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Marleigh Kendal Sanders died today, 3-1/2 weeks after she was born. I don’t know much about her, I never met her, and I don’t know her family yet, somehow I was deeply touched by her story and her confounding, maddeningly short life. I do not know exactly what it was that afflicted her body and caused her to pass…from what I can tell on the Facebook updates I have been following, I don’t think the doctors who were working on her know either. And I do not know why I am not sleeping right now, why I haven’t been able to get little Marleigh and her family off of my mind since hearing her story, and I don’t know why exactly I am writing this right now. Nevertheless, here I am, typing away and pondering the life of a little baby girl I will never meet on this side of Heaven…

When Casey was pregnant with the quints obviously there were a lot of things that we could have chosen to worry about…and we selected our fair share among the choices we were offered. Casey’s immediate health was in danger and would only get worse as the pregnancy progressed. The health of the babies was a constant source of attention and they were carefully monitored, at times painstakingly so, to ensure there were no problems. The striking fear of premature labor ticked and tocked between our ears, constantly counting the minutes remaining before the unknown hour at which the babies would make their entrance into the world. Depending on how far along the pregnancy had gone before that time determined how worried we should be about the babies’ chances of survival. So we worried and we prayed and we asked for prayers…and we worried. And no matter how much we prayed and how many times people prayed for us, whether known to us or not, and no matter how much time we spent trying not to worry, our concern for the health of the babies would not allow us to stop worrying. The thought of one our babies suffering…or worse…was simply too big and our faith too small…and so we worried and we prayed…and we worried.

The Bible says not to worry…says it very clearly in fact. Jesus said, “That is why I tell you not to worry about everyday life – whether you have enough food and drink, or enough clothes to wear…Can all your worries add a single moment to your life? Why do you have so little faith? Don’t worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring its own worries. Today’s trouble is enough for today.” He was right, you know that by now in regards to our story and our babies. They all came into the world in perfect health for babies at their stage of development. All five of them, each individually wowed the doctors with how well they had developed in the womb and with how incredibly they were responding to their new world. I remember one of the NICU doctors telling me that they were all “at various stages of excellent!” I’m pretty certain the doctor got a hug from us that day…and I’m pretty certain Casey and I both cried tears of relief, joy, and pride. That’s right, tears of pride…but for what? Jesus was right. Our worry did nothing to breathe life into our babies. Our fear did nothing to ensure their health. When we wrung our hands, no healthy baby mojo or magic was produced! In fact, we did absolutely nothing that contributed to the vibrancy of our bundle of babies. Absolutely nothing…except pray, I’ll give you that. Prayer works, I believe it, and we did a lot of praying and we know that we were lifted up in prayer by people across the globe. We had an army of prayer warriors at our disposal and their services were in-disposable in ways we’ll never fully understand.

But didn’t Marleigh’s family pray as well? It seems very clear to me that yes, they did pray. And not only that, it seems very clear to me as well that they also had an army behind them praying for Marleigh’s health…prayers that apparently were in vain. God was silent on this one…he allowed Marleigh’s life to slip away today and he took her home with him in spite of the prayer and the worry and the wringing of hands no doubt done by her family and many, many others on her behalf. I don’t need to say it, but I will do so nonetheless: why? Marleigh Kendal Sanders is no less special than Brooklyn Faith, Britton Grace, Jack William, Lila Addison, or Ryan Elizabeth so why did they thrive while Marleigh had to fight for every last breath she took until she took her last? Only God knows if her family or ours is more faithful or said more prayers or whatever, but I really don’t think He is keeping score. Marleigh and her family deserve every good and wonderful thing that comes their way…so why didn’t the good and wonderful come this time?

No question I am not the first to ponder these thoughts and no doubt I will not be the last. And of course I do not have any answers for you…or them. Sure, we could recite all of the cliches that people utter in times like these…everything happens for a reason, God loved Marleigh too much to let her stay, etc, etc…and they would likely be true, but I don’t think that would help anyone right now. Not me and likely not her family either. At some point, all of those words will hopefully help and again they will likely be true, but right now they just seem hollow and empty. True or not, the cliches do not meet the most desperate desire of times like these…they do not tell us why, they do not give us understanding, they do not bring peace. Not now, not yet.

