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Back From The Brink – ‘Quints By Surprise’ Lives On!!

21 Comments 06 November 2011

If you follow this blog, you know that ‘Quints By Surprise’ was nearly canceled after season 2 aired back in May…or actually I think it really was canceled…either way, the show’s future was not looking so bright.  But then someone somewhere threw a Hail Mary and somehow connected with the powers that be who decided to give us another run (read more about that here:  The Snake in the Barn).  However it went down, the Jones Family thinks it was a great idea to bring the show back and we hope you will agree!!

To say that our lives while filming this season’s shows have been a bit hectic would be an understatement.  To say those same hectic days have been overflowing with  fun, excitement, and cuteness that is almost too much to bear would be a huge understatement!!  In fact, if I had to describe the experience this time around in just a few words, they would be:  exciting, fun, and over-the-top cute…and once again I hope you agree!!!

Click here for the schedule:  TLC TV Schedule – Quints By Surprise!!

I would also use the word “natural” to describe the shows this time around as well.  The kids turn three in January and so they are old enough now to know what it means when we describe what we are going to be doing for the day…and then get really, really excited about it!  For some of the past episodes, like taking them camping or to the water park, they had little concept of what that meant and so the fun didn’t really begin until we got to what we were doing.  But this time around, when we told them they were going to get “big kid beds” they had an idea what that meant and they were giddy with excitement from the word go!  And when we said we were going to go to the fire station to meet the firefighters who helped save our neighborhood during the recent Texas wildfires, they knew what a firefighter was, no explanations necessary, and they were ready to go…immediately!

And that is how it is with most everything these days, whether it’s going to a Baylor football game, taking a ballet lesson with Eliot, dressing up for Halloween, or getting them training bikes.  These kids, Eliot included, get so into whatever it is they are doing we just have to get them started and then sit back and enjoy the show…it is so fun to be a part of!

For those of you who have watched the show from the beginning, I think you will be shocked to see how much the kids (yes, they are kids now, not babies anymore!) have grown and hear how much they are talking, interacting, and running wild with their imaginations!  Like I said, over-the-top cute is definitely a theme of the season!!

As always, we cannot forget to mention how thankful we are for everything that is happening in our little world!  The love and support we continue to receive is nothing short of amazing and we thank you all for inspiring us to be better and do better with our lives!  The Lord has blessed us beyond belief with our six little miracles and life is oh so good!!!

So tune in this Tuesday, the 8th, at 10/9c on TLC to see how the kids have grown and hopefully how the parents have as well…

God bless,



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21 Comments so far

  1. Abby says:

    Sounds like you guys are doing great! The girls hair is getting soooo long!!! Ryan’s especially,wow! Can’t wait to see more pictures <3

  2. miranda says:

    Very excited to see the show back on TLC. It is an encouragement to see smiles and love, especially during chaotic times :) I know it helps me with my two little ones!

    Looking forward to Tuesday!

  3. Tori says:

    DVR is set!! :)

  4. Bobbie says:

    Congratulations Ethan and family! Glad to see that the show goes on. Looking forward to keeping up with all 8 of the Jones’s! :)

  5. Linda M. says:

    HURRAY! Tuesday can’t come fast enough! So glad you are back and I’m looking forward to seeing all of the little ones and how big they’ve gotten.

    I understand what you mean when you said they understand now what you are saying. It’s always such a joy to see that they are excited and ready to go with something — anything! When they’re babies, they are so loveable. When they’re this age, they’re inspirational because it reminds us (the parents) to be excited about things, too. Watching them gives us joy and it feeds our desire to give them something to be excited about. It’s such a great time!

    GOD bless your family and I hope to see them grow up for a long time.

  6. Donna says:

    We are so glad you are back on TLC! We look forward to Tuesday and all the episodes to come. How many episodes this time?

  7. Tamyra says:

    Yeah!! I am so excited!! All the emails I sent TLC paid off! I will be on the couch tomorrow night with my popcorn and DVR set so my daughter can watch it the next morning. Take care and God Bless.

