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Welcome Back, Casey Ann! (Baby Updates and More)

11 Comments 05 May 2010

Anybody out there ever return from a vacation and wonder why they ever came home??  As the dazed and dismayed look on Casey Ann’s face plainly showed yesterday, she was feeling the “joy” of returning to her day job…I mean, her loving, caring, eager-to-see-her family!!  It did not help that yesterday was just one of those days.  You know the type – it starts early and goes long, “challenges” hitting you one right after the other, seemingly nothing going as planned along the way…yeah, it was one of those days.  Welcome back, Casey Ann, this is your life!!

Yes, Casey finally got away for some hard earned R&R, thank God!  She is hardly able to leave the house for anything more than a grocery run these days and has taken on a tremendous amount of extra work around the house to accommodate my school schedule.  So when the opportunity came up for her to take a quick and relatively painless (aka: cheap) trip to Vegas, we jumped!  She stayed with a friend who lives out there for a couple of days, then bummed with some Austin friends in town on business for two more days.  And while she was there she did a whole lot of……….nuthin’……..unless you consider laying by the pool, walking the strip, and then laying by the pool again to be more than nuthin’!  Poor girl can’t catch a break, though – when she got home, our sweet thing, Brooklyn, gave Casey the cold shoulder!  She wouldn’t even look at her for several hours…it was heartbreaking!!

Meanwhile, back on the home front, Nana came down to save The Six Pack from my shorthanded parenting ineptitude.  Oh sure, I can handle the diaper changes, the bottles, the nap times, and that kind of thing, but you don’t want to eat my cooking and the babies probably shouldn’t eat pizza for four days straight!  And there is only so much tender loving care you can expect out of this man which I’m pretty certain would have been used up about mid-way through the first morning!!  And of course, you can forget about the cute matching outfits, the fun little games, learning, general hygiene, and anything else above the level of sheer survival.  So thank you, Nana, for saving us all from our own little versions of Hell.  And more importantly, thank you Casey Ann for coming home!!  Really, we know you had a choice……..

Earlier this month the babies went to the doctor for their 15 month and final baby wellness check…my checkbook is eternally grateful!  All is well with every single member of The Fab Five, aside from the slightly stunted growth of Little Mighty Britton Grace.  Little thing is not even on the charts in percentiles!!  But, oh my gosh, that little girl has spunk and attitude in abundance!  Here are the weights and heights:

– Brooklyn Faith:  20 pounds, 4 ounces, 29-3/4″

– Britton Grace:  16 pounds, 9 ounces, 27″

– Jack William:  23 pounds, 15 ounces, 31-1/4″

– Lila Addison:  20 pounds, 11 ounces, 29-1/2″

– Ryan Elizabeth:  20 pounds, 4 ounces, 30-1/2″

Other than a ravaging cold that has currently taken hold in the house and has struck all five of the tots, they have been doing great!  They are working on sign language thanks to Vanessa and the Baby Signing Time video she sent to us.  If you have a little one and have not heard of this, check it out because it is quite amazing!  The babies have been learning to sign things like “eat”, “more”, “milk”, and other little things to help them communicate with us in ways that do not involve screaming, biting, kicking, and screaming!  It only took two or three days for the babies to start using the signs!  (by the way, Vanessa sent us the video as a friend, not in exchange for an endorsement.  However, she is being endorsed nonetheless!  She has a store at so go there to buy the videos and other stuff!)

We are gearing up for our first summer with a home-bound Eliot McKenna which ought to be very, very interesting!  Considering Casey is just about as home-bound as Eliot is, it is going to be quite challenging to keep the little girl entertained while Casey manages the rest of the brood and I manage my end of the bargain – my construction company.  Can you say week or three away at Grandma and Grandpa’s house…oh yeah!!!  We are really looking forward to getting out with the whole gang and doing as much as our bank account, our free time, and our will allows!  I see a whole lot of community center pool time in our future and I cannot wait!  Hopefully they won’t charge us for the extra chlorine that will likely be necessary after the Quint Invasion has passed through…. ;-)

So if you can’t tell from my words above, let me state it plainly – we are having fun with life and looking forward to each and every new day as our family continues along in this adventure!  With my trip and my efforts at finishing up my MBA, Casey’s trip, the cameras beginning to roll again, and a few little surprises here and there, April was a super stressful month on both Casey and I and we are very, very happy to have it behind us.  May is looking to be just as hectic, but the difference between this month and last is that Casey and I will be together in confronting the many challenges that lie ahead.  With our two trips, we spent nearly half the month apart from each other and I’m  telling the truth when I say that most of our stress was due to the fact that Casey and I were not able to begin and end each day as we do every other day – with each other.  What an awesome reality!!

