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“Quints by Surprise” Makes its Return to TLC!!!

33 Comments 15 April 2011

We are very excited to announce that “Quints by Surprise” is finally making its return to TLC and you do not have to wait any longer!!  This Monday, April 18th, a one hour special called “Quints by Surprise:  Turning 2” about the Fab Five’s second birthday will air at 9/8c, right after “Cake Boss”!  Follow this link to read the exclusive announcement from  Quints by Surprise:  Turning 2!

Here is how TLC’s website describes the show:  “The Jones Quintuplets are turning two! Ethan and Casey decide to go all out for the special day and scramble to make an outdoor winter wonderland in Texas. With rain in forecast, will they keep their snow day from becoming a slushy disaster?”

We had Jones Family Sneak Peek night earlier this week and can confirm that if you enjoyed the first season of the show, you are going to LOVE this special!!  For your own sneak peek of what is to come this Monday night, check out the new webisodes just loaded to TLC’s site:  Quints by Surprise Webisodes!

And in other fantastic “Quints by Surprise” news – the official start of season 2 has been announced and May 9th is the big day!

We are really excited for the new episodes to be hitting the air and hope you are as well!  Tune in Monday night and let us know what you think!!

God bless,


P.S.  You have no doubt noticed that we have spent some time with our favorite photog, Ella Bella Photography.  Elle once again dazzled us with her photographic brilliance and willingness to combine five two-year-olds, one energetic six-year-old, four baby ducks, and one slightly manic mama for the incredible pictures you see on this page!  See below for more pictures from the shoot!


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33 Comments so far

  1. Amy says:

    Your children are absolutely gorgeous!! I loved all the pictures!!

  2. GeoLin McNeal says:

    So excited that you will be back on TLC! We love your show and it is very encouraging to see how sweet you both are with your kids even when life is hectic. Each one is truly a blessing….they sure have grown since we last saw an episode!

  3. Karen S. says:

    Thank you so much for sharing. I do not get to see my grandchildren and did not have daughters. These are so precious and Jack is such a gentleman even in purple… favorite color. Bless you guys and your entire family!

    Grandma K

  4. Donna says:

    Great news!!! I’ll be watching these cuties!!! Great photos!!

  5. Klin says:

    Those are some amazing pics. I have the DVR set so I don’t miss it. Welcome back to my home!!! I’m the lucky one.

    God bless!

  6. Alyssa Ripperda says:

    omg i am soo excited for your guys show to come back on! I really really love all your kids there soooo precious! I really really love teh pictures to thanks so much for sharing!:)

  7. The ducks are killing me! As a professional photographer I’m glad to see you have a GREAT one.

    Can’t wait for the new shows!! Congratulations!

  8. anna says:

    i cant wait for the new season to come your family is so perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    yours anna$

  9. KS Dallas says:

    Congratulations on the show! I am so happy for all of you!

    The pictures are absolutely beautiful. I love the one of one of the girls kissing the duck on the head – that is priceless!

  10. Dominique Darden says:

    LOVED the new episode tonight! I can’t wait for the new season to start! I’m only 18 but I watch this show faithfully! You are all truly blessed, as am I to be watching this show.
    God bless you all,

  11. chelsea cavanaugh says:

    I was so happy to hear you guys were returning for a second season!! I love the show and you have one beautiful family =]

  12. Lisa says:

    Great photos. The kids are so cute.Glad the show is coming back. Who is the one kissing the duck? Is that Lila?

  13. Michelle says:

    YAY!!!! I am SO EXCITED that you will be returning soon to TLC and that we get to see your wonderful family and inspirational story continue to unfold. TLC made such a good choice in bringing your family back, I appreciate your strong Christian faith. You and Casey are truly wonderful role models and I can’t wait to watch more episodes. The Quint’s 2nd Birthday special was so great to watch!! Happy Birthday to your beautiful Quints and of course Congratulations to Eliot for being a wonderful Big Sis for 2yrs now :) Good luck to you all on this new adventure!

  14. Stef says:

    So happy that you guys are BACK!!!! You show what it’s like to be a REAL Christian family which can touch the lives of so many unbelievers wanting ‘more’ out of life. You are such a blessing to be spreading the Word this way – our prayers are with your family. Loved the show last night and am so excited for the new season! My two toddler boys have some serious crushes goin’ on!

