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5 Comments 01 March 2009

It appears we may have a photo finish as to which of the Fab Five gets to come home first. The lucky winner will enjoy an indeterminate number of days garnering all the attention that this former family of three has to offer!

As you all know, Brooklyn jumped out to an early lead only to have my main man Jack take her over in the 34th week. It appears now, however, that we’ve got a new challenger in the mix. That’s right, one of the Delivery Day Dainties, Lila Addison who weighed in at a daring 2 pounds, 3 ounces on her birthday, has mounted a late charge and threatens to dash Jack’s dreams! Oh, the drama!!!

As of yesterday afternoon, Jack was comfortably in the lead with the finish line coming into view. However, he tripped on the home stretch allowing Lila to pull up neck and neck beside him! Poor little guy held destiny in his hands before a spontaneous heart rate drop dropped out of nowhere and opened the door to all challengers. Little Lady Lila, weighing in at a full pound lighter than Big Bad Jack, seized the opportunity by continuing her dominance at the nipple resulting in the removal of her feeding tube! Having escaped the wrath of the dreaded heart rate drop for several days now, she may have snuck away with the title.

But don’t place your bet before Unbridled Brooklyn has her last say! She proved herself to be strong out of the gates, but will she have what it takes to finish with flair?? No heart rate drops for her either, but the nipple has been her nemesis! She approaches the bottle work with gusto, but her gale of glee too quickly flees long before the bottle has bowed in submission. The nurses say she could turn it on like a light and snatch victory from the jaws of defeat…and don’t we all know better than to nay-say a nurse’s knowledge?

Radiant Ryan and Little Baby Britton (with whom all are sure to be smitten) have little chance to challenge for the charmed chariot ride to their new castle, but both have made their mark on the JonesLife marquee! Ryan, the youngest of the crew, is a quiet little charmer who selflessly chose to allow her older sisters and brother fight for the glory…this time. Beautiful Britton, with her big, bright eyes (which seem to always be open, by the way!), still prefers the quiet solitude of her isolette to the bright lights of the big stage. With her tiny, little face, big, bright, beautiful eyes, and melt your heart charm the nurses are certain she’ll have more than her fair share of the spotlight.

Who will pull it out? Who will make the final push? Is Big Bad Jack baby boy enough to break free from this estuary of estrogen and stake an early claim to family dominance?? Will Big Sister Brooklyn redeem herself after such a promising start and subsequent fall from grace? Does Lila have enough left in the tank to shock the world? Will Britton ever close those big, bright, beautiful eyes and go to sleep? And what about Ryan – will our sleepy little siren ever wake up long enough to show us what she’s made of?? No one can say, but there are sure to be more twists and turns along the way. Tune in to see who comes out of this baby scrap fight with the coveted title – First Home Arrival!!!!!

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5 Comments so far

  1. ellegirl says:

    LOL!!!! Oooooooohhhh, the suspense is killing me!!! My bets are on Lila!! Go Lila goooo!!!

  2. Auntie Martha says:

    That was so sweet and funny. All of the babies are just beautiful. I wish I lived close, I love to rock and feed babies. Don’t mind messy diapers either.
    An Alabama Grandmother

  3. Tori :) says:

    LOL! I’m gonna place my bets on Jack just because he’s the lone male. I think you need a little time with the numbers being even in the home before you and Jack are overtaken by estrogen.

  4. Paula71 says:

    Very cute and funny post. I am rooting for your tiniest tot Lila to get the coveted trip to the casa before anyone else.

  5. Mommy of 3 says:

    I’m going to take the underdog and bet on Britton :) Once she figures that bottle out, she will be good as gold!!

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