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The Busy Life in the NICU…Busy…Good…Busy!!

5 Comments 11 February 2009

The blog title says it all, but the pictures say more…the last two days have been BUSY GOOD in our home away from home! On Tuesday, Ryan got a bath which happens about every three days for each of the babies, but often does not happen while we are there. So far, we have only been there to help bathe Jack and Britton. No sponge baths this time around – real baby baths – in a tub, with real water, soap, and all the other amenities of baby bath time. I haven’t gotten the chance to pitch in just yet – we have to be fairly economical with our NICU time so I am generally holding the other babies while Casey and the nurses tend to the bath. Thanks to the nurses for lending their photography skills!

While Casey had her hands full with Ryan’s bath, I had my first opportunity to feed one of the babies a bottle and Jack was the lucky recipient of my baby bottle skills! I can’t explain what it is about feeding a baby a bottle, but it gets me every time. That’s the way it was with Eliot and I knew immediately that it would be the same with these babies the moment I got hold of Jack and got him going on the bottle. There’s something amazing about watching them work through the bottle, taking their little breaks to think about what’s happening and to catch their breath. I think it’s just one of those moments where you realize how fragile their little lives are and how much they depend on you for every ounce of their survival. Truly incredible!!

Today was another busy day and we’ve got more pictures to prove it! While I held Ryan and Lila, Casey held Jack and Britton and Big Sister Eliot got her first go round on the baby holding carousel. As a proud mom and dad looked on, Nurse Melissa and Nurse Jeannie helped one suddenly serious 4 year old hold her biggest little sister. The look on her face was well worth the price of admission, but unfortunately this time I don’t think the picture quite captures the moment just as it was. The conflict of emotion was written all over Eliot’s face as she oh so carefully held our biggest three pounder – excitement, wonder, and curiosity were on the verge of bursting forth as she struggled to maintain her very solemn little face. This was serious business and she wasn’t about to let her excitement overtake the moment. It was absolutely priceless!

Busy. Good. Busy good. That’s life in the NICU these days. It seems every day we show up now there is something new that we get to do which makes the time fly by. Life in the NICU is at times frustrating and at times, the time we spend there seems to never be coming to an end. But days like today and yesterday remind us that this special time in our lives will be over sooner than we’d like. Days we will always cherish as we watch our babies grow, days we will never be able to relive. Like I said, NICU life is a busy life…NICU life is a good life…
Oh yeah, how could I forget?! That other picture is of super mom Casey holding three at a time – Brooklyn, Britton, and Jack! At one other time, she was “kangaroo’ing” Britton and feeding Jack a bottle all at once. Way to go Super-Mom-Elasti-Girl Casey!!!
God Bless,

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  1. Mary Anne Whiteley says:

    I have a question. I’ve read tons of preemie/multiples blogs and never have seen the siblings in the NICU. Is it just different hospital policies or what? I think it’s great that big sis gets to see the babies, though! They sure are cute!

  2. Tori :) says:

    I creid reading this post- again. I’m a dork. Beautiful post as usual. Eliot is adorable.

  3. Laurie G says:

    Thanks for the continued updates, Ethan. You all have such a positive and inspiring attitude.

    By the way, please tell Eliot that I agree….101 Dalmatians IS scary!

    To all: Be sure to check out Eliot’s quote of the week!

  4. Donna says:

    In between travel jobs, I check in her to see how the babies are doing. I feel like I know a little about each of them from the posts. I am glad their big sis got to see them and connect with them. I take it that is also a sign the babies are growing and improving.

    I am hoping I will get the chance to share a tiny part of their lives and help out eventually. I loved the one picture where the tiny little arm looks like he is holding on to his sib! Sniff!

    Donna, the traveling nanny

  5. ellegirl says:

    Praise God for the continued growth and health of your fab 5! It’s truly a joy to check up on them and read good news about how well they are all doing! You all are truly blessed! Eliot is so cute!

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