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Quints By Surprise – Trail Running, San Antonio, and Vomit…Oh Yeah!!

Good Times

Quints By Surprise – Trail Running, San Antonio, and Vomit…Oh Yeah!!

12 Comments 16 May 2011

TLC’s website describes it like this:

“The Joneses are headed to San Antonio to make a special delivery to a military family in need. On the way, they stop to visit the Alamo and take the quints to the zoo for the very first time.”

I describe it like this:

The Joneses head to San Antonio and Britton vomits before they get 5 minutes down the road.  By the end of the trip, our kids burn down the Alamo, scare away the animals at the zoo, and vomit all over our friends’ home.  In spite of the madness, we manage to have a good time, secure an invitation back to our friends’ place, and meet an amazing family to show our respect and love for the men and women of the U.S. military.  As always, life is good!!

And that’s just the first episode!!  The second episode of the evening takes the whole family out of its comfort zone all in the name of helping Casey regain her fitness routine and her sanity!  Five babies, grandma and grandpa, the wild child, Eliot McKenna, a 5K, mud, hills, bumps, and bruises all in one episode??  You bet!!

Also, before I let you go, I’ve got to tell you about the new little feature we have been working on.  We get tons of emails from people wondering where we get some of the cool/fun/funky stuff that we have for the babies.  So we put together a collection of all of the most asked about stuff and put it in one place for everyone to see.  Check it out here:  JonesLife Collection! The link takes you to the “As Seen on Quints By Surprise” category, but while there you can browse other categories such as Multiples Must Haves, Blogs and Websites, Eliot, Kitchen and Nutrition, and many others.  And just so you know, absolutely ZERO of the items you see are sponsored by the companies that sell the product.  These are items that we truly love and get a great deal of use out of.  If you see something you love, you can click through to the company’s site and check it out from the maker firsthand.

And last, but not least…new webisodes have been posted!  If you haven’t seen them yet, click here:  TLC’s Quints By Surprise Webisodes! You’ll see the Fab Five’s first haircuts, a baby date I had with Ryan, how to start a fire with six little helpers, and many more!  I hope you enjoy them and I hope you enjoy the show!

God bless,


Quints By Surprise – Season 2 Begins May 9th!!

Good Times

Quints By Surprise – Season 2 Begins May 9th!!

30 Comments 09 May 2011

So everyone reading this right now has plans tomorrow night, right???  If you are not yet aware, Quints By Surprise returns to TLC tomorrow night for season 2!  The show airs at 10/9 central so check your local listings for the correct time for your area.  There will be two new episodes tomorrow night and don’t blink or you may miss the entire season – there will be two new episodes every Monday night, but it will only run for three weeks.  We hope you enjoy the shows and if so, please let TLC know about it!

Send your comments about the show to TLC by clicking here:  TLC Viewer Relations!

Here is the TV schedule for the show:  Quints By Surprise TV Schedule.

“Quints by Surprise” Makes its Return to TLC!!!

Good Times

“Quints by Surprise” Makes its Return to TLC!!!

33 Comments 15 April 2011

We are very excited to announce that “Quints by Surprise” is finally making its return to TLC and you do not have to wait any longer!!  This Monday, April 18th, a one hour special called “Quints by Surprise:  Turning 2” about the Fab Five’s second birthday will air at 9/8c, right after “Cake Boss”!  Follow this link to read the exclusive announcement from sheknows.com:  Quints by Surprise:  Turning 2!

Here is how TLC’s website describes the show:  “The Jones Quintuplets are turning two! Ethan and Casey decide to go all out for the special day and scramble to make an outdoor winter wonderland in Texas. With rain in forecast, will they keep their snow day from becoming a slushy disaster?”

We had Jones Family Sneak Peek night earlier this week and can confirm that if you enjoyed the first season of the show, you are going to LOVE this special!!  For your own sneak peek of what is to come this Monday night, check out the new webisodes just loaded to TLC’s site:  Quints by Surprise Webisodes!

And in other fantastic “Quints by Surprise” news – the official start of season 2 has been announced and May 9th is the big day!

We are really excited for the new episodes to be hitting the air and hope you are as well!  Tune in Monday night and let us know what you think!!

God bless,


P.S.  You have no doubt noticed that we have spent some time with our favorite photog, Ella Bella Photography.  Elle once again dazzled us with her photographic brilliance and willingness to combine five two-year-olds, one energetic six-year-old, four baby ducks, and one slightly manic mama for the incredible pictures you see on this page!  See below for more pictures from the shoot!


Halloween with The Six Pack and a Quints by Surprise Update

Good Times

Halloween with The Six Pack and a Quints by Surprise Update

41 Comments 02 November 2010

Halloween was a busy, fun, awesome time in the Jones house this year…surprise, surprise, right?!  We started the day with pumpkin carving and cupcake baking and ended it with costumes for The Six Pack, a costume change for Eliot McKenna, trick-or-treating for the whole gang, and eight worn out Joneses (and two worn out volunteers – thanks, Jen and Megan)!!  Eliot’s official costume was Jessie from Toy Story though we convinced her to dress up like a Japanese Geisha with her sisters…they were ADORABLE!!  My main man Jack was the child sensei, keeping tabs on all of the crazy ladies in his life…yeah, right!  I bought the outfits on my trip to China and Japan last May and we had planned on using them for Halloween for quite awhile, though we were holding out in case we thought of something better before the holiday rolled around.  I’m glad we stuck with it because the costumes turned out great and it was an awesome time putting it all together!!  The gang did awesome, even through the face powdering and hair painting, and we all survived one big, happy, messy, fun Halloween!!

