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4 Comments 14 January 2009

I have very little to report this morning…yeah! Casey had another great night sleep and seems to be settling into some sort of pattern. Good night sleep, decent morning, awful afternoon, decent evening has been the course over the last couple of days so we’ll see if that continues today.

Contractions are her constant companion, but they vary in frequency which makes a huge difference in her condition. Both Monday and yesterday, starting in early afternoon and lasting until early evening, the spacing was every 2-3 minutes. These are the roughest patches she goes through and they get everyone’s senses up that maybe the time has come. Yet, so far at least, the time has not come and the contractions back off to every 12 or 15 minutes by early evening.

She is still Pre-eclamptic, but she is stable and they will not be checking labs again today. Therefore, the only thing that would force delivery is if she goes into full out labor, the contractions never back down on their frequency, and her cervix begins to dilate. The exciting news about her cervix dilating: Casey’s was sewn shut at week 14 and if it begins to dilate, the suture will hold, while her cervix will not. While this does not present a significant health risk, the hope is that her labor will not progress so rapidly that this happens as it is certain to be incredibly painful…fun times!

Please continue to pray for Casey’s health and the health of the babies. The mental aspect of this fight is going to take its toll eventually and Casey will need all of the strength she has to keep her sanity. She’s one tough mama, but everyone has their breaking point. Let’s pray that this does not happen before her body decides it has had enough!!

God Bless,

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4 Comments so far

  1. Cassidy says:

    it’s her 30th week today, no ?
    another big goal, another good news.

    pray for a birth at 34w for valentine’s day

  2. joneslifeaustin says:

    She is 29 weeks, 4 days. The new goal is 30 weeks which happens Saturday…hang on, Casey!!

  3. Tori :) says:

    It’s just awesome how one goal seems so far away, then you make it! Casey is awesome.

  4. you are says:

    What a beautiful family you are! It was a pleasure meeting you both yesterday. Casey looks amazing and what a trooper! I want you to know that The Seton Family of Hospitals is truly blessed to be part of this incredible experience!

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