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The Fab Five

Life With Ryan Elizabeth

3 Comments 13 May 2009

Life with Ryan can sometimes be a blast!!

And other times, it can be something else entirely…

I want to thank all of you for the positive feedback on my last post, “Where Do I Begin…” (and the others) . The uplifting words of encouragement, the helpful hints, and most gratifying, the thank you’s from those who found their own bit of encouragement from our experience are incredibly rewarding and most appreciated. I’ll do my best to keep the blogs coming though typing one-handed tends to slow me down a bit… :)

God Bless,



The Fab Five

For Your Viewing Pleasure…

2 Comments 19 April 2009

More wiggling going on here than a can or worms…

First Family Photo Shoot!

God Bless,

The Fab Five

The Baby Feeding Factory

11 Comments 03 April 2009

These pictures aren’t our best work, but it was the best we could pull together for the purpose of this blog. We promise to do better this week! I had to include the picture of Eliot because it was just too cute. That was her first soccer game and needless to say, she was not happy! The weather played a nasty trick on us and blew in a good 30 mph wind and temperatures in the 40’s. The game was called early because none of the kids wanted to play!

We’re trying to come up with new names for our home. Since the purpose and activity level of this house has changed pretty dramatically lately, “home” just doesn’t quite tell the whole story. Here is what we’ve come up with so far:
– The Baby Feeding Factory
– Babyville or Baby Town
– The Baby Place – Where Serious Suckers Get Their Fill
– The Poopin’ Shack

I don’t think Casey will go for the last one, but I think it has a nice ring to it… ;-)

Our days start no later than 7:30 am because that is when the first feeding begins. Since they aren’t stable enough to be set up in a boppy to be fed and we often only have one person available for feeds, they get fed one at a time. To get all four taken care of, it takes about two hours. The babies are on a three hour schedule so after the feed is done, there is an hour break before the next feed begins. This schedule continues around the clock…every day…seven days a week. Is it possible that they’ve only been home a week and a half??

The schedule has also been really hectic because of all of the doctor visits we’ve had to get them to. Each of the babies has had three different appointments since their discharge which ended up being a total of six trips because of their different discharge dates (Jack goes by himself, the three girls all go together). Today, however, was a unique experience because we got an actual house call from their eye doctor! Pretty cool, right? Actually, much thanks go to Jeannie, one of the NICU Superstars, who arranged it all with the doctor and came out ahead of him to dilate their pupils and assist with the appointment.

Right now, we’re just trying to hang on and catch as many zzzz’s as possible. The schedule is definitely more packed than we would like, but we know it will not be this nuts for too long. The volunteers have been great and have been a huge help. Thanks to them, we have been able to have a little bit of breathing room. We’ve been able to go to Eliot’s first soccer game, I’m able to write this blog, and Casey has been able to shower almost daily (kidding, Baby, but you know I love it when you’re a little funky!). Despite all of the help we have received, we are looking for a night nanny for a couple of nights a week to help with the long nights. We’re hoping that combining that with help from grandparents and the volunteers, we ought to be able to survive until they get off of the three hour feeding schedule.

Though the days, and especially nights, have been long we are having a good time with it all and couldn’t be happier with the way they are all doing! As has been the case from the day this adventure began, life is crazy, but life is good!!

God Bless,

The Fab Five

JonesLife Nights…Good Times!!!

5 Comments 24 March 2009

This is absolutely hilarious so I had to share. One of our good friends, Tricia Harrison, aka The Velvet Hammer – JonesLife coordinator, Casey’s bedrest hairdresser, brownie baker, lasagna maker, and frequent volunteer – took the first night shift last night. As she reports, she had a pretty wild night with the triplets – Jack, Lila, and Brooklyn – and is ready to come back for more good times. Here is how the night went in her words…

“Good Morning Ethan and Casey!!!!! I thought I would share my experiences with the triplets last night before I catch some zzzzzzzzzz’s for the day.”

“While you both were catching up on some much needed shut eye, I had an eventful night. Thank you for letting me invade your house last night, and take care of the triplets all by myself. Oh, by no means was it simple, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.”

“It all began soon after you went to bed. I was finishing up feeding Brooklyn, and I heard some strange spitting noises coming from Lila’s bed. So Brooklyn and I got up to see what was the matter. Poor sweet little Lila had spit up and was beginning to let me have it!!!!! I put Brooklyn in her bed to attend to Lila. I noticed that she would do much better if she was propped up on the bobby pillow. She wouldn’t spit up at all if she was there, and she liked it much better anyway.”

