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10 Comments 17 January 2009

There is quite a bit going on with the babies and their care right now so I thought this picture would be helpful to most of you (and us!) who are unfamiliar with NICU care. THIS IS NOT ONE OF OUR BABIES, however, it is a really good illustration of the care our five are receiving. This baby is a little smaller than ours are, being born at 26 weeks, but they look very similar. As far as I can tell, all of the tubes and monitors attached to this baby are the same as what are attached to ours.
I want to make something very clear: the babies are not hurting, are not uncomfortable, and are not in distress. In my four years as a daddy raising Eliot and being around her little friends, there is something I have noticed about little ones – they are very good at letting you know they are unhappy. This is the case for a newborn all the way up to at least 4-1/2 years old (Eliot’s age). If they’re hungry, they cry. If they’re cold, they cry. If their diaper needs changed, guess what? They cry. If they are uncomfortable in any way, they either cry, scream, whine, or all of the above. Babies and toddlers let the world know their joy as well as their pain which is the most endearing and sometimes frustrating qualities of a child. Our babies are no different. They are spending most of their time sleeping, fussing a little, then sleeping some more.

What a joy it has been, through our weary eyes and open hearts, to witness the first 24 hours of five precious lives! The miracle of life is alive and well here at Seton Medical Center as it is in delivery rooms, nurseries, and NICU’s across the globe. The nursing staff and doctors that we have encountered both pre- and post- delivery have been phenomenal, a true credit to their industry! Through dutiful application of God’s gift of scientific knowledge, the Seton team has put their talents and God’s blessing on miraculous display!

God Bless,

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  1. Emily Y. says:

    well said Bro!!! You are a class act!

  2. Laurie G says:

    Congratulations Casey & Ethan! The pictures you shared from this amazing day are wonderful. Thanks for sharing them. It gives those of us who couldn't be there that day a small sense of the great magnitude of support and love surrounding ya'll. We praise God for His faithfulness in bringing these babies safely into the world. And for keeping care over Casey. We can't wait to meet them!

  3. Cristy says:

    Thank you for the informative picture. My NICU baby did not have this many things so I did not know what they all were. Also, good to mention that the babies are not in pain. Sometimes it looks like it though.

    Question – What is the purpose of the plastic wrap over the babies? Why not put them in an isolette?

  4. joneslifeaustin says:

    The plastic wrap helps to hold in the heat and moisture around them. They are able to maintain their temperature without using the isolette…thank goodness because we’re able to be closer to them this way!!

  5. Becca or Cori depending :) says:

    Glad to hear everything is going so well! We had both of our babies at Seaton & it was wonderfu! If you have a chance to have Nurse Rosie… SHE ROCKS! :)

  6. Leigh Ann says:

    Congrats! You are in excellent hands at Seton Medical Center! Keep an eye out for Jeannie, Nicole, and Sharon – they are the most awesome nurses!

    God bless you and all of your precious little ones!

  7. joneslifeaustin says:

    Correction from my earlier comment. The babies will be moved to isolettes once all of the “procedures” are complete – running and removing IV’s, etc. They’ll be in the isolettes for a few weeks.

  8. Tori :) says:

    We are so blessed to have such awesome medical technology (or whatever the right word is). I am so glad your babies are doing wonderful. Bless their doctors.

  9. Heather P says:

    Congradulations X 5! Job well done Mom & Dad & ofcourse Big Sis. Thank you for sharing your pictures, they are precious. Wishing you many blessed years. The Pavia's

  10. Auntie Martha says:

    The babies are precious. can’t wait to hear their names and see a closeup picture.
    Blessings for your family
    An Alabama Grandmother

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