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Thank You, Thank You, Thank You HEB!!!!

5 Comments 31 January 2009

Ok, so I am officially designating HEB as the Greatest Store With the Most Kind Hearted People In All the World!!! They wrapped up the diaper drive yesterday with quite a few little (and one big) surprises that really blew us away! Seriously, they could not have met the need more head on nor done it in a better, more thoughtful way. They presented us with over 8,000 diapers that the community donated to us! The community outreach alone was phenomenal and we are so grateful to each and every person who pitched in!

Along with the community donation, HEB matched the amount of diapers given in the form of gift cards which worked out to over $2000…on top of that, they had a grocery cart full of other little baby need items, toys, and other goodies…and then on top of that, they had a backpack full of markers, stuffed animals, and other kid stuff for Eliot…and then on top of that, they gave us a personal shopper for a year who will do our grocery shopping for us and deliver them to the house…AND THEN ON TOP OF THAT…it just keeps going!! They gave us a very generous gift of several more gift cards!!

But wait, there’s one more thing that I think puts the cherry on top of the sudae…they contacted the Wilkinsons of Cedar Park – the quint family who has helped us out along the way – and donated to them as well!!! Are you kidding me?? How COOL is that?! They absolutely thought of everything and went waaaaaayy out of their way to make sure they did everything RIGHT!!

WOW!! Thank you so much to everyone at HEB who made this possible, who worked extra to put up displays, who took the phone orders, who moved diapers all over the place, who helped load the truck, who helped in any way whatsoever…THANK YOU!!!!!
God Bless,

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5 Comments so far

  1. I'm Sarah says:

    WOW you truly are surrounded by wonderful people…

  2. Mary Anne Whiteley says:

    I miss HEB. Congrats on your babies and hope they continue to grow and thrive. I think HEB would get all my business if I still lived in Texas, just for their generosity!

  3. Tori :) says:

    WOW! That is just so amazing. What an awesome store. I would so shop there if I lived in there…

  4. Cristy says:

    Gift cards are great – they’ll work perfect for all the wipes you’re gonna need to go with all those diapers.

  5. Klin says:


    Loved reading this and hearing you sound like an infomercial “but wait, there’s more.”

    I am so glad that you are surrounded by wonderful people. and yay for Casey on the more recent post. I’m not hatin’, I’m a happy for her.

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