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Very Cool Timing…The Birth of Molly Joy McKinney

2 Comments 11 January 2009

Friday night I slept at a friend’s garage apartment that is a few minutes from the hospital while Casey’s mom pulled the night shift with Casey – thank you, Quentin and Jaymie! As I was getting ready to come back over to the hospital around 6:30 am, I got an email from a good friend and fellow Riverbend Marriage Builder, William McKinney, that updated us on the status of his very pregnant wife. She was due to deliver their first baby on New Year’s Day and here we were on January 10th with no baby yet. The update was great however – Haley was in the hospital and half way home on bringing their little girl into the world.

I sent Will a quick text to find out where he was and to see if I could stop by. The answer: he was two door down from us! So I stopped in, gave Haley my love, and talked a little while with the dazed-daddy-to-be. Just a few hours later, Haley’s mom knocked on our door and invited us to come see the new addition. Another friend and Marriage Builder had just stopped by to bring us some food so she and I went down to check in. We got there just in time to see little Molly Joy get placed in her mama’s arms for the first time after being bundled up. What a site to see! As grandma and grandpa worked the room with a video camera, a small digital camera, and a bigger camera on a tripod, Payton, William, and I just looked on and enjoyed the scene. Later, Will snuck Molly into our room and let Casey hold her for a quick second before the nurse came and smacked Will around for breaking the law!
I’ve never been so close to a birth other than Eliot’s. It was really incredible to be in the room and share in the experience with the current two happiest people in the world! Very cool timing is all I can say about the experience!
Our prayers are with Will, Haley, and Molly Joy as they begin their new life together!
God Bless,

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  1. Tori :) says:

    Congrats to your friends!!!

  2. Klin says:

    How did he break the law? He stayed with the baby, right? Crazy nurses.

    I think it’s exciting that Casey could share the moment with them.

    I’m praying she can hold out a little longer. She must be uncomfortable.

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