“Finally everyone was all snuggled down for at least an hour before feeding started all over again, so I decided to lay down myself. WRONG!!!!!!!! Cute little instigator Brooklyn, which I have nicknamed Squirmy Wormy, decided to stretch and wiggle her way out of her blanket while moaning and groaning…and farting. Then she would get pissed and cry because she wiggled her way out of her blanket and was cold. She would then cry and start the others crying, one by one.”

“All I could do was chuckle – it was like a trickle down effect. Brooklyn would moan and groan and then Lila and then Jack. I am totally sure they were trying to tell each other to be quiet because they were tired and wanted to go to sleep. Oh yeah, boy do you have some little tooters on your hands. Lots of unpleasant sounds can come from them…he he :) Who new they could make up a song with little toots.”

“Feeding was an experience in itself as well. Lila was first so she would cry and start Jack going because he new he only had to wait just 30 more minutes and it was his turn. But low and behold, Brooklyn was like, “hello, I am starting to get hungry, feed me too!” :-) One time I had to sit on the fireplace to feed Lila and keep putting Brooklyn’s pacifier in her mouth so she would stop crying, and walk over and do the same to Jack, all while I was still feeding Lila. Whatever works, right!!!!!! Lila didn’t mess around. She was serious about eating, but gets lazy really fast. Jack doesn’t waste anytime. That boy can down a bottle in 15 minutes flat!!!!!!! Brooklyn on the other hand would just rather use the bottle for a pacifier instead of eating. She does like to suck on something and hold your hand during feeding time.”

“All in all I had a fabulous time, and wanted to just share what you missed out on last night. Thanks a million for allowing me to be a part of it all!!!!!!”

Hugs and good night!!!! :-)

All that and we’ve got two more babies coming…oh my gosh!!!!!!! The full time volunteer schedule kicks into high gear this Sunday as we expect to have at least four of the five home with us. It’s going to be WILD!!!

Tricia – you rock, girl! Thank you so much for all that you do…we love you, you are a superstar, your treasure pile in Heaven is overflowing!!!!!

God Bless,

Good Times

There’s a New Superhero in Town…

4 Comments 01 February 2009

Fair warning to the ladies reading this blog: DO NOT READ THE FOLLOWING BLOG!!! I’m serious about this, don’t read it. If you love Casey and want to continue loving her, stop reading, close your webserver, and walk away. I promise reading the update below will definitely change the way you feel about her so please, please do not continue reading past this point!!

Now that we’ve gotten the fair warning out of the way, here goes. We’ve apparently got a new superhero in town and her name is Casey the Elasti-Girl. She can stretch her body to amazing lengths and pack on pounds like an NFL lineman in the off season all while nurturing five babies to good health inside her womb! Now that the babies have been born, we’ve discovered her new talents: snapping her skin back to its pre-pregnancy condition and dropping pounds like a beauty queen before the pageant!!

Ok, seriously, she weighed herself this morning and discovered that she had already lost 64 pounds. 64 pounds gone in just two weeks! For those of you keeping score at home, that’s 64 pounds gone out of the 72 that she gained while pregnant!!! I know, I know…it’s disgusting (unless you happen to be her husband!) and if you ignored my warnings you are probably plotting her demise at this very moment. You should have heeded my advice and just walked away, but you had to keep reading, didn’t you? Please, don’t hate her…!!

P.S. In all seriousness, part of the reason she lost the weight so quickly is that she lost a lot of muscle while she was on bedrest. We didn’t discover this until all of the swelling had subsided, but it is clear that her arms and legs are not near as muscular as they were before she got pregnant. She was actually in the best shape of her life when the pregnancy began. She is excited to get back in shape as soon as she is able…Go Elasti-Girl, GO!!

God bless,

The Fab Five

No Bald Babies

2 Comments 25 January 2009

We’ve been trying to figure this out since they are born – do these babies have hair and if so, what color is it? We knew that several of them had some hair up there, but weren’t certain which ones or what color because we haven’t seen them without their beanies on since just after they were born. Well, finally today the mystery has been solved. Brooklyn, Britton, and Ryan are brunettes while Jack and Lila are blondes! Who knows what color they’ll end up with, but it’s fun to know for now what the mix is for the moment!

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