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A Mixed Bag – Update from Last Night

5 Comments 08 January 2009

We got a mixed bag of news this morning from the new round of testing they did on Casey. One of the indicators for pre-eclampsia is now back to normal and one is still being tested. Here’s where the mix comes in – a new indicator for pre-eclampsia has popped up. The short story is that we will not be having babies today…YEAH!!

Here’s the slightly longer story. They have decided to keep Casey here until the babies are born, but we are still hoping to hold out another 2 or 3 weeks before that happens. The new indicator of pre-eclampsia is that her blood platelet count is low (this is what causes your blood to clot). If it continues to drop, this will be very problematic – it’s kind of hard to cut someone open if their blood doesn’t clot, right? I don’t know yet what they intend to do if this level continues to drop, but Dr. Reich told us that Casey would be getting a lot of attention if this did not normalize.

Casey had a good night (for her) and is doing pretty well at the moment. We are actually happy that we will be staying here for the remainder as it was getting pretty difficult to manage her care at the house and she was just miserable all the time. Apparently, my bedside manner isn’t as gentle and patient as it could be…who would’ve guessed?? Eliot in the meantime is well taken care of by a small army of good friends!

I’ll update as often as I can. Please continue to pray for Casey’s health and the health of the babies!!

God bless,

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5 Comments so far

  1. RPLAustin says:

    You are all in our prayers – and I have to agree with you, you are in the best place (hospital) for now. I have been in your shoes (only 1 baby though) and the people at that hospital are GREAT! Please let me know if we can help and remember I work just down the street.

  2. Tori :) says:

    Hang in there Casey! Hang in there Babies!!
    Thank you for the updates Ethan. Maybe it would have helped if you wore a nurse’t outfit with the little hat?!?

  3. Bobbi Jo says:

    I’m friends with one of Casey’s sorority sisters, Jessica McDonald, and she passed on your info to me. We had quintuplets (B/G/G/G/G) in June 06, and we also have an older daughter that turned 3 right after they were born! You are both doing great! Hang in there, every day counts! Let me know if there is anything I can do!

  4. Martinez Family says:

    Hi there, you don’t know me, but you may know my mom…Gail Jackson. She attends Riverbend every week and has been delighted to get updates on you and your family through the church. My name is Shea and I work in the Seton NICU as a Nurse Assistant and have for the past 8 years. My mother wanted me to introduce myself to you so that you might have a familiar face when your precious babies come into the world. Congrats on how far you have come, it truly is amazing!

  5. Laurie G says:

    Hospital food….yuck! Babies still in…yea! Let us know if we can bring Casey (and you) any take-out from her favorite restaurants.

    Praying for you all! You are in good hands – from hospital staff, family and friends, to an awesome and caring God!

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