And so we do what I imagine Marleigh’s family is still doing right now…we pray. We pray for understanding and answers and for peace with those answers if and when they ever come. We pray because our spirit tells us to…we pray because Jesus prayed…and we pray because in those prayers, eventually, peace comes. And it comes to us in spite of the absence of understanding and answers. That’s what prayer does. It doesn’t solve the problems, it doesn’t answer the questions…not always anyway. It simply provides peace when there can be no answers and where there can be no understanding. Jesus wrestled and sweat blood in agony during the hours leading up to his crucifixion and horrendous death. But before it was all over he prayed, “not my will, but thine be done.” He prayed…he found peace. And so that is what I’ll be doing for Baby Marleigh and her family and I ask for you to do the same. Pray for their peace and pray for the peace of others that you know are struggling with the why’s of the world. At times, it is the only thing we can do. Much of the time, it’s the only thing we should do.

God bless,


*I sent this post over to Marleigh’s Aunt Savannah to ask for her permission before I published it. Below is part of her response and some info that she wanted to share.

If you want to add – Marleigh died from Alveolar Capillary Dysplasia. A very rare disease that occurs in about 1 in 2 million births and there have been just over 100 cases known in the world. There is very little research being done about it but Baylor University and hospital are the biggest research base for it. it has 100% mortality rate. They think it is genetic but there is no way of testing for it right now. people can read her story at if they would like.


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  1. Kim says:

    This made me cry, my prayers are with this family tonight. I have a lot of health problems and have 2 beautiful children that I am lucky to have. Both of my children ended up in the NICU. I thank God everyday for my babies. Thankyou for sharing this even though it is sad so that others can pray. God Bless!

  2. KT says:

    Very well written and very true. Omly God can comfort the family in times like this.

  3. Amy says:

    very touching, thank you for sharing. Where is the scripture about worry located? I really like that one. I am a big worrier myself. : ) I am going to go hug my 2 healthy children now and thank God for blessing us with them!

  4. Vanessa says:

    While we attempt to fathom the grief of her parents & family, we must remember and celebrate that little Marleigh got the opportunity to take her first steps straight into the arms of Jesus. How beautiful is that!

    There is no way to understand the whys of times like this from an earthly perspective, but God is good…so very, very good! What a blessing that death is not the end, but just the beginning.

    I thank God for my babies and feel very blessed to have them in my arms, but I know that they are not mine. They are on loan from our Heavenly Father and entrusted to us for a short while. While we savor those moments, we strive to raise men that will love Jesus passionately and eventually spend eternity in heaven with us.

    Hold your babies tight, stay strong in your faith and pray, pray, pray!! The future is beautiful when you know The One who holds it!

  5. Kirsten says:

    We just burried a good friends baby yesterday. This very thing has been weighing on my heart. Baby Rally was born with a heartbeat but never took a breath. I can’t stop asking why, and griping my babies tight, thanking God they are here with me. The only sense I can make of this tragic situation is that the Lord uses other’s pain to remind us of how very blessed we are. And to give the grieving parents the opportunity to be a source of strength and example of the kind of faith in HIS plan all Christians should exude. Yes, it is absolutely heartbreaking for us, so what torture it must be for the parents. All we can do is trust that the God of love is the only cure for heartache. And never take his blessings for granted, no matter how small.

  6. Megan says:

    Your steadfast faith continues to amaze me each and every day. You write so beautifully and touch the hearts of so many. God bless sweet baby Marleigh. May peace and understanding find her family and may God continue to wrap them in his love.

  7. Elle says:

    So heartbreaking. I’ll be praying with you for these families who have lost children. Can there be anything more painful in life than the loss of a child? I’ve read too many stories of children passing away after a terrible battle with childhood cancer, all seemed to suffer until their final breath. It makes me long for Heaven where there will be no more pain, no more tears. God never promised a life free of pain. Jesus wept. It gives me hope that He knows how we feel, He is still on the throne, He is in control even when life feels out of control. Every day I’m more aware of how fragile life really is. On my fridge is a magnet that reads “life is a gift, that’s why it’s called the present.” :)

  8. Jen B. says:

    I pray for this family in this sad time. We never know what God’s plan is for us or our children. Our first born son was born with HLHS a serious heart defect. We met many families in the hospital with the same condition and their babies didn’t survive. We almost lost our son after his 3rd heart surgery. Our faith is what got us through that difficult time. We often question why our prayers were answered and not our friends. In life if we give total control to God he will take over and it may not be the outcome we wanted but it is His plan. I pray that God will have his arms around Baby Marleigh’s family during this difficult time.

  9. stevie says:

    Crying too much to comment. Anyway–you have said it all.

