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3 Comments 12 November 2008

What a crazy day! Casey called me this morning when I was out on one of my projects and asked how flexible I can be with my schedule today. Apparently, KVUE News, our local ABC station, caught wind of our story and wanted to do an interview…today…for a news story…today!! So, at one o’clock we’re sitting on our couch, both wearing microphones, talking with a reporter about our lives. It was so much fun!

This all happened because our unofficial publicist, Emily “Superstar” Yeck, sent an email to Olga Campos (one of the anchor’s for KVUE) about us on Sunday. She forwarded it onto Mari Alvarez, a reporter for KVUE, who interviewed us today and the rest is history!!

It was really cool to see the whole process unfold – from the interview, to the excitement of telling our friends what was coming, to hearing ads on the radio for the newscast highlighting our story, to the teasers throughout the broadcast, and finally to watching the feature on the six o’clock news! Probably the coolest thing, though was that we were able to be together with our small group from Marriage Builders (the Sunday school we attend through Riverbend Church) to watch it! Since these are the folks who made all of this possible and have been our biggest supporters from day one, it was only appropriate that we were all together to share in the fun!!

For now, the video is linked at You’ll have to scroll down in the “local video” box until you find “More Quintuplets in Austin”. In the next few days, we’ll post the video to our website, Check it out!!

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  1. Tori :) says:

    That’s so fun! And hopefully getting the word out will help y’all get the help you will need in the future.

  2. Quintuplet Dad says:

    I heard about this from somebody at work telling me that we were on TV again and I thought they just mistook us for you. Looks like you guys are doing really well. Your website looks awesome and it made Rachelle and I depressed because we realized that I needed to go and redesign ours. Also, congratulations on the scholarship! That is really really nice. We are praying for you and will help in whatever way we can. Also, let me know if you need any video help since that is my specialty. If you want, I could show you how to put the ultrasound videos up on YouTube or something.


  3. Michelle says:

    Hi Ethan, I tried to view the video and I could not find it under the local video’s I guess I see it when you post it to your site, tell Casey hello for me.

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