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We Have Names!!

1 Comment 18 January 2009

We finally had a chance to get the names figured out. We’ve known the names for quite a while, but didn’t know who was to get which. Now that Casey had a chance to visit the NICU, we have it figured out. So, here they are:

Baby A – Brooklyn Faith
Baby B – Britton Grace
Baby C – Jack William
Baby D – Lila Addison
Baby E – Ryan Elizabeth

All day yesterday we tried to find a reason to attach one of the names to one of the babies. Baby B and Baby E were making the most noise in the NICU so we were trying to give them the names were the feistiest. Baby A meanwhile was the most relaxed so we were trying to give her the daintiest of the names. In the end, however, it became apparent that we were really stretching to do this so we decided to go completely random with it.

Other than Lila and Jack, here’s how we did it. We put the three remaining names on different slips of paper, put them in a cup, and pulled one out at a time. At the same time, I had different cards with the babies’ letters and weights on it. As Casey pulled a name from the cup, I pulled a card from the stack. We matched them up and made it official!

Lila is a different story. As I was taking Eliot around to see them all for the first time, she didn’t have much to say about any of them. I think it was all a bit overwhelming for her because she was uncharacteristically quiet. However, when we got to Baby D, Eliot blurted out, “this one is Lila!” The reason she gave: because she is the wildest one! Throughout the pregnancy, whenever Casey was having a problem with one of the babies being in a painful position, Eliot would say that it was Lila that was causing all the trouble. Other than that, we have no idea where that came from or what she meant by it, but we decided it should stick.

I haven’t gone up to the NICU since then to officially “christen” each of the babies – that will happen this morning -but the nurses will be very excited to drop the letters! It will be a lot of fun to watch how each one “grows into” their new names!

God Bless,

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1 comment

  1. Tori :) says:

    Lila the wild child!! :) I was wondering how you would decide who was who. Very scientific process… ;)

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