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Diaper Battles, Poop Wars, and Crazy Dreams

15 Comments 02 August 2010

Don’t you just love that picture of Brooklyn?  Goodness, that little girl is a cutie!!

There have been a few things going on around the house lately that I have found to be too incredibly funny not to share.  I’ve posted a few things on the JonesLife Facebook page, but the little blurbs that are possible through status updates simply do not do justice to the laughs life with five brings us.  The babies are toddling around more and more these days and are of course expanding their horizons in ways we have expected/anticipated and also in ways that are entirely new to us.  We only have our experience with Eliot’s toddler days to inform us of what lies ahead so raising five through the same stages has brought more of the unexpected than the expected!

So Lila has decided she no longer likes to wear her diaper…at night…when of course no one is around to tell her to take her hands off of that diaper!  She took her diaper off three nights in a row, making a nice mess of her crib and sheets each time she did so, and was even taking it off at nap time…we told y’all she was the sneaky one!  So we decided to take action to prevent her frequent disrobings and we put her in a onesie thinking she wouldn’t be able to figure out the snaps and wouldn’t be able to wiggle her way out of the diaper while wearing the onesie.  Problem solved!  For a few days, that is…

After a few nights of no morning surprises from our little Eliot Look-alike, we figured the battle had been won and were thankful that she did not put up too much of a fight.  WRONG!!  Lila had a little surprise for us on the fourth night of onesie sleeping!  When we went to get the babies out of bed in the morning we hear Lila saying, “Uh-oh, uh-oh, uh-oh” over and over again.  I’m guessing you can figure out what she was referring to!  There she was, standing in her crib, onesie still on and intact…diaper on the floor!  Apparently the “uh-oh’s” were Lila’s defiant taunts over the diaper and its inferiority in this battle of the butt cheeks!

In spite of this setback, I am happy to say that Lila has been outwitted since that night by the dastardly backwards diaper – no duct tape, backwards zipped up jammies, or any other tricks necessary…at least for now!  However, that is not the end of the story…

In true Lila fashion, she was not content to keep her new found diaper removal knowledge to herself.  Remember, she is the one who refused to keep her DOC Band on at night and readily explained the proper removal technique to Jack once she had mastered it on her own!  This time, she imparted her wisdom to Ryan, who in true Ryan fashion, took the skill to a whole new level.  Ryan also managed to remove her diaper several times, but was not as persistent as Lila, giving up after the onesie went on.  Before giving up, however, Ryan had to show Lila a few tricks of her own!  Here’s how it went down…

The babies had been down for about an hour when Ryan started pitching a fit.  So I go up there to check things out and I find Ryan in her crib with no diaper on…thank you, Lila, for teaching her your tricks!  I pick her up and take her out to get her cleaned up when I discover that she had pooped (thankfully in the diaper) before removing it.  And don’t you know she got it all over herself…awesome!  So I clean her up, put her back down and all is well…for the moment.  I head back downstairs to finish off the evening before going up one last time to check on things before Casey and I turn in for the night.  When I go in that last time, I am hit with the wonderful aroma of baby poop as soon as I walk in the door…sweet, sweet baby poop!  And so I begin the all too common poop check, starting first with Brooklyn then onto Britton, Jack, Lila, and finally Ryan again.  All was clear…but still that smell!  Alright, let’s do this again because I must have missed something…boy, oh boy did I miss something.  Upon further inspection of Lila’s crib I find that Ryan had been having some fun in her crib before I got there the first time to clean her up earlier in the evening.  Laying in Lila’s crib close to her chest as if it were her stuffed bunny that had been released from her arms as the Sandman softly passed her way for the night was a nice-sized, perfectly round ball of Ryan’s poop!!  Eeeeeeewwwwwwwwwww, Ryan!!!!!  Thanks for sharing, but really, sisters do not share EVERYTHING!!!  Well, poop smell mystery solved and resolved, all were sound asleep, and thankfully the rest of the night was as peaceful as they come around our home…..

And needless to say, potty training will be starting soon!!

Wow, as if the poop story wasn’t funny enough, I’ve got to tell you about a dream that I had the other night.  So we were all at someone’s house for Christmas – the whole gang was there as well as my brother and his kids, my parents, Casey’s parents, and our good friend, Jennifer.  We are all hanging out on the couch doing the normal night before Christmas kind of thing – playing with babies, watching TV, decorating the tree, etc., etc.  Everything was perfect except one thing:  there was a sixth baby there that I did not recognize or know anything about.  As if that wasn’t strange enough – an unknown baby hanging out with the family on Christmas…huh? – making the scene beyond bizarre was the fact by that this baby, a boy named Marlo, was clearly one of my babies (clear to everyone except for me, that is)!  After sitting and watching this baby and the family interact for a while, I finally sidle up to Casey and ask her in a very hushed tone, “Casey, who is this Baby Marlo and what is he doing here?”  Her response:  “What do you mean?  He’s one of the quints!”

