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From the Birth Day to the Birthday

11 Comments 14 January 2010

In honor of the fast-approaching 1st birthday celebration for The Fab Five, I thought I’d share a little bit about each of the little crazies that make our world so joyfully unpredictable…emphasis on the unpredictable part!! In what will forever be unfair to Lila and Ryan, I’ll go in birth order for this little tribute… :-)


Brooklyn Faith, what a beauty! If I had to choose one to be the pageant queen, it would be Brooklyn, hands down. She has the most striking features of the five – big hazel eyes, full lips, super long eyelashes, and a killer smile! She is also, without a doubt, the sweetest of the bunch.  Quick story:  my “alarm” goes off every morning around 6:15 – the sound of babies laughing, squealing, and hollering at each other and at me, signaling the day’s beginning. So I trudge upstairs and take them out of their cribs one-by-one , change them, hand them their morning bottle, then head back in for the next one in line. When I start pulling them out to get the process going, I am greeted with pained shrieks of anguish from all but one of the remaining babies left bouncing in their beds. “How could you not pick me, Daddy?!,” they seem to be saying. But Brooklyn? Nothing but smiles! And that sums up Miss Brooklyn’s persona – sweet, patient, loving, and absolutely adorable!


Britton Grace – that smile says it all, doesn’t it? What would have been as appropriate and equally telling is if I had posted a picture of Angry Britton right next to this one. Yes, the little one, the one we most commonly call Little Bit, is also the uncontested diva of the bunch. Remember that story above about pulling the babies out in the morning – Britton usually goes first! She definitely has her moods – angry, fussy, inconsolable – but she also has a delightful feistiness that more than compensates for some of her less than delightful moods! She is still so, so tiny (she wears size one diapers!), but do not underestimate the might of this little one – I am certain she will be the first to do the many “firsts” among The Five!


Jack William – my boy! My lonely, mistreated, helpless little boy! Poor Jack has the unenviable fate of having six women determine his every move in life…every.single.move…Girlfriends? Only if the six approve. Dressing himself? Not without the girls’ consent. Thinking for himself? Not a chance! Fortunately, Jack seems to be well-designed for the gauntlet that awaits him in life…laid back, content, happy-go-lucky, easy as it goes…that’s Jack. No kidding, Jack is just happy, seemingly all the time. We are literally surprised when he is upset about something as if that is something babies are not known for! While the rest of our world swirls about at the pace of a chicken on crystal meth, Jack doesn’t seem to notice, or care for that matter. He is as content as content can be…for now, at least, and we are going to enjoy it while it lasts!


Lila Addison – the one we thought was as laid back as Jack has proven herself to be quietly mischievous. When Lila is quiet, something that happens less and less these days, she is probably venturing off to explore and get herself in trouble! She is our only babbler, was the first to say ma-ma and da-da (and mean it!), and I’m pretty certain will have no trouble competing with Britton and Ryan for the personality award! She is also the one that seems to be most connected to Eliot McKenna – read more on that here:  Her tongue is always waggling like you see above and her blue eyes absolutely sparkle…what a cutie!!


And then there was Ryan. Actually, if you are keeping up with this blog you are probably most familiar with Ryan Elizabeth, otherwise known as Ryan the Lion, as she has been the subject of many, many videos and blog updates…what can I say, she’s an easy subject for camera and keyboard alike!  She was the only one making any noise on the day of their birth and she hasn’t piped down yet! She is without a doubt the most colorful of the bunch! From her lightning quick smile to her equally ferocious roar to her collection of facial expressions and the accompanying sound effects, Ryan keeps us Smilin’…and laughing…and usually shaking our heads in bewilderment! First to crawl, first to walk, and she will probably be the first to pitch herself headfirst off of some high place, sending the whole gang of us off to the emergency room to watch her be the first to wear a cast…Ryan, Ryan, Ryan…oh my!

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  1. Another_One_Bites_The_Dust says:

    Cute stuff. How are their head helmets going?

  2. mnbeckhm says:

    That was so sweet….perfectly describes the babies! They are so unique and it’s so neat to see how each one of them has grown from the tiny babies home from the NICU to toddlers. Brooklyn definitely would be the pageant queen, and as a side note she did notice when I came over the other day that I was NOT wearing a necklace, and she showed me she was not happy about it ;-) I can’t believe how laid back Jack still is, Lila has turned into Little Miss Sneaky, Ryan is hilarious, and Britton for sure gets the diva title! Also, I literally ‘Laughed Out Loud’ when I read the part about the “chicken on crystal meth”. I love the comparisons you make! Can’t wait for their birthday party, and congrats Ethan, Casey, and Eliot for not only surviving the first year, but thriving!!

  3. stevie says:

    Yes. They are so different and yet, so much alike!….All so cute and sweet!!! It will be very interesting to watch them grow up and develop their individual personalities and talents. They will always be compared to each other–the same as with any siblings–only more so since they are quints. Fortunately, these children have wonderful parents who will help them develop their talents and offer plenty of guidance, praise, discipline and LOVE to each as individuals. BTW, that picture of Britton is the most spiteful thing I have ever seen! Too cute!!!

  4. Fran Spencer says:

    I love reading your assessments of the babies and you are exactly right. It has been my joy to be associated with them and the rest of the family. You all bring a lot of joy to my heart. Happy birthday, cherubs!

  5. RSiewert says:

    So sweet, i love getting to know them better!

  6. Happy for you says:

    I am happy for your family. I am sure you all realize and appreciate just how lucky you are that all these babies are alive and developing normally. Somehow you were picked to be the lucky ones.

  7. Tori says:

    LOVED this post!!! I haven’t met your kiddos, but I feel like I know them because you describe them so well. Happy bday tomorrow quints!!

  8. Shelley Barron says:

    Happy Birthday Fab 5!!!!

  9. Toni Ericson says:

    Ethan, you are such a gifted writer! Jennifer said you’d described the babies perfectly and she was right! I treasure the times I’ve been able to come and “help” her with them. What precious, incredible little miracles they are! Thanks be to God for His amazing gift!

  10. Turtle says:

    I am in awe with your babies, along with Eliot of course. I know that you should never favourite a baby out of a bunch but I definitely am feeling a love for Jack! I love them all but my golie he melts my heart! But I also love Ryan shes just such a sweetie… Ryan the Lion I love that! I think these kids are the spitting image of the Gosselin 6!!!
    Alexis Faith: Ryan Elizabeth and the smile of Britton
    Hannah Joy: I don’t think theres relation
    Aaden Jonathon: No relation
    Collin Thomas: No relation
    Leah Hope: A definite Lila and Brittions littleness!
    Joel: Oh little Jack!!

  11. Ladybug says:

    I think Ryan this the cutie out of the bunch!

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