In other news, we have not yet heard from TLC about a possible season 2…bummer, for sure!  But we are enjoying the break and living as normal a life as possible.  I was told today that the network has received a lot of positive feedback about the show so thank you to everyone for sending in your good vibes for us!!  We are hoping for more episodes and feel like things are heading in that direction…we’ll make an announcement as soon as we know!  Here is the link to TLC’s website if you would like to give them your opinion of the show:  TLC Viewer Relations.

Baking Cupcakes 101

Powder up, Ryan!

Lila, Ryan, and Brooklyn are ready for their turn with the spray paint!

Britton, blue dog, and black hair – what a combo!

Jack and black hair – not such a good combo!

The Asian Six Pack

Eliot was channeling her inner Mulan…

Not the most civilized of family pics, but a good one nonetheless!

The official costume for Eliot McKenna – Jessie from Toy Story

Quints By Surprise – Film Day Pics (Part 2)

Good Times

Quints By Surprise – Film Day Pics (Part 2)

90 Comments 11 October 2010

We are bummed that the 1st season of “Quints by Surprise” has come to an end!  Everyone has been so incredible and supportive of us since the show started airing so it is sad to see it go.  BUT, we are keeping our fingers crossed for many more to come and hopefully soon!  TLC has not made a decision yet as to whether they will bring us back so we will let you all know as soon as we know!!  There is a silver lining to the show ending, however…hopefully now I’ll have more time to focus on the blog……   :)

By the way, if you would like to message TLC and let them know your opinion of the show, go here:  TLC Viewer Relations.

Before we get to the pics, I wanted to share a few videos that a couple of JonesLife friends put together for our Gang of Six.  We love these videos…thank you, girls!!

Here we go for round two of the film day pics.  Princess Party Palace and Snake Farm here we come for a day of Jones Family fun!  As the pictures below attest, the princesses had a blast dressing up and being girlie-girls!  And Jack, well, I took the boy to see a bunch of crazy animals and eat barbecue…you don’t need pictures to know he had a great time!!

Pre-Party Palace Pic – Eliot is enthused, as always…

Brooklyn’s princess diva sixth sense had kicked in and she wanted to get inside!

Britton is born to be a DIVA!!

Lady Lila

Ryan put her inner lion to rest for the day…

Brooklyn loved it!

The Four Princesses

Princess Party Time!!

Can you say “Ring Leader”??

My beautiful Casey Ann…always a princess, never a queen! :)

And we can’t leave Jack out.  Here we are on our trip to the Snake Farm…sorry, the photographer had the day off…haha!

Quints by Surprise – Film Day Pics!

Good Times

Quints by Surprise – Film Day Pics!

37 Comments 23 September 2010

First off, thank you to everyone who has commented on the blog, emailed us, tweeted us, hit us up on Facebook, or otherwise reached out to support our family and the show!  The response has been overwhelmingly positive, inspirational, heart warming, and full of love, love, and more love!!  And to know that so many people out there are pulling for us and praying for our little family is quite amazing…THANK YOU!!!!!

And now on with the show…or blog post…or whatever…

Now that several of the shows have aired, we are allowed to post pictures of the days we were filming.  It is sooooo hard not to tweet or share stuff with y’all when we are filming, but it would be a big no-no if we did so!  We haven’t been filming for a bit now which has actually been a little weird.  We have gotten used to having the crew around and really consider them an extension of our family (not because they are around that much, but because they are great people to be around!!).  But even though we aren’t filming, the craziness around our house continues.  Eliot is in full swing of 1st grade and of course loving every minute of it, The Fab Five are all growing like weeds on steroids and surprising us each and every day with their antics, and Casey and I are still enjoying the ride!!  I have a heckuva story to tell about Casey’s birthday celebration (she told me I must brag!), but that will have to wait until next time.  For now, here are some pictures of our Summer of Fun!! (This is the first of a few blog entries that will be mostly pictures – I can’t fit them all into one post.)

P.S.  Check us out on Facebook for more pictures of the day’s events!

P.S.S.  Since I know you’ll be asking…the Baylor outfits were purchased at Spirit in Waco and the hair bows came from www.birdieandpeanut.com.   :)

With these beauties at our side, Jack and I are two lucky dudes!!

Sooooo nervous!

Daddy’s little Baylor Bear :)

The Jones and Krueger Clans made the trip from Denton for the day!

Family picture day was a STRUGGLE!!  Heat, humidity, and cranky babies!!

Amy’s Ice Cream – their first time to have the cream…mmmmm’ good!!

Deep Eddy’s – do you think she was ready??

Our little cowgirl got to go horseback riding for the first time – thanks, Ann Marie!

Welcome home from China, Daddy…soooo good to be back!

And the first stop when we got back?  Where else, but Rudy’s BBQ?  Britton is a fan of the SAUSE!! :)

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