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4 Comments 15 January 2009

Thank you to all who have posted comments on as you have successfully taken the attention off of the negativity that was gaining ground earlier today! This morning almost every post was negative, but now you have to get to the bottom of the second page to get to the first hateful comment! God love you all!!

God Bless,

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  1. Carol says:

    God Bless All of you! I’m an Austin native, and want you to know how much you’ve blessed me today (my 53rd birthday!) with the Statesman article and your website. Casey and the babies, as well as you Ethan, and Eliot, are now on my “forever” prayer list. As the daughter and grand-daughter (and great grand-daughter) of Southern Baptist ministers, I know you have a long row to hoe.

    Please Know this: While there will always be naysayers, (and somehow they invariably have the loudest voices!) the vast majority love and admire you, whether spoken or not. Know, too, that the only One whose opinion matters is the One who has given you both such blessings. Stay Strong!

    With all my love and prayers,

    Carol Davis Sonnier
    Double Blue-Star Mom, Rogers, Arkansas

  2. Heather P says:

    I myself am contimplating invetro. I love your spirt & commitment to God. With him by your side, you and your children will forever smile. I look forward to sharing your joy with you through the web site. Keep your head held high and don't forget to ask for HELP. it does take an army of love to raise any child but definetly for that many bundles of joy. HP

  3. MattandSara says:

    Thank you for not letting the enemy destroy this amazing experience. This is truly God working. I’ve loved following along with you guys and appreciate the daily updates, Ethan. I am praying for the delivery of these precious children. Hang in there Casey…this too shall pass.

    Sara (McRae) Moreland

  4. Emily's Blog says:

    Congrats on the birth of yor babies! They are beautiful!!

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