Y’all take care,


*Dangit!  Casey just told me this wasn’t their last baby wellness check…d’oh!!!  Grrrrrrr………. :)

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  1. Michelle says:

    Ethan you are too funny…hugs to all…

  2. Farrah Chelstrom says:

    It was such fun just spending a weekend by the pool with the girls. As all Moms know, it becomes a foreign activity once a baby comes into your life. :-) Here’s to more “Mama Trips” in our future!! Love, Rah Rah

  3. Valerie says:

    i am SO glad to hear casey got to get away for a bit. EVERY mom needs that sometimes… we are better moms when we get back!
    and isn’t baby signing is the greatest thing ever?? it SO cuts down on whining and tantrums! we only did the basics–more, all done, eat, milk, please, thank you… but it was amazing at how helpful it was.

  4. Love the update, the pics and your wonderful sense of humour Ethan. Keep the terrific updates coming!

    p.s. I saw on Facebook that the Fab Five have a few Australian based fans. Until I am informed otherwise, I’m going to claim to have been the first :) :)

  5. Rebecca says:

    Thanks for the update! Love seeing your little family… Well maybe not little but love them anyway! I hope May is a happy calm month in your house and Eliot has a great end to her school year!

  6. Vanessa says:

    Glad you guys are enjoying Baby Signing Time! Thanks for the plug :)

  7. Tori says:

    Super sweet post!
    Having time together REALLY does make a difference, doesn’t it?

  8. stevie says:

    Love the post. Ethan. So glad Casey got a chance for a little get-a-way with such sweet friends and the rest of the family had great bonding time with Nana!

    The babies LOVE “Baby Signing Time.” On my last visit, one of the babies handed me a book to read. The others gathered around. When I started reading Clifford the Big Red Dog, the babies started slapping their leg. That’s the sign for dog. I about died laughing!! (A few of the babies were also saying “dog.” Too cute!

  9. Klin says:

    I am so tired after reading this. Ya’ll are amazing. having mommy and daddy time is so key to my sanity. Even if we just walk to the mail box. we need to have time to be together.

    Those kiddos are getting cuter and cuter.

  10. Ginny says:

    It is so wonderful to get the updates of life for all of you. I am sure that Eliot is so excited about summer coming and I am sure she will be a great big help. What a great big sister. I am so glad you both got a chance to take a trip away even if it was without eachother. As you know all couples need that once in a while. Glad everyone is well and making progress. I am so looking forward to the show. take care!

  11. Kim says:

    Hi, Jones family! I just heard about your family for the first time (I don’t have cable t.v. and am visiting my daughter, who DOES! I was so tickled to see you maintaining your sense of humor in all the controlled chaos that is your “new” life. I wish I was there in Austin to help out! Has any celebrity, like Oprah, offered to have you on her show yet? I know how financially strained things can be with so many little ones all at once-just wondering how you are all doing. Were you able to sell your house and get moved? How’s the job situation going? I recently saw an episode of Oprah in which the singer Will I. Am paid off some people’s mortgages just because he heard through Oprah that they were losing their homes by no fault of their own-job losses, etc. Maybe she can do something for your family! She has more contacts than anyone but God, so maybe if she hasn’t invited you to share your story yet, she will! My best to all of you. You will forever be in my prayers! I have a grandson who was born 3 months early and had a LONG stay in the NICU. That was very stressful for me and my family, so having 5 at one time in the NICU must have been like torture. Thankfully, our Ethan is doing great now. The only way people can tell he even was a preemie is his younger sister, Emily, who is 14 months younger than him, his already passing him up in size! Everyone asks all the time if they are twins, or is she older! Well, again, take care, cherish what you have and what you can accomplish now that you never thought you could do in a million years! Love you all, Kim

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