  8. Michelle from Australia says:

    Still hopeful that one of these years I’ll be able to sit down and watch it on TV here! Glad to see the pics of the children and hope you are all happy and healthy. M x

  9. Claire says:

    From Ireland have to wait for home and health to show its about a year behind :( so i try catch up with you tube pls post!!

    It must be unreal to get to document all the events so naturally / professionally of your beautiful kids. I’ve two (2 and 6 mths).

    With each day I thank the good lord for my gifts and know the true meaning of life is FAMILY and enjoying its love.

    Heartfelt wishes on your lifes and know its a pleasure to share your special times with u. x

  10. Erica says:

    I am GLAD to see yall back. This show has to be one of the few actual shows that I wont mess an episode.

  11. pammy says:

    Love you and your precious family! So happy to see ya’ll again tonight! I have a question, did ya’ll move? I remember watching where you were moving but the home ya’ll are in now looks like the one I’m remembering from the first shows… Were you able to stay in your original home? I know ya’ll were hoping to be able to!

  12. Christy says:

    Saw both episodes. Welcome back! Truly was surprised to see how big they all were – all adorble with such sweet personalities. That’s so sad about the fires in your subdivision – thankfully your family’s home was spared and loved how you turned it into a learning experience for your kids. Looking forward to many more laughs and smiles!

  13. Nique says:

    to say that I enjoyed the first season 3 episodes, would be an understatement. I love the show, the kids are adorable, the parents are wonderful and I love how you keep God in your life and it shows in how you are bringing up your children. Kuddos parents and keep on being cute kiddos. Many blessings to you and yours.

  14. Marilyn says:

    I am pleased and happy to see you back on the air. Congrats and God Bless!!

  15. miranda says:

    Loved the shows!!! I just have to say that Lila looks so much like Eliot!

  16. JAIME says:

    Watched both episodes and cannot believe how big the kids have gotten !! My daughter is the same age as the Quints and I love to see them doing the same things!! I would love to know where the personalized placemats came from as I am always trying to get my little one to “stay put” for meal times!! Thanks and I will be happliy watching this season!!!

  17. Gabby says:

    So excited you guys are back! I love watching your family every Tuesday night of course in total awe of how you guys do it. Amazing is all I say! We have 3 darling children and our house gets a little nuts!
    Hope you can have many sucessful seasons to come! Can’t wait to see what happens next.

  18. Lynne says:

    Yay! I normally avoid reality TV like the plague, but this show is so refreshing it makes me feel good just watching it. It also makes me more determined to be more active with my 2 young ‘uns, because if you guys can do all those activities with 6, well, I’ve got no excuse.

  19. GRACE says:

    I completely forgot about the episodes airing. I missed the first 4 episodes and am just going to be able to see the last two. Are the first 4 episodes playing again soon??? Or is there a website where i can find them??? I love the show and kids and i just need to watch the first episodes!!!!

  20. Jessica says:

    I have truly enjoyed this season and every season of your show! I’m so glad you got to come back! It was so exciting to see how much the kids have grown and changed!!! It is clear that you guys are active, involved parents… the kids are beautiful and you seem to be doing such a great job with them. I love how clearly they already speak!

    After reading around your site & seeing several of your posts, including those wondering why the show isn’t more popular & this one… I wonder if you might be interested in a conversation I had with my mother. (if not, please delete this!)

    In the sense of constructive criticism, she could not STAND the recent episodes of the show (even though she loves babies!) due to Casey buying things time after time because it would be “cute!” (funny that that’s the theme of this blog! how many times do you hear that?)

    I won’t go into everything she said because she’s a character herself! but it’s just a thought, if you get to do the show again, be careful of the way your audience will perceive what you do. I only say that because it seemed so many of the shows were to some extent planned or “set up” for the shows.

    In other words, it IS a sensitive issue right now – so many people are struggling that you risk alienating your audience if you appear materialistic (buying wants vs needs doesn’t have to be done/discussed ON the show, that is a personal matter!)

    And the quints are so cute on their own!!! She thought would be nice to see more of their personalities! Which would probably be easier as they get older.

  21. Sara says:

    So happy I found you guys again! I saw the show once and today there was a bunch of them on OWN! My 2 & 4 year girls loved them too! My son on the other hand was like, “mommy! please boy cartoons!”

    **good luck!

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