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The Lake House in Lago

18 Comments 14 May 2010

We got a special treat this Mother’s Day and we took advantage with the whole crew! One of my clients owns a lake house on Lake Travis in Lago Vista (about a 45 minute drive from Austin) which they rent out over the summer. They took it off of the rental schedule this weekend so we could get away with the gang. It was such an incredible place and we are so grateful for the chance to have been able to use it!!!

We headed out late Saturday morning along with Megan and Jennifer, two of our good friends and baby helpers, made a stop at HEB and Rudy’s on the way, and arrived with plenty of time to get settled before hitting the pool! Of course, Eliot was the first one to make a splash and she made it clear to everyone that the water was just perfect (the weather didn’t cooperate fully, but the heated pool made up for it!!) After The Fab Five was fed and full, we all hit the water…the babies all loved it! Of course, Ryan was the most animated about the experience, squealing, giggling, and wiggling out of our arms as if she could pull off an Olympic-style butterfly stroke! Lila and Brooklyn were pretty relaxed about it all, but there was no question they were having fun. Jack had a blast splashing the water with his hands and cracking up every time he did it…so funny! The biggest surprise was Little Mighty, Britton Grace. The little spider monkey, Queen Diva was extra-super chill the whole time she was in the water! Huh?? Who is this child? Seriously, she just laid back in her little floaty and took in the scene – she didn’t do much laughing or giggling, shot us a few good smiles, and did not fuss one time in the two hours we were in the water…cue the theme music from The Twilight Zone…

After the swim we fed the kids and fed ourselves then got everyone under the age of two down for the night. Jennifer and Megan left a little while later leaving me, Casey, and Eliot to the most quiet, relaxing evening we have had in a long, long, long time…aaaahhhhhhhhh!! It’s funny because it wasn’t much different than most other nights – the babies usually go down by 7:00 and we do not hear from them for the rest of the night, leaving the house pretty calm after dark. I guess there is just something about being out of town, in a different place, away from the city, and knowing you are near the lake that just put a different kind of calm in the air. Oh yeah, all of that and the fact that our phones were not blowing up, we had nothing to think about doing on Sunday except for more swimming, and neither of us had our laptops tugging at the gray matter in our brains, distracting us from our singular focus: relaxation. Yeah, some of that probably had a bit to do with it as well…

The next morning, Little Miss Sunshine was warming the pool with her radiance by 9:00 am, begging daddy to join her with no delay – I told her I at least had to have breakfast first! So after grabbing some grub, helping Casey with the Fab’s feeding, and holding out long enough to get the babies down for an early nap, Casey and I hit the water again. We played Marco Polo, tossed rings to the bottom, swam races, and did just about everything else a five-year-old can think of to do in a pool, most importantly of which was having a blast!

After that, exhaustion set in as we begrudgingly packed the car for the trek back home. It was pretty awesome being away for just a little while with only our family though…that was a first for us! We did pretty good with packing light and managed to get everything there and back without having to call United Van Lines to haul our stuff so maybe we’re getting a little better at this mobile-family-of-eight thing? Maybe we’ll even take a road trip this summer…who knows? One thing is for sure, you can’t hold me, Casey, and Eliot back from some serious summer fun so it is time to figure this mobility thing out pretty quickly!

Thank you, thank you once again to my clients for allowing us to invade your little slice of serenity on Earth this weekend! And I apologize for the redecorating we did while we were there…. ;-)

Really quick before I go, I wanted to mention that “Quintuplet Surprise” aired again on TLC last night and as my email in-box can attest, it was very well received once again! Thank you so much to everyone for the support and sweet thoughts you have been sending our way! We have been moving pretty fast and furious on filming the new episodes so life will not be slowing down anytime soon. We’ll be sure to let everyone know when we have more details about the show, but in the meantime when you think of us think of this:
yeeeeehhaaaaaww!!! :)

Y’all take care,

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18 Comments so far

  1. Jaisa says:

    Loved your show!! I prefer blog reading to tv watching so I am very happy that you blog!! Your kids are adorable and you both are an inspiration to those of us who struggle with one child :)

  2. Kayla says:

    I’m so glad all of you had a nice time…you deserve it! The Hill Country is beautiful and so is Lake Travis. :)

    I look forward to the new episodes airing!

