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First Contact – Jack William

4 Comments 21 January 2009

Casey got to hold one of the babies for the first time last night and guess who the lucky baby was? My main man, Jack William…what an experience! They took him out of his isolette and placed him on Casey’s chest, skin-to-skin, for about 30 minutes of good cuddle time. He just settled right in and stayed perfectly content for the entire time. As you can imagine, Casey had a hard time giving him back!!

The nurses call this kind of contact “kangaroo care” and once all of the babies are healthy enough, they will all get the same treatment. Jack is the healthiest so far with Lila and Brooklyn in competition for the next spot. The goal is to hold each baby for 30 minutes to an hour every day as it has been proven to be beneficial to both baby and mama’s health. I know, shocking news, right? Thank God they did a study to tell us that it is healthy for a mom to hold her baby!!
There will be a few more pictures uploaded to the media tab of the website later today.
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4 Comments so far

  1. Tori :) says:

    Casey looks too good for having just given birth to 5 babies! :) I love that she was able to hold Jack. I pray the others are ready soon. :)

  2. Brad, Rebecca, Jacob says:

    Hi, I’m a blog stalker who found your blog from Rachelle’s. Anyway, I’m so glad you were able to hold one of your babies. Hopefully soon they’ll all be healthy enough to be held and you’ll all get stronger together.

  3. Emily Y. says:

    precious little Jack….what a beautiful site!!!

  4. Klin says:

    Casey looks so good and happy to be holding Jack. Yay for Jack.

    I laughed at your comment about doing a study so we would know that it’s good for mom’s to hold their babies :) LOL

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