  10. Cristy McMillan says:

    Thank you for this. It reminds us that have nothing to do with this family or that do not know them personally that we can still help. Prayers are always appreciated. And when I don’t know what to pray for, I pray for guidance. I pray for clarity. I pray for peace. I will be including Marleigh and her family in my prayers today.

    ***Luke 12:22 is the part in the Bible about Worry.

  11. Lucy says:

    This post is so touching. It is beautifully written and reminds me so much that Jesus is there for us and we do not need to worry. That being said, I can’t imagine losing a baby. Our prayers are with Baby Marleigh’s family.
    Thank you, Ethan for the inspiring post. I have been following your story for some time and LOVE the show. Yours and Casey’s faith is such an inspiration.

  12. Jennifer Dean says:

    How beautiful to share the meaning and essence of prayer. If only we could perfectly grasp that in our moments of need and trial. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this call to depend on the Lord for any and all things. He wants us to pray – to turn only to Him. God bless you for putting in to words what so many contemplate. Beautifully said.

  13. gabe says:

    The Sanders family are an amazing group of people that I am lucky enough to know. Thank you for posting this. It is futile to try and make any sense out of why this happened but your words provide a sense of clarity to feelings that have been pretty tough to define. Thank you for praying and thinking about my friends. Ricky and Steph are two of the nicest, most caring, funniest, and friendliest people I know and the outpouring of love for them in this terrible situation is a testament to these two beautiful people and their beautiful baby girl.

  14. Kristin says:

    This is a touching story. It is amazing the lives she touched indirectly. You are right all the things people say during a time like this don’t heal anything. However, it is true, everything happens for a reason and for a purpose. This little beautiful girl (angel) was here to teach many people things. Although, we may not know exactly what her reason was, but it sounds like in her short life she touched many other lives. Who knows, maybe her lung samples that were sent off for testing will help to find a cure for this devastating disease, so this doesn’t keep happening to families. I will continue to pray for their family and the Jones family.

  15. Linda M. says:


    You wrote this because you can imagine yourself being in the same position and you empathized with them. You wrote this and couldn’t sleep because you love babies and you have a hard time accepting the death of one so young and so loved. You wrote this because you know that those who love Marleight are hurting and you understand their pain.

    Marleigh’s death is hard to understand and it’s so very, very sad. I can’t imagine losing a child and if I could wrap my arms around her parents and loved ones, I would not be able to give them words of comfort or understanding. I would only be able to share in their tears. May God’s love and grace give them peace and comfort.

  16. Susie says:

    How heart-wrenching! Why do bad things happen? I have a cousin who was a full-term stillbirth. They knew for several months he would be – talk about torture! We prayed and prayed, but to no avail.

    It IS somehow comforting that God knows why. Not just because he’s good, but because he lost his child as well – not floating off to heaven, but descending to the pit of hell. If we can’t expect bad things not to happen, it is comforting to know that an all-powerful, ultimately-good God mourns too.

  17. Beautifully written Ethan. And you are right….only God knows why. Prayers for Marleigh, her family and friends and all those pained by her loss.

  18. Ashley says:

    What a beautiful message Ethan. I am close to the Sanders family and watching this tragedy unfold has been heartbreaking. I too have asked questions why. Why was their perfect 2 year old completely healthy and baby Marleigh born so sick? Regardless, the outpouring of love for them has been tremendous and thank you for bringing awareness to this.

  19. Savannah Mangum says:

    Ethan and Casey,

    Words cannot express my gratitude for you following little Marleigh’s story and for reaching out to me and my family to help. your kindness is beyond words and I am forever grateful, As I know my sister and her husband are as well. I have watched your family grow and develop and the fact that you have taken an interest in mine and wanted to help really speaks to your faith and good nature. Marleigh truly was a miracle. She has changed my life in more ways than I could ever possibly describe. I am so lucky to have had her in my life and not a day will go by that i do not thank her for being in my life. The hard part is just beginning, even more so for my sister and her husband. I love my sister more than words and watching her lose a child has broken my heart. My sister is one of the strongest and most amazing people I know and i am so grateful to her for letting my be apart of Marleigh’s Journey. I would take away her pain if I only could. I am hoping that thanks to your blog, people will reach out to her and her husband and they will find some comfort in other’s stories.

    May God bless you for all that you have done for us,
    Savannah (Marleigh’s Aunt)

  20. Melissa says:

    My name is Melissa ang I am also one of Marleigh’s aunts. I just wanted to say thank you for your thoughts and prayers for our family. It is very comforting to know Marleigh has had such a large impact on others lives as well as our own.

