full!

  4. Mary Anne Whiteley says:

    Just a thought, because I know what a pain it will be to get kids in and out, but maybe put your daughter’s booster in the back middle between two babies. Then she can handle “pacifier duty” because mom’s or dad’s arms can’t reach back to the third row seat? Just a thought…

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