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4 Comments 15 March 2009

Here are a couple of quick notes before we get to the action. The two babies with Casey and I are Ryan and Jack. Can you guess which one is BIG Bad Jack?? The baby getting a bath is Jack – he went straight to the tub after a serious daddy diaper dilemma! And the two cuties who look nearly identical are Ryan and Brooklyn. We think these two look the most alike and Jack looks a lot like them as well. As far as we can tell, Lila and Britton have their own look about them, but it seems to change quite a bit as they put on weight so who knows? Now, let’s get down to business…

And here they come, race fans! Around the final bend and into the home stretch, we’ve got a tight field! All bets are in, the atmosphere is electric, and all eyes are on the Fab Five as they make their final push for the coveted solo ride home from the NICU!!
As we entered the final turn, it looked like Big Bad Jack and Little Lady Lila had this thing sewn up, competing solely with each other for first prize. Hot on their heels, however was Unbridled Brooklyn bounding boldly in this baby battle. But wait a minute, who’s that closing in fast?? Is that…no it couldn’t be…that must be Radiant Ryan running ragged to reclaim the race!
Where did she come from? How did she get here? Radiant Ryan was almost renamed Written Off Ryan just three days ago. But as the others prepared their podium platitudes (a bit prematurely, don’t you think?), Radiant Ryan rightly remembered…the turtle? Yes, the turtle! Slow and steady won the race…and ran the rabbit right into retirement!
The doctors’ doubts have subsided so dutifully they’ve decided, one of these babies simply must go…or will it be two, maybe more? By the end of the week, it could even be four! While Baby Bright Eyes Britton is still biding the by (I hope she makes it home by the end of July!), her brother and sisters are putting on a show and have everyone in JonesLife on the tips of their toes! Who will it be? Who has the right stride? To the victor the spoils and time alone with the pride! Stay tuned folks, for the end is at hand, only two days more ’til the first baby will land!
And then, the real fun begins…
God Bless,

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  1. Ron says:

    That is amazing news! I think I might have seen Casey in the halls today at Seton, not sure though, I was a bit bleary eyed after being up for so long. Kathy was admitted very early Sunday morning with heavy bleeding and will be there until at least Thursday, when Dr. Berry will give her the steroid injections. As of right now, everyone is fine, if not just a little freaked out over it all. The babies look great, weighing in at 1 lb 2oz, 1 lb 3oz, and 1 lb 4oz (the baby boy of course!) If you guys see an anxiety ridden sleepy guy in the cafeteria hammering away at his laptop, it is probably me.

  2. Tori :) says:

    Ethan you’re such a great writer!! I’ll be holding my breath til they cross the finish line. I’ve got bg money ridin’ on Jack!! ;)

  3. Shelley says:

    That is wonderful news! IT is an amazing feeling when you finally get to bring a baby home! They are so cute! How big are they now? They look like they have gotten a lot bigger? Is there a list of supplies you still need? The triplets are now 1 & we are out of most of the baby things. Let me know what you need & I might have it!

  4. ellegirl says:

    So excited for you guys!! C’mon Britton, I’m rooting for a serious comeback this week!

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