  21. Michelle says:

    I am actually in the same sorority with some of the family members and this I can safety say was one of the hardest things to be witness to. There are not words that you can adequately say to help ease this family’s pain. Thank you so much for your words of wisdom, for they offer more relief and comfort for this family, and those who followed Marleigh on her journey, than you will ever know. Again thank you, and God bless you.

  22. Scott says:

    My wife was one of Stephanies friends in high school. I received the facebook updates daily. It upset me, as I am sure it upset so many others.

    I followed Marleighs updates daily on her marleighsonelove site. I had facebook and Marleighs site both saved to my favorites at work and home.

    Although I never seen Marleigh in person, I can say she changed my life alot. I now take alot less for granted. I also appreciate everything so much more.

    I pray for the family in this tough time.

  23. This is such a touching blog entry. My heart aches for the parents & family of this little girl. I had not heard Marleigh’s story before reading this post.

    There are so many families in need of comforting love and prayer this week. I’ve been following another story this week and their tragedy has been weighing heavy on my heart. Earlier this week I read about the premature infant who died on the day of her parents funeral. I’ve been praying for her 5 brothers and sisters who have survived this immense tragedy.

    These situations make me realize how truly blessed I am. All to often we take the people in our life for granted and never really realize how precious life is. I feel humbled that I’ve been allowed to bring 6 healthy children into this world and share my life with them. It pains me to know that unfortunately others suffer hardship when trying to fulfill their dream of having children. I’m hopeful that Marleigh’s story raises awareness. It’s very upsetting to know that there is no treatment for this rare disease. I hope that more treatment becomes available so that other families won’t have to suffer because of this disease.

    Ethan, if you can keep this other family in your prayers as well I would appreciate the gesture. Loosing a sibling is hard enough but to loose your parents and your baby sister is a traumatic event. I worry about the life long impacts the loss will have on these children. I hope that God comforts both families and sees them through this difficult time.

  24. Michelle says:

    This is really beautiful and such a testament to how special the Sanders family truly is. I am blessed to know them, and believe me when I say that they have absolutely amazed me with their grace through this terrible ordeal. They have embraced the little time they were able to spend with Marleigh. They have inspired so many of us to live our lives a little differently- to cherish the little things more. Nothing really makes sense right now and quite honestly I’ve been questioning God’s plan for putting this wonderful family through this nightmare. It helps to read this and see that someone with faith much stronger than my own feels tested by this situation too. Your words are very heartfelt, kind, and comforting. Thank you for praying for my friends.

  25. Beverly Mark says:

    I came to know Marleigh through her Great Grandmother Hazel. Hazel and I met online about 5 years ago. Several of us made a special connection and have stayed in contact. Hazel and our little group shared not only the love of the Lord but shared our families. We shared the ups and downs, the joys and sorrows and pictures of children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. We shared the joy she felt at the news of another baby in the family. They are all indeed a special family.


    Little Marleigh will live in their hearts forever.

  26. Christin says:

    Marleigh’s story reminded me so much of a family I know, their daughter, Hope Isabella, was born with a rare form of dwarfism and they knew prior to her birth about her condition. From that point God used Hope to bring the family closer to Him, something I didn’t think would have been possible as this family was a Christ-filled family and full of faith. Everyone who came into contact with Hope or heard Hope’s story was inspired and couldn’t help drawing closer to Christ, she was a miracle in the fact that she was given three hours by the doctors and was given 3 weeks by God. It seems that Marleigh has had the same inspiring effect. Sometimes it doesn’t seem fair or right to us because we don’t know all that God knows but I believe as much as I believed with Hope that there was someone that has or will hear Marleigh’s story that needed Marleigh to bring them to their Savior. As sad as it is here on earth, Marleigh will never know the pain or sadness that a long life can bring, she will only know lasting Joy, she is frolicking in Heaven with Jesus, she gets to learn everything from the Maker Himself, how cool would that be? I will pray for peace for the family and friends and I hope that Marleigh will inspire so many people to come to Christ and strengthen the faith of so many more just as Hope did.
    Thank you so much for sharing this story!

  27. Teresa says:

    This story really touched me. I pray for this family as they cope with their loss. Thank you for such a poignant post.