  15. Victoria says:

    i loved watching it! being from austin myself, i really like how you guys promote local businesses on the show, like hey cupcake! and coats for kids (which isn’t a business, but you know what i mean.)

  16. Jeannie Roberts says:

    I was so thrilled to see you guys back on TV. How I’ve missed you all!!!

    Welcome home–where you all belong!

    God Bless,

    Jeannie Roberts

  17. Laura says:

    Love your show, can’t wait to see your new season! God bless!

  18. Linda M. says:

    Hurray! I saw the special and laughed and smiled and was so happy you are coming back. Excellent news and excellent show. I really enjoy watching Elliot and the Quints, Casey and Ethan (now a puppy, too?)!

    I love the pictures Ella Bella does a very good job. I especially love the shot of the ducks walking in front of the Quints and the little girl on the left’s reaction. If you look at the shape her chin and hands make, it’s a heart and you can tell she loves those ducks! So cute!

    Welcome back into our homes, but know that you never left our hearts.

    God bless you now and always.

  19. Alisha says:

    I was so thrilled when I realized “Quints by Surprise” was returning! And the episode was adorable. I was talking to my mom about it and she excitedly said, “Your dad and I watched it and are huge fans now!” We’ll keep spreading the love.

    P.S. My Mini-Schnauzer is also a Lilly Belle :)

  20. Ann says:

    I love your show. Your family are very cute and I am looking forward to seeing your new show. I have been waiting for your show for a long time.

  21. France says:

    I missed the first episode, but I’ll be watching the next ones!! Glad you’re back! You have gorgeous children!

  22. helen t says:

    what a blessed family you have. your young man is so handsome and the girls are absolutely beautiful. I must admit my fav pic is when she’s kissing the duckling.’
    God bless you all.

  23. Ramona says:

    YIPPY!!!YAHOOO!! I am so glad your finally back I have often thought about you all and missed seeing your adventures and gracefullness in having quintuplets. I truly admire you both, especially Casey you really have inspired me to be the best mom I can be…Thanks so much for sharing your life!

  24. call me nana says:

    Dear family, I loved your show, i love the way you and your husband are with all of your children, You both can tell that your great parents, by the way you interact with your children… I adore your children especially your oldest daughter with the little ones….. I can’t wait to see you on tv again, i’ve missed seeing your kids,,, god bless you both and that lovely family, i’l be watching them again, and i can’t wait…great parents keep up the good work…Your great Role Models.

  25. LINDY says:

    I am so very excited about the show, coming back!! This is a show I enjoy very much. It makes a long day better. I think you two are brave parents and also very great parents. I wish u guys all the best! Thank-you for making such a great, reality t.v. show that is really reality and not just plain “crap”. pardon that, but yours is great! : )

  26. roberta says:

    Such a sweet family, This is a great show, I was surprised. They are very relaxed with the kids and they treat them with such kindness and love, no drama, great parents!! Im not a reality show person I usually avoid them.

  27. Donna Miller says:

    I am so glad that your show has returned to TLC I love,love,love it!! The kids are all sooooo cute. Please don’t become another Kate & Jon as you really seem like you are more down to earth. May you have many blessings and you continue you run on TLC.

  28. Sharon says:

    Loved the new season. Hope you will be coming back for another season. A little longer this time. Your family is adorable & love following the growth of the children. They are all so beautiful & special.

  29. Michelle Sandersen says:

    Love your show! Your family is beautiful! Our favorite episode is the one where you get your new puppy. I have to ask where you got the adorable polka dotted matching outfits for the girls?? (pink, green, purple and orange) Thank you.

  30. beth murphy says:

    I LOVE your show. Your family is beautiful. Why do they only play your show in short few week spurts. I just got used to watching again and I think you’re off for the summer.

  31. Leigh says:

    The pictures of your babies are incredible! So cute. I was happy to see the return of your show! Finally something decent to watch on TV. Blessings to you and your family!

  32. Candice says:

    When will your show be back on?! I have 2 kids and sometimes I feel overwhelmed, so when I see yall with 6 it is very inspiring. Can’t wait to see more episodes!!

  33. Donna says:

    When will we hear about more shows? 6 episodes for Season 2 just wasn’t enough!

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