What???!!  Casey, “quints” means five and we still have Brooklyn, Britton, Jack, Lila, and Ryan so how could there be a SIXTH baby?  And how could I have missed that we have a sixth baby for the last 18 months?!  Her less than satisfying response was simply that Marlo is one of the quints and he has always been with us. Needless to say I was thoroughly confused!

Jumping to the next “scene” of the dream, I am in the babies’ nursery – which still has only five cribs, by the way – and I am holding Marlo, about put him down for the night.  Jennifer is in there with me and she is also putting babies down and once again, I am completely confused.  Six babies, still called “quints”, five cribs, Jack has a brother, 18 months and I didn’t know we had a sixth baby…what, what, what??!!  The most pressing concern for the moment, however, is where does Baby Marlo sleep if there are only five cribs?  So I ask our helper, Jennifer, where he sleeps and she looks at me like I am crazy – which by this point is the only logical conclusion!  She says, “He sleeps in the crib with Brooklyn like he always has!”  End of dream………………………………..foggy eyes meet the morning’s light as I wake up and start the day.

So life around the house lately has been fun, if nothing else.  I don’t think I can provide any further commentary on the dream that would come close to explaining what on earth that all means!  As for the diaper battles and poop wars, the fragile truce has not been broken for awhile…we are hoping for the best, but prepared for a call to arms before the war is over!!!

God bless,


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15 Comments so far

  1. Becky says:

    Bahahahaha!!! And I thought I had crazy kid dreams, but that takes the cake!!! Gotta love em…poop wars and all!

  2. Elle says:

    LOLOL!!! Poop wars – oh my! I’ve heard duct tape works wonders! :) I’ve been waiting to see if Marlo makes a reappearance in your dreams… too funny :)

  3. Donna says:

    Growing so fast no matter what goes on…and so cute!!

  4. Carol says:

    I love the photos – the quints are so adorable. I was there the day Brooklyn used the potty – we were all so proud of her. Now let’s hope they all copy her and no more poop wars!

  5. Erika says:

    Oh my! Get plastic Diaper covers that you put over top of cloth diapers. They hold the poop in REAL WELL and saved us quite a few times.

  6. Klin says:

    Don’t you just love the craziness of dreams? Most of them don’t make sense.

    Have fun with those poop wars. I am soooo glad that I didn’t ever have those moments, but many of my friends did. They are some funny stories about a literally “crappy” day! LOL

  7. Taya says:

    I wonder if the Marlo dream means anything… maybe another single baby boy in a year or so? Psychologists would love you, Ethan!

  8. Tiffany says:

    I work with children birth to 5 yrs old as a counselor – at least your dream was actually about kids.

    I have been dreaming about Wonder Pets for several nights now. Wonder Pets, Wonder Pets, we’re on our way!….what’s it gonna take? TEAMWORK! Aaarrrgghhh! Linny, Tuck and Ming-Ming need to get out of my head!

  9. Annie says:

    Hi guys! I saw that TLC have set out an airdate of Sep 6 for the new series.. congrats!! Is “Quints by Surprise” the official title?

  10. Tori says:

    Ah yes… the sharing of sibling poop. I remember crying as I cleaned up poop from Tristan and Alec’s room when they were 3 and 18 months old. They were finger painting all over the room during “nap” time. It was so nasty. I can’t remember who’s poop it was. I’m guessing Alec’s since he was still in a diaper. I was so distraught. It was everywhere. Gross.
    I had a dream Cody Armstrong gave me a huge tattoo of a candlestick on my back with the words “High in the sky” across my lower back. I woke up total nauseous thinking, “What did I DO?!?!?! What was a I thinking!??!” I was relieved to discover it was only a dream. lol

  11. Heather says:

    The duct tape works wonders.. We call it a belt.. Since we started using the tape I’m not bathing babies all day. With multiples we share everything except toys..

  12. Rachel says:

    I love your show soo much(:
    Jack is my favorite already he’s SO cute. <3

  13. Your show is so cute! I love that you and Casey have such a good sense of humor and still seem happy as a couple despite the pressure of raising so many little ones at once. And I love that your feet are firmly planted in Christ – your family is an inspiration.

  14. Lynn says:

    Love the show and your relationship with your wife! We have two sets of twins-I had a dream that I had triplets. Told the hubby in the am about the dream and he thought I was crazy! I told him,”When you have four kids, hat’s three more?” Right? Dreams sure can make you go, “hum”! :) God Bless!

  15. Karen Sines says:

    Before you get to comfortable, I remember my dear mother telling me about a young child that wrote on the wall with her poop! Ahem!

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