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Christmas Pics, DOC Bands, and A Cool Thanksgiving Follow Up

6 Comments 31 December 2009



Ryan and Britton Opening Gifts
Summer, Angel, and EliotSnuggie

As you might imagine and as the pictures can attest, Christmas at our house this year was…what else…chaos!  Five not-yet-one-year-olds, three others under age seven, and seven adults made for some interesting yuletide times!  I believe we (meaning Casey and I) hit every one of the major Christmas emotions several times each – joy, contentment, excitement, and of course the lesser celebrated, but ever present buzzkills – stress, frustration, and irritation (fortunately those didn’t stick around long!).  All in all, the day was very different, very chaotic (the adults didn’t open any presents until 5:00 that afternoon because of everything that was going on with the kids!), and in the end, very fun and memorable!

Jack DOCLila DOC

In other news, Jack and Lila got fitted for their DOC Bands on Monday and we are scheduled to get them in early January.  What you see in the pictures is a pair of pantyhose stretched over their heads which smooths out the features of their scalps so that a very accurate 3-D picture can be taken.  The picture is then used to create the shape of the band. Once we get the bands, they will be worn 23 hours a day for 3-4 months (Jack is likely to get a new band at that time and have to go for another 3-4 months with that one).  We will take them into the office every two weeks to have the bands adjusted to the babies’ changing scalps and we will also be doing some stretching exercises with both babies to help loosen up their neck muscles.  It will be a little bit of a hassle, but we are happy to do it so that we can avoid all of the problems that could pop up later in life if we did not go through this.  Plus, we’re really excited to decorate the bands!! :)


And finally, a cool little follow up story from our Thanksgiving trek to Denton.  When we stopped for lunch in Waco, a lady came over because she, “just had to see the triplets!”  Imagine her surprise when she discovered that there were two more babies in the bunch!  Well, her husband came over to see the babies as well and we chatted a bit with them, making a fast friendship there in the tiniest restaurant in Texas.  They were a really sweet couple…they even helped Eliot wash up after her meal as Casey and I had our hands quite full!  On our way out the door, they asked for our address and said they would like to send us some gifts for the babies and, sure enough, when we got home five days later, there was a package on our porch.  As it turns out, these folks own a small manufacturing company in Waco that produces Critter Pillers Neck Pillows and other travel cozies of all types.  What they sent us was one of each of the different animals in their collection of Critter Pillers…I think there were eight in all, of which Eliot quickly claimed six or seven of them! Anyway, I just had to pass on the story because they are such cool people and hopefully they can receive a little business in return for their kindness (they did not know about our website or ask for any type of publicity when they offered to send us a gift).  So if you like doing business with good people and need a cool gift for the travelling kid crazies in your world, check out their website at!

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  1. granny says:

    Eliot looks just like Casey in the picture of the three beautiful girls in their smashing red Christmas dresses!

  2. Molly Pennington Diyer says:

    Those pics are awesome! Eliot reminds me so much of my 6 yr old, Tylee! Tylee thought the snuggie(pink of course) was awesome!! Also, we bought that same red christmas dress for Tylee. She felt like a princess wearing it. Or from her words, she is a princess!!! I’m sure the same thing goes there! The babies are beautiful! You guys are always in my prayers!

  3. LYDIA says:

    I’ve been looking all over for this!


  4. Tori says:

    Love the updates. What a thoughtful couple to send y’all those gifts.

  5. Laurie says:

    Ah, the kindness of strangers….who quickly become friends. Just proves if you are a blessing to others, you will in return be blessed. It’s just God’s way!

    Thanks for sharing pictures from your Christmas!

  6. Carol Spielberger says:

    I just loved the photos of all of you visiting Santa and on Christmas. I truly look forward to my weekly visit and helping out with the Fab Five – they are angels from Heaven.
    God Bless all 8 of you in 2010. Good health, great news and wonderful memories bless your year.

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