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Baby Dedication…Pics and More!

2 Comments 19 August 2009

Wow, the baby dedication was AWESOME!! We had a great time finally getting our whole clan out in public and introducing them to the Riverbend family! The babies were out of the house for about four hours and did absolutely wonderfully! No fussiness, no blowouts or blow-ups, no spit-ups on their beautiful outfits, and no drama…excellent! All five of them even took a little nap between the two services! My lady was looking AMAZING as the pictures can attest and Eliot, aside from hiding behind me the entire time we were on stage during the second service, was a perfect little angel! It was a great day with lots and lots of family, loads of friends, and tons of well wishers and good vibes from our church family!!
I also have to mention that the entire weekend was made so amazing by several of our baby helpers who pitched in extra time to allow us to take Eliot to Fiesta Texas and also to take much of the burden of entertaining family off of our shoulders. We had several folks who helped out with the babies while we were out of town, one fine lady named Farrah, aka Rah-Rah!, who rallied up several of her friends to cover the whole day on Saturday, and two tireless helpers, Renee and Pam, who cooked a Saturday night dinner and a late Sunday brunch for our entire family!! Additionally, Riverbend went out of their way to put together a slide show for the services and sing a special song – “Let Them Be Little” – as the slideshow played. I’m trying to find some good video to upload so I’ll let you know if I’m able to do that. Thank you to everyone who helped make it such a special day!!
You can also follow this link to see some pictures from Grandpa’s camera:
God Bless,
Ok, I decided after I posted this that I needed to add a few more details about the trip to San Antonio. So we walked every square inch of the Riverwalk, literally, and did our fair share of sweating. We actually did a pretty horrible job of doing the Riverwalk thing…we walked from one end to the other and decided it was time to eat after we were way too far from the good restaurants to walk back. Then we decided to go grab the car and drive around and find a restaurant. After driving around awhile and not finding any restaurants we parked again and walked a whole lot more before realizing we were exactly where we had started – on the Riverwalk, a long way from good restaurants…long walk, decent food, bad margaritas (we sent them back – who has ever heard of doing that on the Riverwalk?!), but still a great night!
Six Flags Fiesta Texas was totally awesome! That place is really, really cool! We did all of the rides that Eliot was allowed to do, saw a couple of shows, played some games (she won the Supergirl cape she’s wearing in her tough-girl pose above), then hit the water park to cool off. Excuse me, did I say Eliot? I meant, Little Miss Fearless! There was not an ounce of fear in her body as we hit the roller coasters – flips, turns, twists, and loops – she loved it all! I swear, if you’ve never experienced Six Flags in that way, do yourself a favor – go out and grab the first five-year-old that you can find, hit the park with no agenda, and put the little one in charge of the day’s activities…you’ll have the time of your life!! At least, that is, until the little one has a meltdown because she is over-tired, over-stimulated, and a little over-heated, which for Eliot hit around 6 pm. After about a ten minute nap, she was ready to go again so we left the park, hit the restaurant for some refueling, then stopped by the ice cream shop before heading back to the hotel for the night. Good, good, good times!!!

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  1. Tori :) says:

    Sounds like a great weekend. I'm glad the dedication went so well. And I'm glad y'all had a wonderful mini-vacay!!

  2. Missy says:

    Sounds like you had a great weekend. I must tell you my worlds have overlapped. Farrah and I grew up together. I am glad her amazing energy is helping you guys out. She loves your kiddos. Missy

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