  28. Kerry says:

    Wow Ethan (and Casey)! Your faith is amazing…I pray that you hold onto it and never let it go. Thanks for your encouraging words and reminders of God’s grace! Prayer is the way we can communicate with Our Lord and Saviour.
    We also will hold the Sanders family up in prayer. It is always amazing to me that when someone loses a loved one, they are the strength for others around them. The Holy Spirit fills them with grace and strength to get through.
    Again, thank you so much for your blogs! It’s refreshing :D

  29. Tara says:

    This story really touched me and brought tears to my eyes. I can’t imagine how hard it would be to lose a child. My thoughts and prayers are wih this family through their loss.

  30. Louise says:

    I don’t know what brought me to your site; I had never looked at it before but I am glad that I ended up here. Your words are so beautiful and your message so pure. God is truly good and yet so incredibly hard to understand.

    We buried our 19 year old daughter (the oldest of 6) a little over 2 years ago. I miss her more than I can possibly put into words and yet somehow God has helped us to keep moving forward. I’ll never understand why she had to leave so early in her life but I am both thankful for the 19 years, 5 months and 1 day that we had with her and anxious for the eternity that we will spend with her when God feels the time is right. So true that it is all in his hands.

    Casey is so blessed to have a man that can lead his family in the way that you so obviously do.

    My prayers will include both your family and that of the little girl who touched your heart and inspired you to inspire others.

    God bless you all,

  31. Ginny says:

    Ethan your family ia exactly how I knew you would be. You and Casey continue to reach out and share, pray and care for others even at times when you are stretched yourselves. I was really right when I wrote that your story and show would be so different than the other multiple shows. Instead of worrying about whether your precious adorable children are messing up the house and getting their clothes dirty or getting in your way as Ms. KG does, you embrace the mess and make memories and put smiles on each of those messy faces. You guys are truly wonderful caring parents, teachers and citizens and you teach your children on a daily basis to give to others less fortunate and embrace the hard times as valuable lessons. With as busy as you are you use your website to bring attention to others who are in need of fellowship and prayer. I am enjoying your show so much and the kids are adorable and growing into their own little personalities so sweetly. You and Casey are truely selfless parents who show your children everyday the meaning of unconditional love for each of them,eachother and friends and strangers alike. God Bless you all and keep up the good work. Finally a mulitple show that teaches faith, love and belief in doing good for others not only to your children but everyone who watches your show. If you could just teach the other parents of multiples on TV that their is more to life than excessive discipline and a clean house. Children are children,they play in the dirt, pull things out of cabinets, pull each others hair and make noise at the wrong time, but they are Gods greatest gift and they are put here to teach us as much as we are supossed to teach them. Whether they are here for days, weeks or years they change your life in the blink of an eye and make us better for eachother. Keep up the great work, your family touches more lives then you know in such a positive way and not many people can say that. God Bless you all.

  32. Mommyof2peas says:

    Everything everyone is feeling is so true and real. I cannot imagine going through some of the things I have seen families go through. But I know that God has a plan for them all. Sadly sometimes God needs these precious ones before we here on earth are ready. He has worked many miracles some have kept kids alive, but some of the most powerful miracles I have seen have been through the arms of a child. Saving us adults from our day to day struggles by showing us what He has to offer through the lose of a child. I pray I never experience this pain. But as a believer, I can say the death of a child and near death miracles sent from God have saved me and I am born again. Everyday is a struggle sometimes, but I remember and that keeps me going.

  33. Tami says:


    I too was taken over by a similar heartbreaking story that happened out here in southern california. A Chrisitan loving couple lost their three children, a boy (6), and two girls (4 and 2) in a car accident when a big rig slammed into the back of their family van. The smallest girl died on impact, the 4 year old a few hours later and the little boy died in his mom’s arms that night after surgery. The thought of the amount of grief these parents experienced in one day losing all of their children was too much for me to bear, yet I thought about them constantly. I thought over and over how in the world would God let this happen to this wonderful couple? It tore me up for quite some time and I followed their story. One year later they got pregnant again, triplets, one boy and two girls. It reminded me that God works in mysterious ways and we are just to deal with what he hands us. We feel vulnerable because we love our babies and children so much that the thought of losing them is too much to bear and we marvel at those that are going through it and surviving, how do they do it? how do they cope? I don’t know how they get past their grief. Just wanted to say I understand where you are coming from, how a family can capture your mind like that.