  3. Paola says:

    Can’t wait to see the new show! Great pictures. Thanks for sharing!!

  4. kim Gushee says:

    I really enjoyed watching the show. I hope TLC picks your show up. I would love to watch more.

  5. Faith says:

    Love the show and love the blog…yet another thing for you to keep up with, but I love it. Can’t wait to see the next show!

  6. Stacy says:

    Good stuff! Glad y’all got a chance to get away together – at the lake even! What a great Mother’s Day gift for all. Love the pics!

  7. Sonya says:

    My mom asks me everyday when the new show will air and I continue to remind her that soon. So we instead we watched quintuplet surprise once again this week and my dad still cracks up at the part when you talk about not wanting kids. I am pretty sure he is going to pee his pants one day from laughing so hard.

    It is good hear you guys are doing well and getting chances to sneak away from the chaos.

  8. Donna says:

    Have read your blog for a long, long time and loved the shows that have been aired so far….looking forward to more!

  9. Kristin M says:

    I just want to say i love your family.. when i first saw your show on TLC i was hoping one day soon they would give you your own tv show. I am a big believer in God provides for those who believe and you will get threw this and come out on top. This was a great Mothers day im sure its one that will be a great memeory in the furture.. many blessing to all of you.

  10. Ryan says:

    I loved watching your guys show!!! You have a beautiful family and you guys sound to have a AWESOME relationship with the lord…..Just wondering when is the new show scheduled for?

  11. Mary says:

    I really loved seeing your show. After watching Jon and Kate, I was thinking oh no, not again. Why do people do this? Well I can see you seem very well grounded even with financial problems. I am assuming the show is helping. Good luck to you, and I can’t wait to see more. Your family seems so happy!!

  12. Valerie says:

    oh how i miss HEB and rudy’s!!!!!!!

    glad you guys had a fun getaway. you have motivated me for our trip to oklahoma for memorial day wkend… if you can pack for 8, surely i can pack for 4…

  13. Kristen says:

    Glad you all were able to take some time and have a weekend away – you certainly deserve it! Thank you for the nice response you sent to me regarding my husband’s upcoming MBA program trip to China. He really enjoyed reading your perspective on the trip, and would be happy to share his thoughts on it when he comes home. In the meantime, we look forward to seeing more of your wonderful family on here and on TV. God Bless! Kristen & Mike

  14. Ginny says:

    So glad you all got away, it is great that you both make the extra time for Eliot with all the work you have to do with the other children. It is so nice to see that just because you have the babies to take care of that your love and support for Eliot is in NO WAY neglected. It is so easy to see your love for her and it is nice to see that because she knows you both love her she is secure in her place in the family. there is no real jealousy in her towards the babies and that is because of the love you teach and show her. God Bless, i am eagerly waiting for the show. Have a great summer.

  15. Jill says:

    Your show was amazing. Both you and Casey are amazing. Your children are amazing.

    I pray that you all continue to be blessed as a family, and that you all remain strong.

    I hope to see another show soon.

  16. Kim says:

    Loved the show! You guys keep such a positive attitude. That is inspiring when our two are driving us crazy! Glad you guys were able to have a great getaway weekend in this lake house. We know how beautiful it is, too. We have rented it two summers in a row. We LOVE it! Hope you signed the guest book because we will look for it next year ;)

  17. Ben Busby says:

    Found your show the other night and we sat thru the whole thing amazed at your story. We have two children 11 and 9 and remember our “struggles” at first. You guys have an amazing challenge ahead of you. I also coach my daughters soccer team, we have three of a set of quints on our team. They are great kids but to only have gotten to know them at the age of 10 was amazing enough, seeing your show makes me realize what our friends must have gone thru over the last ten years. Oh and by the way our quints have one older sister too. Eerie huh!

  18. Kelsey says:

    I have yet to see your shows on TLC, but I do read the boards frequently and can always tell when one has aired. Your kids’ names are all the buzz! I’m happy to report that they’re typically well received. :) Lilah has been my favorite name for YEARS, and I was so thrilled when I saw on News 8 that you had christened your little girl with the same name, different spelling.
    I’m glad you guys enjoyed your visit out to LV; you deserve a break! It’s a wonderful place to live. Next time you’re out, be sure to stop by Latte Vista. I’m sure your little ones would love some Hawiian Shaved Ice!
    God Bless!

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