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The Fab Five Meets Santa

8 Comments 23 December 2009


Merry Christmas everybody!! We have had lots of fun getting ready for the big guy’s arrival on Friday – decorating the house and playing around the Christmas tree, but today was the big event – taking the babies to meet Santa! The babies did awesome, but more on that in a minute…


First, I have to tell you about the tree! One of our helpers, Pam, decorates houses for the holidays and buys lots of trees as part of her services. She got the nursery that she buys from, Pots and Plants Garden Center, to donate a tree to us this year, delivery included…so awesome!! On top of that, she came out to the house and decorated it for us, leaving the star on top and many of our family favorite ornaments off for us to decorate with Eliot! Thank you, Pam and Pots and Plants Garden Center, for sharing the Christmas spirit with our family!



Ok, now to the big story of the day…Santa Claus! The alarm went off this morning at 6 am and it was time to hit the ground running. We had to get the whole gang fed, dressed, and loaded up by 7:45 to make it to the mall by 8:30 and it wasn’t easy…just loading the babies in the car is a 20 minute operation! We managed to hit the road by 7:55 and still made it on time. Santa was waiting for us at the mall entrance and escorted us inside to get acquainted with the crew. The babies did GREAT!! There were no tears, no screaming fits, and no major blowouts (moms – you know what I mean!)!! We even managed to get the whole crew on the little kiddie train that runs just behind Santa’s station! Many, many thanks to Simon Properties and Barton Creek Mall for arranging everything for us. Santa opened up 30 minutes early so we didn’t have to unleash the fury of five screaming babies on the rest of the families waiting in line, saving our sanity and theirs for another day!

Merry Christmas!!



Santa and the Six Pack 12.22.09

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    Glad everything went so well! Love the pictures!

  2. Jennifer V. says:

    Thanks for sharing the photos. Looks like you all had a great trip to meet Santa. I especially like the photo of Eliot and the dreamy look on her face with Santa. She is so magical! Have a very Merry Christmas, it will be one to never forget!

  3. So adorable! And Jack is an extremely handsome little guy all decked out! :)

  4. Brandie says:

    That is such an awesome picture! I am so glad it went so well and you had no tears. They look precious!!!

  5. Tori says:

    So cute! I’m glad it went well. :) Merry Christmas!!!

  6. happy says:

    Wow!! What lucky people you are!! A donated and decorated tree. Hew awesome is that for you. Real trees are so expensive, count your blessings you got a donated one.

  7. Aimee Ware says:

    How fun! Everyone looks great! Merry Christmas Jones family.

  8. Paul says:

    Hey! I was the guy running the train behind Santa’s station. With it being 1.5 months later, I am glad you all had fun on the train, and I hope your Christmas was splendid! I look forward to watching the pilot on the air date. Have a wonderful day!

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