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5 Comments 22 January 2009

I’m going to try to make this relatively quick because it’s late and I’ve had a crazy busy day, but I wanted everyone to have an update on things. In general, the babies continue to do very well with everything though they all still have their little issues. Lila’s leg sore is looking much better as are the Ryan and Jack’s belly buttons. Brooklyn, Jack, and Ryan are no longer on the Billy light (the light that helps them get rid of their jaundice).

We got a bit of GREAT news today when the doctors sonogrammed the babies’ brains. They do this to determine if there were any “brain bleeds”. These brain bleeds are known to cause cerebral palsy and are common in premature babies. Click here ( for more information on Cerebral Palsy. Evidence of a few brain bleeds in each of the babies would not have been surprising, though would not guarantee that they would have CP. The bleeds usually occur in the first 4 or 5 days of life and after that, the risk is greatly reduced. Well, the GREAT news is that none of the babies had any brain bleeds!!

There is one issue that I would like to ask for everyone to add to their prayer list. They have picked up a faint heart murmur on little Lila which means that one of her valves is leaking. Again, this is something that is common in premies, but can develop into something very serious, including heart surgery. Click here ( for more info on heart murmurs. Please pray for Lila’s heart to heal up on its own, without intervention from the doctors!!

Casey is still dealing with high blood pressure, swollen calves, and a lot of soreness from her incision though she continues to make good improvements every day. She spent most of the day at the hospital and got to hold Jack again. She got to hold Lila last night for the first time while Eliot was there – pictures coming soon – and tomorrow she should get to hold Brooklyn. Ryan and Britton should get their turn by the end of the weekend!!

I know I’ve said this a lot, but I’m going to keep on saying it – we can’t believe how blessed we have been through this process. Yes, having five babies all at once is incredibly stressful and at times overwhelming. However, there are so many things that could have happened along the way to make this journey exponentially more difficult. We are continually in awe of God’s work in our lives through these five little miracles!

More info and pics to come sometime this weekend!

God Bless,

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  1. Emily's Blog says:

    I was at Seton yesterday and thought about dropping in to say hi, but decided that Casey needed her rest. I’m glad the babies are still hanging in there and that Casey is managing and getting to hold the babies.
    Ya’ll are still in my prayers.

  2. Vanessa and Kara says:

    I just wanted to congratulate all of you and wish you all the very best with your five bundles of love. I came across your blog by accident the other day and am now checking daily for baby updates!

    Sending loads of love and positive vibes.


  3. Stephanie says:

    The Jones Family~ Ever since I heard about the babies being born I have been following your stories each day. I see all of the babies are well and that Lila was diagnosed with a Heart Murmur, there are wonderful doctors here in Austin such as Children’s Cardiology Associates they have 7 wonderful Dr., so I hope that you are using one of their doctors and like you said in the blog it could close up by itself which is very true. I have you and your family in my thoughts and prayers everyday. Thanks for keeping everyone posted….

  4. Tori :) says:

    Awww- look at those little legs. Wow. I will add Lila’s heart to my prayers.
    Y’all are awesome.

  5. Klin says:

    You are amazing to keep the blog updated with all you’ve got going on. I am grateful for the blessings in your life. May they keep coming.

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