  34. Heather says:

    When I first saw “Quints by Suprise” in my Comcast, Video on Demand line-up I thought to myself, “Not another one of those shows, how many different takes can there be on how the world sees five babies and furthermore who even cares by now. Well apparently I care, and this is why. While watching the first show,”16 months later…” I immediately noticed something different but I couldn’t quite put my finger on what it was. The obvious similarities were there relating this story to that of “Kate Plus 8” and “Raising Quintuplates” (an unfathomable amount of babies, a Mom and Dad with almost inhuman amounts of energy, unusually large family vehicles and an almost obsessive interest in watching these babies “be”).
    It didn’t take long to realize that the number 5 is just about the only thing that you do have in common with the other lives we watch on tv showcasing quintuplates. I knew by the way you cared for and genuinely loved your children that you were different. I recognized a familiar peace among chaos that can only be obtained by letting go of your own will and embracing the Will of God instead. I see the Light of Christ shining through your family-without introduction, without words purely by actions alone. The tender way that you Casey, speak to your children at all times, the way you support and nurture your husband and never seem to complain even when you are alone (which I have not seen much of on TV). It was so comforting to see a Father as tender and loving as you are Ethan. Never criticizing or speaking ill of your wife. You lift her up for all the world to see and that will filter into the lives of your daughters. The two of you seem to just harmoneously do what you must in order to take care of your kids. It is good to see two babies (and sometimes three even) in your arms instead of an army of assistants and bodyguards and hired hands looming around. You show the world that it can be done and you do it with grace. And even though edditing I’m sure has limited the mention of Christ, his love still shines through. I knew you had to know the Lord in order to interact with your children the way that you do and when I came to this website it was no suprise to see just how much He lives through you.
    I couldn’t stop weeping when I read your post about baby Marleigh. It reminds me of my own journey and the daughter that I lost as well. Josephine was created in the womb, at the moment of conception, with a purpose, given to her by God. I firmly believe that she lived so that my faith would grow and my understanding that God has ultimate authority over life, would develope. Her death brought me closer to my Father and gave me clarity to see that His Will is much greater than that of medicine. Doctor’s can really only provide us with a hypothesis of how things can go. Louie Gigly, an Austrailian Christian Scientist stated once that through our pain and suffering God’s goodness can be magnified. I have been trying to find my way home for a while now, and watching your family, witnessing the Love of our Creator in your life brought me one step closer than I was yesterday. And Marleigth’s story of strength, love and endurance put my own pain into perspective. Thank you so much for opening up your home, your lives, and your beautiful children and sharing the journey God has given you with me and the rest of those that are called according to his purpose and those who ignore that calling as well).

    Peace be to You

  35. Meredith says:

    Often as Christians we pray for a miracle – I’m sure Marleigh’s family did as well.

    Marleigh received a miracle. The miracle of Heaven – the greatest miracle that a person can receive.

    Her parents hearts are breaking, but knowing she is in the arms of the Lord is miraculous.

  36. Ethan.. this was so well written, so touching. I just learned about Marleigh a few days ago and how we are connected. I too lost my daughter, Bella, on January 12th this year to ACD after 22 days. We prayed and prayed she would survive, and now we pray for answers and for peace. I pray for the Sanders family, may they find comfort in knowing they’ll get to see their beautiful Marleigh again someday. For now she sings and dances with all the other angel babies. I’m sure my little girl was there to welcome her with open arms.

    Thank you for writting this. Its a subject that most people don’t talk about.

  37. Cheryl says:

    The Bible tells us that God comforts the broken hearted and He carries us when we don’t have the strength to carry ourselves. Ethan, if you would please relay this website to Marleigh’s parents, I’m certain they, and others, will find it a blessing. It is specifically for those who have suffered a loss through death. It is Bible-based and has trained counselors for the meetings along with workbook and also there is a daily emailed devotional. There is no cost for the meetings or workbook. The website is God bless you and your lovely family. Thank you for sharing your faith and planting the seed for viewers. Television needs MORE programs like yours! United We Stand!

  38. Everything everyone is feeling is so true and real. I cannot imagine going through some of the things I have seen families go through. But I know that God has a plan for them all. Sadly sometimes God needs these precious ones before we here on earth are ready. He has worked many miracles some have kept kids alive, but some of the most powerful miracles I have seen have been through the arms of a child. Saving us adults from our day to day struggles by showing us what He has to offer through the lose of a child. I pray I never experience this pain. But as a believer, I can say the death of a child and near death miracles sent from God have saved me and I am born again. Everyday is a struggle sometimes, but I remember and that keeps me going.

  39. Sherrie Flores says:

    Thank you so much for posting this. My husband and I are really going through a trying time right now. The part that you wrote about prayer and how it doesn’t always get answered, but brings us peace hits home and is very comforting in what we are going through.
    May God continue to bless you and your family…your testimony is truly inspiring.

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