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2 Comments 13 January 2009

As we continue through this process, I am continually amazed at the resiliency of the human body and the strength of Casey’s spirit…and the knowledge of the medical staff…and the power of prayer…and the rallying of support…and the unpredictability of life…and the calming presence of God in your life…and the…

Casey had a great night sleep, only waking up a couple of times…amazing after what she went through yesterday evening. There was a two hour time frame from about 5-7 where we were pretty certain things were progressing and everyone was on high alert. But everything calmed down and Casey slept better than she had in weeks (and so did I with the help of our friend, Ambien)!

So they are running labs as we speak – testing everything that they’ve checked before – protein in the urine, liver enzymes, blood pressure, platelet count, etc. If everything checks out ok, then we continue the waiting game.

It appears that no matter what happens with Casey’s body, the doctors will hold out for every last possible hour before delivering the babies. Even Casey’s water breaking will not mean that we make a mad dash for the operating room! Apparently, as long as the babies have a little bit of fluid in their sack, they can continue to survive and grow inside the womb. Even if Casey goes in to raging labor, we’ll still have about four hours before the operation begins.

This up/down/stop/start game we’ve been playing has been stressful on us all, no doubt, but we are glad to do it as long as Casey stays pregnant. Casey’s focus has continued to wow us all! Though she is in complete misery, she has not complained other than to say that she’s frustrated that she may have to deliver before she’s ready to give up the fight!

Please keep up the prayers for Casey’s strength and health and the health of the quints…the prayers are working!!

God Bless,

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  1. Tori :) says:

    It’s official- Casey is my hero.

  2. Klin says:

    Ditto to what Tori said. Casey is amazing. She is a very strong woman.

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